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    Fishing, boating hiking clamming crabbing. DIY
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  1. I’ve been trying to keep a log for the last 10 years, i store, date, time, # hours, target, bait in the water, temp, water temp, barometer, what was caught and what it was caught on, and the gear i used. i keep this all in a spreadsheet for sorting, trending and filtering
  2. Is it too early to start tomatoes in NJ?
  3. I save tons of seeds and have had great but varied success growing from my own
  4. I’m switching over from a North Jersey to south Jersey. had great success with beefsteak and Marzano in the past. anyone here from south jersey have recommendations?
  5. So i have a new water supply that’s been added to my new first floor and i would like to add a drain valve to let water of of the lines above it. I’m reading the pex pipe and I’m confused (as usual) as to what size fitting i need. Is it 3/4 or 5/8 thanks,
  6. So interesting that they would use that as an excuse. I would think that most routers/thermostats would be agnostic of each others Ip connections usually don’t care much about hardware as long as they are using standard TCP/IP protocols? where are you located? Maybe i can help get it connected?
  7. I like the area north of fort Myers/ Cape Coral, kind the area where John Skinner moved pine island sound is a great fishery
  8. I’d like to use it all year long for work and maybe other things
  9. The garage is under the house(i had the house lifted)
  10. I have an Emerson Sensi that I’ve been using for about 6 years and it works great programable with schedules i can access it remotely via my phone and i get monthly usage reports
  11. My garage is studded out 2’ of block with ~8’ studded walls on top im thinking of insulating the framing and then sheet rocking what should i use for insulation?
  12. Just found that i asked and you answered that question already Can’t wait until spring to launch and try my setup. my creek might just be a good spot to try it out first i guess? Just sent my incorrect charger back and that was a nice screw up. cost ~ 120 with free shipping but i ordered the 12 volt instead of the 24. they’re hitting me with a 15% restocking fee and it cost me 28 to ship it back… argh!
  13. What boat are you running your setup on? Mine is a 21’ Key west