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  1. Trying to get back into kayak fishing and keep the costs down. i already have a fish finder but no GPS. i will only be fishing back waters and bays. just looking for an iPhone app where i can save spots and maybe my route thanks
  2. Can you please provide more details, photos? any damage, is everything working? any extras? what condition is the pedal drive?
  3. Yes, are you sell8ng?
  4. I am looking at some older Hobies to use for fishing various places i like the idea of having the depth transducer in the well so i can accurately see water temps i had one mounted inside the hull on my old outfitter does anyone know what year Hobie added the scupper hole for a transducer ? thanks
  5. Still selling?
  6. Was that the older outback out in PA?
  7. Been scouring the internet looking for a used pedal Hobie. can anyone recommend other places to look besides fleabay, and craigslist, Facebook marketplace and here? thanks
  8. I’m looking for a way to dress up the pilings that my raised home sits on it seems like the trend is to frame the pilings and then install stone or faux stone panels. anyone have any experience with this or suggestions? thank you
  9. Looking for a kayak i can fish out of id actually prefer it bare so i can build it out my own way has to be a pedal yak at least 11’ this would be my second fishing yak so i have some of the goodies already im from South jersey but willing to travel for the right yak
  10. Thanks, that’s the place
  11. So I’m here in Jupiter for a while and have and will be fishing live shrimp ive been buying them at Jupiter bait and tackle and all is well however while fishing today a gentleman gave me his leftover shrimp and his made mine look like minitures he said he go them at a place called Rod,s for the life of me i can’t find Rods anyone have any idea? thanks
  12. I’m 64 and trying to get back to yak fishing was thinkin* a revo for its weight. what seat are you running in your 2016? does the turkey seat upgrade work on a revo?
  13. In a similar situation as you guys, live across the bay from LBI had been renting very spring in Sanibel for a week and loved it retired back in may and heading down to Jupiter next month. was hoping to find a more permanent fishing area down there. gonna miss Sanibel and it’s fishing this year. love Manahawkin NJ would love to find somethin* similar in FL for the winter months
  14. No worries, thanks for your response
  15. Thank you, will definitely post up some pics