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  1. Anyone have any info on launching a 17’ boat here i saw some info that they may be doing construction there but it wasn’t definitive anyone know what the parking is like for tow vehicle and trailer?
  2. Nice idea
  3. Fished up the other end in Double creek channel and High bar, buddy and i had 6 fish between us he had a 20 and a 21. Temps went between 58 and 66 on the outgoing
  4. Thanks Knight
  5. Can you guys tell me what the water temperature is down there? up by the 72 bridge today the water was 72 and then yesterday the temp on incoming near Barnegat inlet it was 58
  6. Anyone have any luck yet fluking the area?
  7. Didn’t quite make it to Great bay but tried flunking marshelder creek. total skunk and the noseeums were crazy
  8. Can i ask some dumb questions about maintaining the tank? do you just use a normal setup with a normal filter? how often do you change/supplement the water?
  9. Hoping to add a similar lift kit to my 2018 premium 2.5i who did your install?
  10. Just commented on your post
  11. I’ll give you the 100 im in Denville
  12. I live in Morris County nJ and fish down thru LBI im looking for a spinning rod 11 or 12’ that has a high end of at least 8 ounces pleae let me know what you have thanks
  13. He is going to contact you with his inventory $10 each
  14. I will check with my accomplice, i mean friend. how many are you looking for?
  15. Best way To stay on top of things is with the “fish rules” app. it knows where you are and knows the refs for that area its gold