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  1. Thinking about adding to my 2017 to get more ground clearance
  2. Thanks everyone
  3. I have this old show compressor that is now tucked under a counter. i would like to mount it vertically against a wall. is there any reason i can’t? thanks, Jim
  4. Exactly why I’m being cautious now craked my sternum open last year to fix some plumbing and still don’t feel like I’m 100%
  5. I’m looking into that as well
  6. Thanks catch, my sentiments exactly. All surgeons want to perform surgery, weight loss and strengthening are my top priorities. already take Glucosamine and Chondrotin i hope it’s not too late, but if it truly is: under the knife i shall go
  7. My neighbors recent knee replacement
  8. My doctor prescribed an unloader knee brace right after micro fracture surgery. ( 4 or so years ago) About a month ago when the pain got really bad i started wearing it and it really helps. Fished for about 5 hours yesterday standing most of the time and had it on. Got home last night and it wasn’t too painful
  9. How old r u?
  10. I’m still very active, getting my 10K steps almost daily
  11. Running about 15 years ago and back is more than likely what got me in this situation. i used to Log about 40 miles per week road running, occasionally on pavement. its definitely taken its toll along with junior football and taking too many helmets to the knee
  12. The good thing about frequent travel is you get better at it. i almost put myself on autopilot when traveling through Newark airport here. i drive to the same parking lot and although TSA changes around a bit it becomes like a habit and is now almost easy. i have to admit i do miss the wifey quite a bit also
  13. All good points Patrick had major surgery in 7/2017 and still feeling the effects knee surgery should be a Cake walk compared to it. was really hoping to do it winter of 2019 if i could hold things off
  14. Neighbor of mine 10 years my senior just had it done 3 months ago PT is a must and he says he feels great
  15. Been carrying the bag for about 10 years now the travel is always fun if you go someplace nice and get to enjoy it, unfortunately that was rare for me. while i was traveling heavy i hated it ; long hours and and i hated eating alone it got to the point where all the hotels looked the same and i sometimes would forget what city i was in, sometimes went the the room number i was in the previous week on the bright side i racked up a lot of frequent flier miles and vacationed a lot for free or cheap i always heard that if you bring some personal items with you like a photo of your honey or a pillow it makes the hotels feel more like home. i also used to try to find some sight to see when i had time or visit one of the better restaurants it did help me appreciate what i had at home more my travel is now limited to the eastern half of the country now so it’s not too bad