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  1. Best way To stay on top of things is with the “fish rules” app. it knows where you are and knows the refs for that area its gold
  2. I love grouper, was my favorite until i has hog fish
  3. Looked for the drum off a sod bank yesterday afternoon for most of the rising tide: el skunko
  4. Tried again last night from shore with about 10 or so other die hards imported some sand worms from the north since they are cheaper and are just effective saw a black drum caught and a football sized one with stripes. i have two no bigger than 12 inches all between 5:30 and 7:30 PM saw a boat anchored just off the point for most of that time tight lines jim
  5. If you were chastised without being reported than i believe we are ... well maybe I’ll keep that opinion to myself
  6. No biggie here either, just razzing you a bit. I’m just enjoying the thread
  7. I think you’re taking the rule too literally. great Bay is pretty general almost like saying Ocean County
  8. Where is that info?
  9. Went from the shore at grav point this AM for about 2 hours threw bloods and clam and even som sand , i caught the skunk and my buddy had 2 up to 20”
  10. I threw everything in the plug bag at the dike nd couldn’t get any takers. gonna head don to the point early tomorrow
  11. What size battle is on it?
  12. Gave it a try from shore today at the point threw some plugs and drowned some worms no luck here. did here of some shorts up to 21 caught right next to me good luck all
  13. Was just doing some research for an upcoming trip and i was wondering if there is any access to redfish pass from the shore on Captiva island? there is a golf course there that seems very exclusive and maybe a road on the northeast side. Anyone know any detail? thanks
  14. Snelling is so easy i do it all the time
  15. Double click the home button swipe up safari to kill it, then reboot