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  1. I’m kinda new to togging and have not targeted them inshore much when can i expect them to start really showing up in the back
  2. Went out today for a few hours just north of great bay. Targeting fluke but we actually landed more weakies than fluke. One of them was 18” (all released) all ate live peanut bunker
  3. Hit a few spots Tuesday including marshelder about 20 shorts for three of us and 1 @18
  4. Thanks peter have done the google searches and searched here definitely want the flexible next to street to it out and clean the table after use i already have the soap dispenser mounted on the sink may just drop by my local supplier and see what they have also
  5. I’m looking for a recommendation on an outdoor faucet for a fish cleaning station. ive rebuilt what i inherited to what is pictured below i got by with re purposed faucets for the last few years but I’m tired of swapping them out i only have cold water going to it and would like a pull out nozzle or similar thanks
  6. Mick you’ve outdone yourslf
  7. Fished yesterday 1.5 hours in marshelder creek found nothing then tried over by the fish house cam up with five tiny shorts
  8. I like mutu lite 3/0
  9. Anyone have any info on launching a 17’ boat here i saw some info that they may be doing construction there but it wasn’t definitive anyone know what the parking is like for tow vehicle and trailer?
  10. Nice idea
  11. Fished up the other end in Double creek channel and High bar, buddy and i had 6 fish between us he had a 20 and a 21. Temps went between 58 and 66 on the outgoing
  12. Thanks Knight
  13. Can you guys tell me what the water temperature is down there? up by the 72 bridge today the water was 72 and then yesterday the temp on incoming near Barnegat inlet it was 58
  14. Anyone have any luck yet fluking the area?