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  1. Totally agree, why we aren’t protecting the spawning fish makes no sense at all if we are trying any way to protect the species. and as someone else said if we bump up the minimum, lots of people we stop targeting them all together
  2. I’d like to get out there and try that area. sometime in March i hope
  3. Last time i drove past they looked closed for the season
  4. So I’ve been fishing Barnegat Bay now for about 3 years by boat, no expert and still learning myself. ive fished Barnegat inlet and south mostly and down into Great bay and the Little egg inlet. i guess it’s like any body if water that changes all the time. I’ve caught Stripers, Fluke, flounder, Black Sea bass, Tog , weakfish and of course blue fish through out that area. most of the bay is somewhat protected from east or west winds but when you get north or south against tide and current it can get a bit rough. there are definitely fish on the flats at different times of the year and there are holes through out the bay that hold different fish at different times ive had most of my success in and around the inlets Good luck
  5. Is that the One near River lane. if so i found that one and it looks good too thank you
  6. I had that one on my list but did not maake it to see that one, i will add it my next recon mission thank you
  7. Funny to come back to the Rumson ramp. Growing up i had a friend that lived three blocks from there. We would drag a small row boat down to the river on a trailer. Or sometimes in spring we would rent a small boat from Paul’s boats and catch tons on flounder. We would also watch the horseshoe crabs come in at th ramp during mating season. Hope i can find the flounder again:)
  8. Looks like $120 for an annual permit but from what i remember parking is limited if at all. Do you know anything about parking there?
  9. Im trying to find a few spots to launch a small boat in the Raritan, the navesink and the schrewsbury i did a bunch or digging and came up with about ten spots that i scouted out today from long branch backup to keyport what i found was not enough info except for places like Leonardo and Highlands. some of the ramps don’t even exist anymore or they are now private im mainly looking for safe public places to launch where i can leave my car and trailer for a day of fishing. i don’t have a deep draft boat but not having to worry about low tide coming back would be great also. id like a place near the Belford channel, one up the navesink near the oceanic marina and maybe one in the schrewsbury Any help would be appreciated thanks
  10. Shallow or deep water?
  11. I tried a few flats that were accessible but had better luck around the bridges
  12. Also chartreuse and white 4” swimming mullet
  13. A couple dozen shrimp and some small jig heads will do you well find any bridge that you can get under and cast into the current and when you pickup the shrimp at the bait shop ask for spots, I’ve found them very. small poppers are good for sea trout and other similar fish also paddle tails are great for snook around bridge abutments
  14. If you’re going to go bigger to gain speed ,unless the cost is drastically different,I would get the maximum HP the boat is rated for. it would really suck if you upgraded for reasons stated and didn’t see a great difference. and i love Suzuki 2 strokes, you can’t kill them, can’t buy new but I’m sure you could find a good used one (depending on where you live) which wouldn’t increase weight too much