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  1. I dont know whats going on with my pms worked a couple of days ago
  2. Sure yours
  3. #1 3 6 7
  4. Pm me for pp
  5. Yours pm me
  6. Cb sr sold sorry top ones yours Pm me
  7. Anyone
  8. Yours pm me
  9. Its yours pm me
  10. From the album wts bm

  11. I finally got a mag darter. What are you guys doing with the hardware? I was thinking a 1/0 vmc in front with no ring and a 3/0 siwash in the back. Do tell what to do, I don't want to screw up the action.
  12. I have this and a habs Jr tally.
  13. I have other stuff would love to get my hands on the 2 ss
  14. 1. Bone/orange belly 2. Chicken scratch 3. Bone 4. Black $38 shipped prompt pp payment please
  15. Closed sold with plugs in other thread. Thank you SOL
  16. 1. Bomber 146A 2. SP blue mack 3. SP sand eel 4. SP black yellow $37 shipped prompt pp please
  17. Payment received. Closed thank you SOL
  18. Sure thing. Pm coming
  19. Bump 1
  20. Thanks for the offer but I'll pass
  21. Yes they are 7" in fishy colors.
  22. Trying to keep as a lot for now.