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  1. Cant believe Im making this post, but Im no longer a local Are the usual beach closures in effect due to Plovers? If it is, do they still allow fishing at North Beach? Are they back to selling passes in person or is it a mail in only thing still? Thanks!!
  2. I tow 2000lbs regularly and it towes great to me. Engine sits at a little higher RPM than I would like going up hills but the actual handling is great. I think the issue comes with the loose bump steer Jeeps are known for, which would make towing sketchy for sure. Jeep addressed this with a steering box upgrade which the dealer will install under warranty on 2020's and comes standard on the 2021's.
  3. Thank you Those are 37x12.50's
  4. Love mine. Most fun vehicle Ive ever had.
  5. Also big fish do come into the surf, here is a 46lb fish caught not too long back from the sand....pattern the bait, learn the tides, and mostly fish hard.
  6. You guys sure whine a lot Had two nights recently with non stop 10-20lb stripers. They are out there, you just gotta work for them. Nabbed a 35lb fish last fall around this moon phase....
  7. Stuff sucks around rocks. I think its less abrasion resistant then regular PP.
  8. If I had to pick my three most productive flys.
  9. This is my redfish/sea trout box.
  10. I need a little help narrowing/confirming a few choices ( or even suggesting some new ones ). I have a trip up to NJ planned and I am itching to do some striper fishing. I have extensive surfcasting knowledge, but with conventional tackle not fly. I will be bringing my 11wt for hunting some stripers at night, and my 8wt for albies during the day. I have full sinking ( 6IPS ) lines for both, but am looking to get a slower sink line. I was looking at the SA Sink 30 clear, does anyone have any experience? Is a intermediate tip line better then full intermediate? I will be fishing in an area with large waves and plenty of rips, 4-10 feet deep. My next question is around fly hook choice. I will be tying some large game changer style 8-12 inch bunker flys and would like a stout saltwater hook. I was looking at the Gami B12S and the TMC 600SP. Anyone have preference over either? I have some Gami b10s, but fear they are a little light. Thanks all!
  11. Ive been living in South Carolina for about six years so I can offer you some "local" knowledge. Your gonna have a tough time fly fishing for tarpon. They hang around sandbars at the mouth of inlets and in the rivers around structure like bridges. It can be done, but your going to need to hire a guide. In regards to redfish, Jim nailed it. Fish what your confident in, they are not too picky. I would gather a small assortment of flys to imitate fiddler crabs, juvenile blue crabs, mullet and you will be covered. If you want to chase tarpon, bring some large mullet/bunker flys as they will hang around the pods also.
  12. All yours all yours
  13. All yours, BM Darters Sold. I do not. Rattle Traps Sold
  14. All plugs are listed here from top to bottom, left to right. Habs 1.5oz Needle Yellow/White - 25$ Habs 1.5oz Needle Yellow/White ( lightly used ) - 20$ Habs 1.5oz Needle Yellow/White ( lightly used ) - 20$ Habs 1.5oz Needle Olive/White - 25$ Habs 1.5oz Needle Blurple - 25$ Habs 1.5oz Needle Chartuse - 28$ Habs 1.5oz Needle Grey/Gold - 30$ All Habs for 150$ Tattoo Sea Pup - 23$ Super Strike Silver Ghost - 20$ Super Strike Silver Ghost - 20$ Super Strike Black/Gold - 20$ Super Strike White/Silver - 20$ All Super Strikes for 70$ BM 3oz White New Run - 40$ BM 3oz Black New Run - 40$ Both Bms for 75$ Rattle Trap Lot - 10$ Tsunami Popper - Add on with any other lure for 3$ All prices are shipped.