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  1. I just went through the same dilemma and decided to replace springs/shackles/hubs. If I bought a new trailer with the same configuration, those parts would likely be rusted out in a few years anyway. My current trailer's frame is in good condition like yours. The cost difference between doing the repairs vs. buying a new premium trailer ($5K+) made it a simple decision. It won't be as pretty, but I can live with that. Also inventory seems to be a problem with a lot of dealers right now.
  2. The vehicle manufacturers all list the gross towing capacity so I would use that as your guide. I wouldn't go with anything less than 5K capacity for that setup if you are planning on towing regularly. The brakes are as important as the max pullage, so keep that in mind too.
  3. It's been this way for years. If you want to use the Chatham town ramps, you'll need a sticker on the boat and tow vehicle or you'll be ticketed.
  4. The big bass are just not available in good numbers this year. The boat bite for fly/LT is way off too. There are a few places where you can snag and drop for commercial size fish, but that's about it. Worst spring run I've seen.
  5. I used to fish them a lot when they were abundant inshore 10-15 years ago. For gear, you want a high performance 14wt that's light and you can cast all day without too much fatigue. Match that with a leviathan or similar big game line on a quality reel (tibor, etc) loaded with 500 yards of 65# powerpro backing and you're good to go. Good knots/strong hooks are a must! Anything over 55" is going to beat you up so try and find the small fish...easier said than done these days
  6. Numbers and size are way down around the cape this year for most everyone. I am boat fishing and seeing the same thing with few exceptions. Did 100 miles on the boat Saturday morning and hardly saw a bird....not normal for this time of year.
  7. They are the only company that still has a good return/repair policy. I have had great luck with the skeena model over the years and would recommend them. They are lightweight and durable. Major upgrade from the Frogg Toggs. Remember: there are only 2 kinds of waders: those that leak and those that will leak.
  8. Twinkie fest. Even the charters are having difficulty finding legal size fish with any regularity. The adult fish are not in most of the places they are supposed to be this time of year. Breaks my heart to say it, but I think the crash is here.
  9. Try this: 2 people armed with grippy pads used to open pickle jars. Each person takes a section. Grip firmly and twist in opposite directions while pulling apart.
  10. This thread is comical at this point. It doesn't really matter anyway. The fishing at Monomoy is a shell of what it used to be. Should have been here 15 years ago.
  11. If you are casting and drifting, that outbound short will do fine. You would only need a heavier line if you are mooching, which is how most people 'fly fish' the rips, unfortunately. Also known as fly trolling.
  12. That's cool - do what works for you. Everyone does things differently and different aspects of the sport appeal to different people.
  13. No doubt tight-lining is deadly, particularly in fast pocket water. It leads to a lot of flossing though, which is a turn-off. Personally, I would rather find feeding fish and swing a wet/streamer or fish a dry fly. Tight lining kind of seems like a desperate attempt to catch every single fish in the river and win 'fishing contests'...not my thing.
  14. I had the same problem with an old Yamaha. The O-rings were old and leaking fluid. If you refill the fluid and the problem comes back, you probably have the same issue. Might be worth getting a pro to check it out before it gets worse...those units are not cheap.
  15. Even though it doesn't make sense, it follows the track record: wait until we are on the brink of major collapse to do anything at all, then hope for the best. This is typically followed by prematurely increasing the limits before any real recovery has happened, negating any stock improvements due to the prior reduction. Bluefish have been crashing around here (cape) for more than 4 years. The recremercial fleet has been filling every nook and cranny of their boats for pennies on the dollar when they're here. Personally, I think they should do more.