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  1. You can't get the coons all up one tree Colder than a bears ass Colder than a well diggers ass
  2. Most of the dirt bags I saw doing time have kids, the kids are better off when these guys aren't around, if they are around. The mom is generally not a good mom either, these kids are born behind the proverbial 8 ball.
  3. Yeah, but considering the type of people some of these fathers are, it's a bad situation for the hapless kids.
  4. The Chinese are at war with this country, not a shooting war yet. The current war is economic, they have bought their way into the fabric of this country, politicians, business, academia, MSM ect. It’s not so hidden… When we talk about Chinese information warfare and the effectiveness of its propaganda operations the discussion sometimes seems a bit abstract. We are aware the Chinese do this, and we are often aware of the effectiveness of their efforts, but it can feel like what we are witnessing is the result of some “invisible hand.” Turns out often that hand is not invisible at all. Consider the case of the Wuhan lab, the “wet market” lie, and Peter Daszak When the COVID-19 pandemic first struck the United States, and we began to search for its origins, we now know there was more than enough evidence to suggest strongly that what we were seeing was a virus that had escaped from a Chinese lab in Wuhan, China engaged in ‘gain of function‘ research. In fact, we now know that research was being funded in part by Dr. Fauci’s NIH – and that the Department of State had warned two years earlier about a possible pandemic that could originate from this same lab. Despite all of this, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) trotted out a story about the virus originating at a seafood market, and almost immediately the American media began to parrot that line. Rapidly thereafter all the social media behemoths picked up the same story and censored anyone who questioned it. Communist style censorship came to the United States in the blink of an eye. How? Well, in part, it appears due to the efforts of a man named Peter Daszak. Daszak is the head of a company called EcoHealth Alliance. He has longstanding ties to the Wuhan lab at the center of the pandemic controversy. Daszak is the contractor who funded the WIV’s research on bat SARS-related coronaviruses, with subcontracts of $200 million in USAID funding and $7 million in NIH funding. Strangely enough – despite Daszak’s obvious conflict of interest in the matter – he was named to be part of the WHO team that investigated the origins of the pandemic. He also then headed up the review team for the medical journal Lancet and drafted the now infamous report published in that journal dismissing concerns about the possible laboratory origins of the virus and championing the Chinese Communist Party’s claim that the pandemic originated in a seafood market. Daszak’s personal financial interest in the work being done in Wuhan should obviously have been sufficient to disqualify him from playing any role in an investigation of the pandemic’s origins. It is only the tip of the iceberg, however, when it comes to Daszak’s ties to the CCP. As detailed recently in the National Pulse, Daszak has been working with the CCP and its subordinate organizations for two decades. He has authored or co-authored at least 25 “studies” with individuals, think tanks, universities, or government ministries connected to the CCP. These include the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Both of these are controlled and funded by the Chinese Communist Party. The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NNSFC) has also funded Daszak’s work. The NNSFC describes itself as a state-owned institution formed “under the loving care of comrade Deng Xiaoping.” The NNSFC also says it is “guided by President Xi Jinping’s Socialist Thoughts with Chinese Characteristics for the new era, earnestly implementing the spirit of the Party’s 19th National Congress.” Daszak has never tried to hide his connections to the CCP. Speaking at a conference in 2018 sponsored by state-run media outlet China Global Television Network (CGTN), Daszak said he “has been working in China in collaboration with Chinese scientists and the government of China for over 15 years….” He also admitted to taking cash directly from the Chinese Communist Party. Daszak, in fact, has been somewhat of a regular on CGTN, praising the network as “fantastic” and “great” and defending scientific collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party as “important.” In 2012 Daszak was one of the members of the Steering Committee for a conference held in the city of Kunming in China. Daszak chaired two sessions at the conference and delivered a presentation on “mapping global vulnerability to pandemics and an economic approach to their prevention.” Also speaking at the conference were several academics from Chinese state-run universities and think-tanks, including a former Deputy Director-General of China’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. Following the publication of the Lancet article, Daszak then continued to push Chinese propaganda regarding the pandemic for months. This included appearances on a number of high profile television programs, where he continued to brand anyone who doubted Beijing’s story as a “conspiracy theorist.” Daszak continues to push the increasingly implausible CCP cover story to this day. This is the face of Chinese disinformation. This is how this “hidden hand” works. The sad truth is that a great many Americans have chosen sides and are no longer playing for our team. They believe we are a nation in decline and that the future belongs to the Chinese Communists. Lying about the origins of the pandemic is of no great consequence when you are the vanguard of history. by Charles "Sam" Faddis
  5. You'd need to strap a 2x4 to your ass to keep from falling in.
  6. The Prius boys are out in force.
  7. Maybe they will show this on the next class.
  8. He wanted to play before attending his anger management meeting, she stood her ground and he won the ambient temperature challenge.
  9. She would at filling FISA documents for the FBI.
  10. Joe what did you have for dinner last night?
  11. Joe got off at Willoughby.
  12. Lois Lane will be a white dude pondering a sex change.
  13. According to Joe.
  14. Something is rotten in Maricopa, the Dems are trying to hide it.
  15. What was victory supposed to look like? We should have destroyed as much of Tora Bora as possible, and got the eff out of Dodge. Twenty years later nothing has changed, except for the dead, maimed, and the billions and billions wasted. We could of built a good border wall, and put a solar panel on every roof for a fraction of the cost.