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  1. French toast with bacon this morning. Ck. Iut the time. The early riser always gets the best fishing spots. Michael
  2. Ramps 43 and 44. I only use sand fleas. I do use the green tail shrimp for Puppy Drum during March, April, and early May. I am at Ramp 43 fishing as I type this response. Michael
  3. I saw a new ford F150 at Cape Hatteras a few weeks ago that had bolted his dual receivers from his rod rack to the two tow hooks on the front of his truck. He stopped to see if I had caught anything. I am sorry and now wished that I had snapped a pic .I did note that it was solid and did not bounce around while he was driving. Michael
  4. IMG_20220604_070659_447.heicJust back from 9 days of surf fishing at Buxton. The water was only clean-"clear" for only two days. Those were Saturday June 4th and Sunday June 12th. I caught 80 nice whiting " Sea Mullet", 2 sheepshead, 3 nice pompano, and released 8 over the slot puppy drum. All were caught on sand fleas. I had my best day on June 4th. I caught 44 whiting and my fishing buddy Butch caught 30. I, along with many locals, consider Butch to be the best surf fisherman for whiting, puppy drum, pompano, etc on the Island. He's also caught 19 citation cobia from the surf...a feat that's probably unmatched. He fishes 2 rods for whiting and 1 for cobia.. You can set your watch because everyday at 11:30 as he puts them in the rack and goes back home to eat lunch. It doesn't matter to him if all three rods are bent over with a fish on each, he still loads them up and heads home. He will return around 2pm each day. BTW, Butch is 76 but doesn't act or look like it. I caught two of the pompano and 4 whiting before 7 am on Sunday the 12th. I arrive at either Ramp 44 or 43 at 5:30 to 5:45 each morning, so that I can be the 1st truck on the beach and I don't leave the beach until 5pm. Neither ramp opens until 6am. If you want to catch fish from the best holes get out of the bed...otherwise a die hard surf fisherman like myself will be there to take your place. Enjoyed two fish fries at Butch's and I grilled pork chops for my fishing buddies. Many good times and great fellowship was enjoyed with my friends. Michael "Mullet Man" Creech
  5. I have always mounted all of my rod racks up front. A rear mount, driven through soft sand, will attract and displace that sand on your reels...if you do not encase the reel in a reel bag. I also want easy access to my rear hatch. In addition, that raised rear hatch affords me protection from the sun or a pop up thundershower. Her are a couple of pics of some of my previous beach vehicles. Michael
  6. I have the most sucess with the green tails. Put some water in a bucket or your sink. Just put the bag in as deep as the number of shrimp that you want to unthaw for that day. If I am fishing two rods, a 2lb bag will normally last me 3 or 4 days. They come in a 2lb box. Once the sand fleas start podding up, I no longer use shrimp. Michael
  7. Yes sir
  8. Hi ghost, I got this 25incher on Tuesday March 29th. I fished hard for 4 days. The wind had been howling the whole week. If you go down to 55, there is a fish house behind the local grocery store. He sells fresh frozen green tail shrimp. They do catch more puppy drum. Go to ramp 43 and drive all the way down to the closure. That's where I caught all of mine. Michael
  9. This includes everything that are in the pic's. Michael
  10. Final price drop to $ 55.00 plus $12.50 shipping. I am leaving Thursday afternoon or Friday morning to go to my place at Buxton to go fishing for a week. Michael
  11. My friends are there. They have been catching numerous puppy drum and a few whiting. I am heading to my place this Thursday. If you see my silver Toyota 4Runner stop by. Michael
  12. Hi towpro, I hand waxed then sprayed my entire frame of my Winnebago Travel Trailer with Boeshield T-9 before the dealer delivered it. It penetrates crevices and protects surfaces by leaving behind a waxy film that clings to the surface. I reapply an additional coat each Spring and my frame on the TT still looks brand new. My TT is sitting on a cement block foundation with tire covers and 4 tiedowns. I included a pic of the electric Opti Stain Plus Sprayer that I purchased from Lowes. It's the best $79 that I have ever spent. I used it to spray WD40 on my Toyota 4Runner frame and Boeshield on my TT frame. Cleanup is simple. Just add some hot water and Dawn, shake it up, plug it in and spray out the mixture then you are ready to store it until your next project. Michael
  13. Sold. Thanks SOL. Please lock this thread.
  14. Price drop to $120.00 plus free shipping.