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  1. I'm starting to go out and will report what's happening. Good to hear they are in RI and the Islands in Mass. Let's get a report on success,not where specifically.
  2. The wind yesterday and now today will make albie fishing almost impossible. We'll see what's left after the wind clears out..
  3. Glad to see the interest in Albies, These fish move very fast and can be 50 miles in a new area in a matter of hours.It;'s all about the bait movement. Great fun trying to figure these fish out. Hoping to get out this week and get some shots.
  4. When they are located it is like a bunch of locusts appear out of no where. Crazy boaters trying to chase them down. Stay in your area a be patient. Good to hear they are around this year.
  5. We are about at the end,only a few each AM and evening. I suspect ours will be gone this week. Eastern CT shoreline.
  6. I'll be out Monday weather permitting. Can't stand the weekend chaos.
  7. Cheeze,This subject has been worked over for the past several years. plain and simple the amount of fish out there is way down starting about 10yrs ago and getting worse every year. In the late 90's I tried to avoid all the small fish by using jumbo plugs. I never was skunked in those days. The last 5-6yrs the idea of realistically catching a 40 LB BASS ir remote.. I admit, I refuse to use live bait ,so for those who chose to go that route there are still some big fish ,but they are the last of the species. Being on the water is special, enjoy every moment ,you will catch fish ,but the important thing just being out there whether on the beach or boat. Every time out you learn something new . Keep at it.
  8. criminals and gang members don't buy guns at gun shops ,they steal them or buy black mkt guns. If this suceeds only criminals will have the guns. scary thought.
  9. Are these for surf fishing ? Metal lips or pencils ? I've given a bunch to my sons,but have some left.
  10. Thanks ,we're waiting for action to pick up in LIS. I'm sure it's close.
  11. Sounds great are you in the RI area or Cape and islands ?
  12. I have owned a Boston Whaler 17 Montauk. Has everything you are asking for and are available in middle teens. Very safe and can be sold when you want to trade up without losing much of anything when you sell. Usually have 70 HP OB power.
  13. Not worth the aggravation frankly, fishing is suppose to be fun. That isn't fun. I would pas. I'm lucky to have a boat.
  14. Too bad the rest of America isn't like Montana ,been there and loved it, My son lived there after college and is still out west, Now in BC Canada in the mountains. A million miles of open space.and wildlife.
  15. Tournaments with dead fish are going by the boards thankfully. Money makes people do strange things. Blue fish should have more respect, they have saved many a day when the other fish weren't biting. I hate to say this but Blues numbers stink this year . It's particularly a shame with bass #s being down
  16. I have great memories of the Keys Bones, permit and the big Tarpons. Been a while ago,but you never forget the Keys. Permit on a fly is a gas,but tough to do. Have fun.
  17. I had the bad luck of a nail in one of my Michelin Lattitudes that was too close to the side wall to plug.. They had 20+thousand miles and changed all 4 tires. 40K miles is all you can expect from any tire on a Touareg. They are tough on tires. Tires are the only thing between you and an accident from blow out. .. Not worth fooling around with that part of the car in my opinion. Stay safe.
  18. If it were my tire it would be retired. I don't want to be going 70+ MPH and worry about a blow out. That's just me being super cautious
  19. When I saw this thread I thought I agree,but when I see it was about Maine I laughed,because we in the NY metro area know the real Orchard beach in the Bronx which has been around forever ,went there in the 1950's LOL
  20. This a great forum, I still have a good number,so I will keep going til none show up. They are magnificent birds and provide entertainment for the whole family.n They go south about when I do so I will start up in FL when I get there.
  21. As oppose to striper swiper ,I had a terrible summer for bass,can't wait to hit the everglades for snook and red fish. I'm glad some one was doing well, Eastern LIS was poo.for me and most of my fishing buddies. It could be the water was super warm all summer long. There is a ton of small bait now so I hope to end the season with some good Albie action.
  22. I have a friend who circumnavigated the world . In the Indian ocean in a following sea of big waves had a rogue wave form 100yds behind his sail boat and broke before getting to him. He said it was 50-60ft high and would have pitchpoled the boat if it caught them. Scary stuff 1000 miles from anything. No thank you I'll stick with LIS.
  23. Bad enough the bass population is diminishing,but now no Blue fish fun. Not fair,I protest .
  24. This problem will solve itself when there are no more bass to kill or so few everyone will quite. 5-6 dollar gal fuel costs for boat guys and all nighters with nothing to show for the effort.for the surfers will take care of the issue. Sad but true. Next few years will be interesting to say the least. I wish limits would solve the problem ,but there is no enforcement now period.