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  1. What are the remaining plugs you would like to find? I have about 30 Mike's new in packages plus all sorts and colors.I'm getting out of striper fishing and spending more time in FL.
  2. I assumed you are talking about FL ,? If not it doesn't make a difference and get local rules.
  3. I agree, high tide line is the law everywhere I know of. I am on the west coast of FL and it has been disputed and ruled in favor of high tide line. Go pound sand and is the right return comment. If you have an issue look up the Florida rules and have it on hand..
  4. I would get a abu garcia rocket 6500c size reel for 7-8ft rods if you are comfortable casting convents. I own shimano's as well and for the money an ease of service I prefer Abus. Spinner should be 4000-5000 There are many that will work, Shimano has a whole line up as well Daiwa .
  5. I woulld suggest that if you are using a Heavy weight spinning rod throwing . 1-1/2 oz plugs you will be disappointed in its performance. I would use a medium weight rod for that work and a 4000 series reel . Spinning reels today are mostly all very good,it's what you want to pay that makes the decision. Shimano has them in all the price categories.
  6. If I were to be going offshore I would have sat phone and a GPS spot device. I fish in the early AM and see almost no other boats most of the time. I for one don't monitor CH 16 unless there is weather trouble. I'm in a small skiff.I always have my GPS coordinates so if I call I have that info to relate to who ever I get. I haven't needed to do it and are grteful for that. By all means get what ever you feel comfortable with. More is better.
  7. I really only made the comment as a reaction to the crazies, I don't carry guns on my boat. If I felt I needed to I would give up the sport.
  8. Or pull out a gun and fire on you. It's a scary place out there now.
  9. I would say a cell phone is much more valuable for communications..I can call 911 or sea tow from wherever I am, my marine radio is good for maybe 5 miles. I carry both,but the cell is my first call. Get a waterproof case BTW.
  10. Sounds like a nice tender for a boat. Make sure you know how to row and really want to. I own a Stonington Pull boat that is really a exercise boat with a sliding seat and oar master but looks like a skiff and is relatively light. I would say that without a small motor it will be painful to try a fish and row effectively.
  11. I spend winters in SWFL and fish the everglades. They have figured this all out. Snook are game fish. Everyone agrees it's the best way to have a very successful fishery. One fish allowed for recs with a slot. Closed season during breeding times. All the guides I know encourage c/r for their clients. Tarpon have strict rules on catch release . Most important they have enforcement for all the rules with big fines for violations. I have been stopped in the back country of everglades at 6:00AM for check. I have never been stopped in LIS in 50 yrs of fishing.
  12. Just an early nail in the bass coffin,keep up the good work. Make stripers a game fish and end what is going on. Poaching will continue as long as a market exists for selling these fish.
  13. I have cut both a 4X VMC and a 4X Mustad . trebles with no trouble. Those are serious hooks. I use them on my 9in DOCs.
  14. I have attended a few meetings and will say it is embarrassing how badly informed the panels were and how you could tell they were there just as a show with no plans to really listen. I gave up and haven't attended in ten years. I'm surprised big retailers who make a living selling high end tackle don't get together and protest. Tackle sales will plummet if this situation continues with no resolution.
  15. another fan of knipex always have my pair on the boat. They make a easy to carry small size that cuts any hook. I've tried them out.