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  1. I'll be watching the next several weeks, weather has been the pits for a while. I had to pull the boat,no luck for me this year, going south for the snook/ tarpon season.
  2. Makes no sense to have a engine non start after a kill switch is used at speed. That's what it's is there for. Would like to hear what the dealer says and how the Tohatsu people respond. Shouldn't be an expense to get repaired..
  3. You can find a 17 ft center console on the used market at a reasonable price and it will be easy to trailer and launch solo. It's all you need in the river or inshore in the sound. Fall is the time to buy a boat, but Don't do anything till you are sure you want to be a boater.
  4. I don't think it changes the action at all..I have rigged all my wooden lip plugs this way and they produce very well . Yes when you crimp the barbs the damage goes way down including to your hands. Almost every bass I catch on plugs go for the front of the plug.
  5. Will you have a boat? Pretty important from where you are located. I the spring the fishing is great down the river from Essex to the LIS. During the summer the fish spread out all over the sound. You will want a trailer and boat to access the lower river.
  6. For many reasons I would put a siwash dressed hook on the rear.
  7. yup that's the ticket,if properly cared for will last for a long time. I have a smaller one for a flats boat that is still going strong 20yrs old. If you are buying new see if you can spec stainless hardware, that's the only thing I've had to replace. Obviously tires and other wear items need care.
  8. It's a standard issue, just go to the parts dept at Shimano web site and order a new one
  9. John P


    Is it still legal to drag in harbors in Maryland ? Cats have to have food as well I guess. Pathetic.
  10. John P


    Eastern LIS was a mess most of the summer from the flooding rains that screwed the Rivers with mud and da bree. When it did clear, bunker weren't really around the they are normally. Nothing is normal this year.
  11. Hope this seller has what you want,I'm too close to going south now. Good luck
  12. I was affected by Ian last year in SWFL and you don't want to go through that EVER. Fortunately I wasn't at the house. Bad scene.
  13. I have a US made VS 150 black that is new. Have original box with bag etc, Never used , Do you live in CT or close?
  14. If you read On The Water this month the fishing is great. Article by a Guide says they catch all the time. He is talking about LIS. I must be fishing a different LIS. LOL. I haven't talked with anyone who has seen these conditions Hope I'm wrong..
  15. This thread is mostly about wading,but for the boater who fishes sole use a inflatable always. I have started to do this now and I should have been doing it a long time ago.. I false step and you're off the boat. I feel lucky I haven't been tossed overboard. You can never be too careful on the water.
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