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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if Berkeley knows this is happening and loves it because now you have to buy more. Z man are much tougher product. I use the shrimp (Berkeley) in SWFL for trout and reds and it still work just as well the real thing. Zman for the jug head or texas rigged minnows.
  2. This issue is one of the few that has no political risk. The total number of commercial guys putting pressure wouldn't move the political needle at all. Get the social media rolling on this subject and it will be a shoo in. Politicians are scared to death of being pointed out as a non lover of the conservation of our resources . That's the answer IMO.
  3. I have attended a number of meetings 5 yrs ago to deal with this same issue. It was obvious to everyone attending that the people making the decisions didn't have a clue as to what they were talking about. Everyone attending walked out with the same conclusion,nothing is going to be done. Here we are today. Pretty sad state of affairs.
  4. I really wish that something could be done to correct a bad situation, but as they you can't close the barn door after the horses have left. The fish have left,now it's just a matter of time before it is forced to be corrected. People have short memories through out history. I lived through the last one and it's not pretty if you care about the resource. I've seen the best and worst of the bass cycle.
  5. The place is crawling with all sorts of wildlife. Literally crawling. Every day now the news has stories of gators in someones pool. 18ft pythons captured in Everglades etc.
  6. It would be great ,except it's 3 or 4 yrs too late and it needs to be East coast wide. This deteriorating situation has been going on for quite a while. Those who keep records of the catches each yr will show a constant change in the catches over 10yrs. Our area 10yrs ago was having epic catches of very large fish and plenty of them. Fast forward last few yrs,with the exception of Block Island and a few spots in Mass fishing stinks. I predict a moratorium in the next few yrs. I'm surprised the tackle shops and tackle industry hasn't been more vocal, it's their business that will be affected the most. Sorry for the bad forecast, I really hope I'm wrong.
  7. The loudest sound you are hearing are the moving vans packed by those leaving for the south and west. Guess which part of the country is rising in power and which are losing.. The representation and power of the NE is heading south in a big way and will only get worse. I moved here 25 yrs ago and loved it and watched everything get over priced and over taxed, I still have to unload my white elephant,but I am a FL resident now. Free at last.,free at last. all most.
  8. Residents of CT need to look at what is causing the need for tolls, it's call unfunded pension accts of Ct municipal workers. Called bowing to the demands of unions for votes. Should have stopped 50 yrs ago,but too late now. CT has on of the highest percapita unfunded liabilities in US. Sad state of affairs.
  9. White except for night, then black burple,easy peasey. Don't make it complicated. LOL
  10. I do C&R all the time,but what we need is to somehow have bass fisherman believe that the issue is real. We no enforcement on the existing regs ,so having more will be meaningless. I have fished for over 50yrs and have never be inspected by a resource officer and I've covered all of LIS. I don't preach to people who want to keep fish ,but I will assure you you won't need a moratorium,because nature will do it for us. Sad to say this but we are watching Rome burn.
  11. Glad to see the concern now about this disappointing situation. The die is cast Stripe bass population is over the tipping point and only a moratorium will bring it back over time. Some have said that other states like FL have very pro active programs of management,for example this yr because of the Red Tide issues last yr there is no taking of Snook, Red Fish or speckled trout until further notice. Snook and Red fish have had closed seasons for harvest until the spawning season is over for yrs. It works and it is enforced. Tarpon can't be lifted out of the water. These afre examples of how you preserve a fishery that is way to valuable to mess up. Bass management should take a lesson. A word to the wise should be sufficent .
  12. Once you hook up with tarpon and permit ,everything else is MEH. Great you got connected. Now if you hook up a permit on a fly you've hit the jack pot.
  13. Those fish are sometimes not hard to to hook ,BUT to get them to the boat is another story. Problem is 10 to 1 rartio of landing. They throw hooks like crazy. Black or chicken scratch colors work if anything does. Smallish,but very strong hooks are the ticket.
  14. I got half of it right,moved to FL10yrs ago,but forgot to sell the house in CT. Always loved the area,now it will cost a bunch of lost value to get that sold and done. Been in CT for 30yrs.
  15. The changing striper conditions as to quantities of fish make it difficult to see just how well a new plug is really doing. My test would to fish with someone who is great with the needles and use my own preferred plug along side for several hours. If the needle out fishes what you are using, it might just get you committed to learn how to use them. When it gets tough you have to make changes to the program and hope it helps. Last yr has taught me get moving to more experimentation.