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  1. I like the Jones bros boats and fished on one of my friends a number of times. I have fished my Hewes 20ft LT for 20 yrs on LIS east and find that it does whatever I have wanted to do including going over to Plum Island ,plum gut and the race. I fish totally artificals and occasionally fly fish. The best part of the boat is it has a huge open casting platform and is very stable. They stopped making them quite a few yrs ago,but can be found on the Maverick web site from time to time. They draw 12in and can be poled if you are young and strong . LOL I bgt mine from a guide in Chatham Mass after fishing with him . They are made without any wood in stringers or transom. Good luck with the search..
  2. If you are not intending to keep your fish get rid of the tail treble. I have done this for probably 25yrs ,as I am an admitted C/R fisherman. Multiple trebles are major damage producers for both bass , blues and the fisherman .If not willing to do that crush the barbs for everyone's safety.
  3. In the south the ticket is popping corks and 3-4'leader and gulp shrimp in copper color.
  4. SHORT ANSWER IS NO. I have 3 boats with trolling motors. I have a 55 Minn kota on my micro maverick flats boat 15fth is super light kevlar/carbon fiber.My boat weighs 500lbs.. I would go with a 70 at least to be effective. If it was on the bow a 55 might work to some degree.
  5. meant SE CT, sorry
  6. NE ct has a number of state parks with good access, if they are open I assume you can fish. Fishing is a priority activity according to the FEDs.
  7. I bgt Sargents for one reason, they will cut any VMC hook when I get caught by a crazy fish.. Ask me how I know,been there and done that. Not fun getting caught without a way to cut the hook out. It's the dam small fish that flail around that are dangerous. I don't know if they are still available,someone probably knows on this site.
  8. I would go to a marine repair or marina that services or sells boats boats with trim tabs. I don't live in your area so I can't give you advice for a local near you. What kind of boat do you have?
  9. Hi Makomike, you are right about pollution. I was talking about the average person buying out boards want 4 strokes because of the perceptions from past 2 strokes.. I have owned 10 older generation 2 strokes which were smokers,but great motors, My VMAX 150 Yamaha was a great motor. You can buy a Evinrude and be very happy ,but when you sell it you may take a hit. I opted to repower and chose a 4 stroke for the resale if I decide to sell the boat,but that's just my opinion.
  10. Good, I bgt my plug yrs ago,so it wasn't near 100 bucks. Good . West marine is crazy on many things these days.
  11. A lot of questions, 1. 2 strokes aren't banned since Evinrude still sells them in larger sizes,but people are environmentally conscious of pollution which 2 strokes do more. They burn oil with the gas.2, All motors big and small cost a lot more now and 4 strokes are more expensive than 2 strokes.3, Antique motors are collector items and are rare ie price to match. 4,You can find parts for almost any old outboard as long as it isn't really ancient. I wouldn't buy a cheap chinese motor unless you want to buy another one 5yrs. Good luck with what you are looking for.
  12. Yes My power cord is a yellow regular power cord,nothing special. The charger isn't going to draw that much power. I believe I bought the adapter at Westmarine. The adapter is the type that has a plug and 3 prongs that twist to secure to the power source connection. The big cords you usually see boats hooked up with are used for powering up refrigeration or AC.
  13. I have a 24 volt charger system and bought an adapter plug that hooks up regular heavy duty extension cord to the shore power outlet. Your charger should have a breaker between the power supply and the trolling motors.
  14. Stream fishing for trout with very light tippits ,they are the best. Dad passed on a Fenwick 7fter way long ago and i loved it for small stream trout fishing. It makes catching 12in brook trout fun with not many break offs. Haven't been doing that kind of fishing for longer than I want to admit to.LOL I will pass it along to my grandson when he's ready. Rod is probably 70 yrs old and in perfect condition.
  15. If the tax incentives are there and the consumer pressure increases it will happen especially in serious stuff like drugs and high technology areas. There are going to be a ton of US citizens really pissed of with what they have had to deal with because of the way the Chinese have bag the US and other western countries. The whole story is still to be told on the evening news so everyone gets to see what a sneak attack this was. i hope we follow up with what is being said by many in government right now. This a new war that will be fought on economic grounds. I remember my father in law who fought in the Pacific wouldn't ever buy a Japanese product during his whole life. It was tough some times,but he stuck to his guns. I'll bet if you ask the 30 million workers who lost their job due to this how they feel,you'd get a tough answer.