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  1. The answer is weather related. Any good 17fter is fine on a calm morning, when the wind picks up against a tide things change quickly,which also includes summer thunderstorms. Don't be caught in bad weather offshore even in a much bigger boat. I've been there and it's not fun. BTW look at a used boat and avoid the big dropoff of value should you want to trade up later.
  2. Check out the real estate mkt, it tells the story. I wish I could sell my house for a reasonable price. Very few good jobs moving this way, very sad.
  3. Doing a check on the freon load is simple and easy. Any descent garage can check it. Be thankful the compressor still works. Tacoma is a great truck,but the AC stinks in them. My son has a 6yr old truck low mileage and the compressor did a dump. It was a $600-700 rebuild.
  4. I heard that there was a fishing tournament in LIS this past week that produced some 50#ers. Anyone see this or heard of it? If true it would lead to some encouragement.
  5. So I guess I know where the CT bass are. Great to know some are getting into some good action.
  6. If this the worst thing we have to talk about I'm a happy camper. BTW how many people at the canal have been apprehended for anything fishy ? I would think you guys would take care of anybody keeping shorts. LOL
  7. Well I HATE to be the bearer of bad news,but the fishing still stinks. Beginning of the in coming, at pre-dawn ,covered about ten miles of shore line,which in the past has been very productive,nadda. Water was clean, 65degrees,no bait,no birds, nobody else out. I get the message. There are bunker in the rivers,but nothing attacking. I think the body of fish such as it is has passed on by CT and is now somewhere east of us. Someone that was at the dock said he was in Maine past weekend and there some small bass there. I'm sure there are fish at the Race and Plum,but that's not my thing. I want to hear some encouraging news..
  8. The difference in mileage for diesels engines is considerable. Truckers live or die with the mileage their rigs get, basically they are all diesel engines. I own 2 diesel cars and a inboard diesel in a lobster boat that are great on fuel consumption.
  9. How much more does the 150 weigh vs Yamaha 150? Got to believe the MPGs have to be terrific.
  10. I fish both in NE and SWFL. Sea trout have the fangs you spoke about. In 45yrs of fishing in CT waters I've never come across a weak fish,so if you are going to target them be prepared to get skunked quite a few times. I have caught 100's of sea trout in FL and they eat shrimp with a vengence. They will also hit topwater plugs in the early AM. I have heard people have caught weaks in the mid LIS area,but I can't confirm that. I would suggest since you are talking about the Roddie area you ask the question of Weak fishing in the Rhode Island forum. I can't wait to hear the answers.
  11. I hate to say this ,but if you are fish finding and in a boat drag a tube and worm around the area and you find out if anything is home. Real SLOW. If you don't get a hit move somewhere else.LOL
  12. Afterhours, I've always loved the Wulff quote, wish everyone would red it more often, and save some more for the next generation.
  13. I think we have it all wrong, I just read a thread in flyfishing forum where biggest problem is trying not to catching small bass. The idea is to use large flies if you're only catching the 15inchers and size up for the 30#ers. I'm going back to my fly rod. The results are impressive, I also think I need to move up to RI or Mass. So not only has CT taxed business out of CT ,but it's sent our Bass east as well. What do you all think about fly fishing as a new way to improve things.
  14. I quit if i have to be reduced to trolling. If it's not fun I'm out of here. I've said before I've seen this picture before and it ain't pretty. May have to put up a lot of great gear for sale pretty soon. Had another slow day with a couple of small bass. Getting old and boring now. As was said these fish aren't going to show up now. We are way past the prime time of the season.
  15. My comments on FL is that they respond to issues. Last yr the RED tide did cause major damage to the fishery north of Naples. States response is to have a 2yr moratorium on all red fish, Snook and sea trout killing. Try that in the NE or Mid Atlantic states. BTW last I caught my biggest Snook in 15yrs of fishing in SWFL. In fact I caught more quality Snook than ever before. Beach fishing was CHALLENGING for sure. I fish the Everglades 10K. by skiff. It's all about good management.