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  1. I want to add my comments on the proposed opening of the area call the EEZ in Block Island sound. I have fished for stripe bass for 50yrs in the LIS and block area and can confirm the steady decline of quality fish for the last 7-10yrs. The last year was the worst. Any increase in the pressure on stripe bass will put us back to where we were when the last Moratorium was put in place. All of the serious fisherman and women want our resource conserved for the future generations to enjoy. Please help protect the bass population and don't open the EEZ. John P
  2. You will find otters in fresh and salt. Many videos of otters in the ocean off Montery Calif eating shellfish. They eat floating on their backs,quite a kick.
  3. Is this confirmed with Bean? It will be a major mistake if they go this route. I know many people that use LLbean just because they knew they would stand behind their product. Let's see how this plays out.
  4. What Witek describes is what we had in the LIS ,Block Island and the Cape just before the Bass stock crashed in late 70's and early 80's. Big bass were caught all summer off block and the cape everything was great for 3 or 4 yrs , till it wasn't and we had a moratorium for 10 yrs. Here in Eastern LIS we had gator blues in the Ct river every spring, I'm talking 35in blues for 2+ months. Lasted about 4yrs and now the decline. I actually caught a 39 incher in one of the blue fish attacks on a bunker school near Essex. Wish I had a picture,but I thought this program would last forever. Never does I guess. Those blues were awesome.
  5. With the shipping prices that high, why not invest in a 2 or 3 piece rod you like and be done with the problem. 2 or 3 trips and you're paid for the rod. I have travel rods for the times I travel and carry on or put in baggage. You also don't have to worry about breaking your favorite rods.
  6. I agree with 80% of the comments about conservation here. Gamefish status is the way to go if we are serious in keeping bass in a sustainable condition. Those of us who went through the moratorium in most of the states,for 10+ yrs should have made sure that the recovery stayed recovered, slot limits ,gamefish status. standardize regs and a reasonable closed season when spawning takes place. Those are a few ,but important start. I am lucky enough to spend time in FL and their regs are terrific, Snook ,redfish andTarpon and many other species are well protected. This year with the red tide on west coast,all redfish and snook were closed to harvest until an assessment can be made on the condition of the fishery. It's time to stop whistling in the dark.
  7. These reels are bit finnicky after a number of yrs. I have 2 and learned to always have an Abu rocket 3500 as back up. I do love the reels,but not the most reliable. I would never take it to the surf.
  8. Ed, were you able to hook up any? Sounds very encouraging, now we need some stable weather.
  9. I will throw in that I was out yesterday, Caught small blues, no bass,but I couldn't get to the spots I wanted to go because of swells that were dangerous going up against north coast of ELIS . I fish solo and aren't going to play Russian roulette with the boat or myself I spoke to the owner of a Bait shop yesterday that one of the guides in our area participated in a striper tournament over last weekend and won the event C/R with 40 bass up to 30lbs. He was using live bunker,so there seems to be activity starting to pickup.
  10. I wish we had snook of that size in the everglades.There may some ,but not many. Snook are the best fish I've had to eat. Glad they are regulated as a sport fish and cannot be sold. If you want one you have to catch it. Smart conservation by FL.
  11. I agree the Jones brothers is probably one of the best boats for NE fly casting which is a compomise,but a good one. I've fished the boat with a friend and it handles a chop quite well. Drafts about 12ft +.
  12. This thread has been a great way to keep in touch with what the real people are seeing over a large area in CT. It confirms my fears that I hope are wrong. I hope this is just an odd year that will get back on a normal track. I wish I had started this 2 or 3yrs ago to either vindicate a trend or not. I hope for all our future fishing that it will be an outliar. I will keep up my reports when I have something to say., which I hope helps everyone.
  13. I fished Monomoy flats for yrs when there were only a few cute seals, every yr more seals,and finally JAWS arrived . It was only a matter of time, Now the flats are not worth fishing because all the seal activity,and the presence of GWs are all over the place. As long as there are seals there will sharks, be vary aware,this isn't going away. A lot of peoples lives are being effected. It's a shame,but it is nature. The movie was all too correct.
  14. I fish a 20ft Hewes LT, bgt after going with a guide out of Monomoy. We fished the flats and the rips on the north side of Islands. We poled it in 1-2ft of water. It is a sturdy flats boat which I added a trolling motor ,because I'm not poling that big a boat,buy it can be done. You can run the boat in a good chop using the trim tabs. It's not a heavy seas boat however. I've had mine for 20yrs. It flies in calm conditions with a 150HP. Good luck with your decision.
  15. I also will say I pass up the little guys,because as careful you are when catching them a certain number get injured,so they will not likely survive release. I hate that aspect of fishing and try to minimize it where ever I can. Hope some of these guys will be the next generation of 40-50lbers.