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  1. Great news ! Glad to hear someone is producing. Hope it is improving for others. Night time seems to be the right time.
  2. I wouldn't waste my time trying to fight the ticket. Pretty sad that's this a priority of law enforcement. I will say they should have given a warning the first time.
  3. I don't think there is a right answer to the question. Bass will surprise you all the time. I've caught 25 inch fish on 9in spooks and 30# fish in a clouser minnow fly. I put plugs on categories of top water noise makers, surface metal lip swimmers and sub surface divers and jigs, They all work at some point.. Keep changing till you hit the right combo for that day.
  4. There is something special between pets and their owners. I have been at the same place many times. They become part of the family.
  5. Yes,it is the green model that I bgt quite a few years ago, Too bad it's not made now. I now know why it doesn't come up for discussion.. I guess I'm getting old. LOL
  6. I just got to this thread,and am sort of surprised that the Shimano Curado 300 DSV hasn't come up in the discussion. I have used mine,( I have 3) for almost 10 yrs and find it casts better than almost all my other baitcasters. It won't work for heavy weight casting or really big fish ,but is a strong little reel. I say this because I have had some big stripers and it does strain under the pressure. My main use now is for snook fishing in SW Florida everglades.
  7. Are you trying to catch a fish for the table? Make sure you use circle hook so if you are releasing so fish they have a better chance not getting gut hooked.
  8. It's surprising that so many are now in our waters,something has changed in the last couple of years. Fishing in the water with bait is a good way to end up in the morning news if you were to do that in Gulf coast of Florida, we have mako, hammerheads and bullsharks to name a few that are more than happy to take a bite out of you. They love coming in to shore at night to see what they can eat...Glad you had a safe time with the shark. I would add,don't fish for them in a wet suit on the Cape for obvious reasons. Sharks should be respected every where.
  9. Branm, I feel your pain, I have had the same problem with spots that produced a number of 50#ers and many other quality bass,but that was over 5yrs ago. Every year the situation gets worse. I know a good group of really good bass fisherman and the story is the same,it is what it is. I've been at this game for 50yrs,so I'm not a johnny come lately.LOL Let's hope the Albie run is a good one.. I feel for the shore guys not having an easy way to move to totally new spots on a given night or day.
  10. I have a Odyssey AGM. half the size of regular 12v,but easily starts my 40HP Yamaha. It is used for Big lawn movers and big motorcycles.
  11. I use a troller to get up close to surfacing fish with out spooking them . I find I don't need more than a 100 ft cast to reach the fish,so the 7ft medium rod works just fine with a 4000 size reel 20#braid.
  12. And it's not April Fools day. You can't make this stuff up.
  13. You are going to be throwing light stuff,these fish are on the surface feeding on bay anchovies and other small bait. No need for anything 2ozs. Albies snax and super flukes and Z-man jerk shads(rigged texas style) will get the job done and they weigh next to nothing.
  14. I wouldn't go lighter than Med and also go with 7 fter. Those fish are strong and at the boat will dive and you need backbone in the rod. They will break a rod if it is too light. You also don't want to spend 15 minutes or more fighting the fish with a light rod.
  15. Who is the arbiter of the release kill rate , the same people who said the bass population was in stable condition 5yrs ago? These guys have no idea what they are talking about. I attended a number of meetings held by fisheries management agency and I can tell under questioning everything they were saying was complete bull. Most people that were at these meeting walked shaking their head in disgust. Who in God good name decided that 50% of released fish died , give us all a brake.People that put out this information have zero way of knowing what the reality is. I catch release and if I thought half my fish died I quite fishing today period,no way that is accurate. As a very young boy I would bring home a LMB that was out of the water for almost an hour and I put in a neighbors small pond and it survived. I'm done with the nonsense,our fishery is in crash mode and there is nothing being done that makes sense.