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  1. i have that same rod with the split grip and use it with my c14 + 4000. love the rod it is my backbay sodbank rod. nice plugging and jigging rod. not sure of the weight but it is a very light combo.
  2. bomber longshots are my go to on the jetty where distance is not needed.
  3. i'm in
  4. if you will split i can do 15.00 for the bronze darter.
  5. i use spinning all the time for bass with 14lb powerpro slick and 20lb flouro leader. never had any problem fishing frog. you should be fine.
  6. i'll take em if nightstrikes passes on them
  7. got the 6' inch pink shine in the container and counted 8
  8. way to go on the 30" tiger muskie!!
  9. 46lbs in south jersey surf 2019 6" chicken scratch hydro minnow
  10. you can fish in pa. plenty of people out sunday and most were spread out. talk to conservation office in parking lot and he didn't seem to care at all. said they been to busy stocking the trout for the delayed opener.
  11. here a couple of my darby creek lures. i got some of his 1st made lures somewhere in my shed. will post pictures if i can find them.
  12. i use the berkley crappie tubes on a jighead and they work great for trout. much cheaper then buying the 4 pack of pre rigged power tubes
  13. a weakfish lol. haven't caught one in 6 years
  14. i did good on the yo-zuri hydro minnows and 5" magdarters