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  1. I'll take it
  2. 575 plus shipping cost?
  3. Goat Island Causeway. I like casting beetle spins along the shadow lines at night . 6 lb flouro leader is a must, these fish are very well educated. If there are too many folks squid fishing in your spot, politely yet firmly ask them to leave and usually they will give you as much space as you need.
  4. There were some very nice fish around before this east blow and all the rain. Got skunked on thursday and again tonight.
  5. would you consider selling it?
  6. Tica wreck series rod with daiwa seagate reel. Very nice all-around bottom fish setup for a little over $200.
  7. Was trying to get the Narrow River Rods logo in the pic clearly. I just got a new rod and was hoping to get a good pic of it with the first decent fish I landed using it. Didn't want to keep the fish out to long trying to get all sorts of pics so I snapped this one and sent her home. By the way if anyone is in the market for a new rod I strongly suggest getting in touch with Howard from Narrow River Rods you won't be disappointed!!
  8. Warm weather next week should really get things going... in CT and Mass.
  9. Sluggos. Big ones.
  10. New Goddard boat ramp looks beautiful. Gonna land some slobs off that bad boy this season I can feel it.
  11. Are the smaller mg darters the new ones or the 1st gen?