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  1. Up for sale is my Islander LX 4.0 reel. Asking $375 shipped or $365 local pickup. with Rio WF10 F/I fly line and backing. No longer using this size reel as I have moved back up north. Local pickup in Baltimore, Maryland or I can ship USPS priority. I have bought and sold lots of items on here and never had an issue. This is an awesome reel with a great drag sound if you like to hear the real scream.
  2. Try to contact Delaware Paddlesports they can tell you the conditions for sure.
  3. Very good report. I love Flamingo. I take my kayak and it's always a new experience. The no seeums are vicious and the worst I've ever encountered anywhere in the world. If the wind isn't blowing they can make it miserable. Even in the Glades the fishing is challenging especially on fly.
  4. This is my first trip to Colorado. I am gonna be in Denver this weekend and next week looking to get into some carp, smallmouth, or trout. I can drive like 2 hours away on some days. I was a pretty hardcore carp on fly guy before moving to Florida so I kinda wanna hook up with some big Colorado carp. I have only caught a few trout ever but wouldn't mind doing a half day or full day with a guide if it's worth it. I have waders packed and my eight weight for big carp. I might pick up a smaller setup for trout once i arrive. I'm looking for any advice from guys who know the area. Thanks!
  5. I use the two bucket/sink cleaning method with dish soap than put fly line dressing on after. Every couple of months I do it again.
  6. No problem! At least you got out and hooked up. There are some big largemouth bass in those canals. I saw one over ten pounds in a canal south of Kendall being from up North it didn't even look real since 5-6lb bass are big up there.
  7. Were you targeting peacocks? If using spin gear try rapala xraps 2 1/2 - 4 inch that swim a few feet deep. They will hit soft plastics on jigs but must be baitfish not worms. If fishing saltwater shrimp will get hit every drop, but in the canals around kendall not so much it's not a natural bait so only bottom feeders will eat it. I use 10 lb Fluoro leader but mono will work too. I notice less hits when I have used heavier leader.
  8. I have a badfisher which is big but rolls up into a backpack. I'm gonna be selling it as I fish mostly open water now. But for ponds, small lakes and short distances it's awesome. It has scotty mounts and great primary stability. I would never take it in open water. Here is the only pic I have of it.
  9. All the canals around Kendall have real good numbers of peacocks. I just was there a few days ago and did well. I use heavy clousers normally for peacocks. Just look up the closest street to where you are staying that intersect with a canal and find a place to park. Then just walk the canals. There are tons of spots. They like structure especially around bridges and culverts. They get hit hard so be quiet and try not to let them see you. Good luck.
  10. Check out suncloud if on a budget. They use Smith lens.
  11. Amber, copper or green mirror color lens for flats. Offshore I wear blue. For me the glass lens makes a difference if buying Costas.
  12. If your gonna wade the flats I'd bring a couple big Crab flies like size 0. Both Bones and Permit will eat it along with every other species. Just don't have high hopes it can and is usually tough. Heavy clousers and cuda needlefish flies are good too. I'd go with a guide at least 1 day if you want to try to catch any of the trophy species. With spin gear and live mullet, crab, grunt, or pinfish you will be in good shape. Good Luck.
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