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  1. "If anti-gun laws really worked, Chicago would be Mayberry RFD."
  2. Great Quote, I don't know from who: "If anti-gun laws worked, Chicago would be Mayberry RFD."
  3. Yeah, SW, I understand what you're saying but I would much rather have PRIVATE groups than the Federal Government with all of its corruption, inefficiency, red tape, bureaucracy, etc. It seems to be working fine. As opposed to the government which works like dog pooo.
  4. We don't know what he earned. What did the Covington kid earn?? He has his whole life to figure out what he will do in the future. I think he should go on one of the outdoor channels and give lessons in firearms and self defense. And he would make good money as a spokesman for the NRA. And whether he has gotten any money yet from suing your friends on the lying, propaganda channels, he will. He is set for life. As opposed to you, just so we're clear. Liberalism is Leprosy
  5. Freakin, white supremicist racist!!! KR, IMHO, was a kind of stupid, idealist, immature kid who thought he was doing right protecting his and his parents neighborhood from rioters. He should never have been there. But he was and was attacked by scumbag, left wing rioters. He killed two out of four and wounded one more. What's truly sick here and what leftist losers like booty will never bring up is that the first guy KR shot was a **** stain of a human being who we are better off without. While KR is criticized by BW, nothing is said at all about J. Rosenbaum, a convicted sex offender and just a totally wasted space as a human being. Same for the other guy KR killed. And they ATTACKED HIM. I guess Booty likes and admires people like Rosenbaum and Huber. Liberalism is Leprosy
  6. On this one, they are on the right side of history. You and yours are for killing for convenience. Disgusiting, baby killing monsters.
  7. The freaking View. Too bad he didn't take it from each of those bitches' pockets.
  8. I think I do and you should reach back with your memory to when this kind of thing didn't happen. In the late 70s, we closed the mental institutions. Everyone could be controlled by drugs. There are very few "bedlams" today and I believe, as draconian as that may be, we need more of them. I haven't heard yet about this killer kid's background but every mass school shooting turns out to be by some kid with severe mental problems. Parkland, (I forget the one in CT, sorry).. Aurora. etc. were all done by mentally troubled young people. We need to devote more time and effort to housing and controlling ( zombiing? ) these disturbed people to keep the rest of us safe. And I also beleive in Red Flag Laws, thought I realize the devil will be in the details. JMTC
  9. You'll slang any of those uppity N----'s who dare to swim against you and yours, keeping 'em on the Dem. Plantation. You knowingly voted for a senile child molester as President so please spare me your concern for Mr. Walker. If the people of Georgia vote him in, God Bless. If the people of Georgia vote him out, God Bless. My opinion is he's a damn site better than Warnock AND is not beholden to Dem. elites who Warnock has to shuck and jive for. Keep em poor, keep em ignorant, keep em votin Deocratic.
  10. You keep yelling counselor!!! "You'all got to put that boy back on the porch, heah!! We can't have dem Sambo's runnin round thinkin for themselves"
  11. To be pro-abortion, you must lie to yourself constantly, play mental tricks with yourself and deny science, reality and logic. Since we all got here the same way, that is the first lie we must tell ourselves. "Well, I'm here and deserve to be and I'm delighted that I am. That one, not so much. And besides, that one is not alive."
  12. But have you paid for an abortion or two?? Then, you've paid to kill her.
  13. Actually, you ate the remains of "unfertilized" eggs. Comparing breakfast to abortion is silly, unless you're eating the live chicks, feathers and all, just before they hatch. Would you do that???
  14. If you took a healthy, newborn infant and put it in a closet for two days, would it survive?? If you took a two year old child and locked it in a house for a week, would the child survive?? Viability is questionable up until about 5 years old. You have some people who think you should be able to kill a born child up to about six months if the child is "damaged". And of course, famously, the Gov. of VA (D) thought it was ok to kill a newborn. And he's a doctor. Lot of confederate soldiers went to their deaths without ever having owned a slave. Lot of Germans would never have killed a Jew but..."hey, if Adolph and the boys think it is ok, who am I to impose my morals....blah, blah, blah." You're pro-abortion because you approve of every abortion which happens. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. Liberalism is Leprosy
  15. TW, another incident to prove my point about Biden happened yesterday /this morning. Biden said outright told everyone (in Japan, I believe) that we would go to war with China over Taiwan. Now, Presidents have misspoke throughout history, made mistakes, didn't phrase a phrase right, etc. and after discussing with the proper people, would rephrase, walk it back, re-explain, etc, to set the diplomatic lines right. But after Biden said what he said, without any consultation or questioning or letting him make any statement, the State Dept. walked his comments back WITHOUT EVEN INFORMING HIM OF WHAT THEY WERE DOING. This should tell you all you need to know about who is in charge. And it ain't Brandon.