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  1. A 5 year old, little girl was shot yesterday. Crossfire. But hey, history, restaurants, sports, etc.
  2. If you looked like Mayor Lightfoot, you'd keep your mask on too.
  3. I don't know. What have you done in your life to make you a tough guy??
  4. BTW, she's not bad. I'd do her
  5. Jmat, is that you when someone walks near you who is not wearing a mask?? I always carry one and will respect any store or other establishment that wants people to wear them. But it is all BS since I gotten the vaccine. And I don't wear the damn thing whenever possible.
  6. * I guess even the gang bangers are feeling the pinch of expensive, hard to get ammo and have resorted to knives in killing each other. Since Philly is such a Demo. controlled Woketopia (thank you Dan Bongino), you would think everyone would be singing "Incense and Peppermints". Instead, we get the weekend body count. But hey, its got great restaurants, history, sports, parks, museums, etc. All of which is true but many people who have common sense will be staying away from the city. I looked hard but couldn't find any of the shootings that happened in Chestnut Hill, or Northern Liberties or Society Hill or Queen Village. But I guess anyone who is familiar with the city and its neighborhoods can guess where all this violence happened. Pity the good people who have to live in these war zones. The Dems don't give a crap about them. They only care if the violence spills over into the upscale and tourist and entertainment areas. Liberalism is Leprosy Oh, and where the hell are the social workers when you need them???
  7. Run to the extremes in the primaries and run to the center in the general. I've also heard he is a centerist. Of course, when the lib MSM calls you a centerist they are 1.) trying to help you win an election by not scaring the dummies who vote Dem. or 2.) the journo is so far left him/herself that someone with even a few centerist positions seems an outright moderate. To them, if you are anywhere right of center, even a little, you're a nazi and don't deserve to live. He might be the next mayor of NYC. or so I've heard.
  8. He said he was quitting his nighttime gig but he was still with DNCNN and working on a new project. I just saw the news. Actually, I know so little about CNN that I didn't know Don Lemon was gay, nor the other prominent guy (forget this name) who was just hosting Jeopardy until he said something about teabagging...he must be an expert.. Just saying what the headline/news said. I figured he was girl touching or something.
  9. I'm sure a few do. There were so many boat parades for Biden, weren't there??. Honestly, it really surprised me that there were so few/no Biden boat parades, just as counter PR. Most of the folks I know at my Marina, say 90%, are conservative, whether or not they like Trump. I really do believe it is a different group of people. Would be interesting to look at it sociologically. See what the pass times and hobbies of conservatives vs. liberals are. One of my hobbies is bonsai which I have been pursuing on and off for about 50 years. I would say it is 60 to 40 liberal in bonsai and about 80 to 20 men vs. women. Not many women get into it so fewer liberals. It is almost all entirely white and kind of middle to upper class.
  10. Oy Vey!!
  11. Oh, welcome to the party, occidentalist. Which offspring is this one?? DeBlasio's?? It looks like it should be in one of those aid's medicine commericals.
  12. Momala?? Is she married to a Jewish person?? I honestly know very little about Kamala's personal life.
  13. If there is a Trump boat parade in my area this Summer, I will happily join in. I doubt there will ever be a boat parade for Joe because most libs, 1.) can't swim; 2.) don't own power boats; 3.) hard to get sail boats into a parade.
  14. Didn't know she had a daughter. Nice. Real peach there. Remember when the libs were making fun of Bush's daughters?? Remember when they made fun of Palin's children??
  15. Hey!!! Some people think Philly is a paradise. Great food, history, sports, mass killings, drug gangs, little children caught in the cross fire....what's not to like?? But here is the thing. It has been going on, non stop, for the 60 years that I've been watching. This didn't start last week, or Jan. 6th or with George Floyd. It started in the 60s and has been going on ever since. And the left has been in charge that entire time.