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  1. I have a suggestion. What I have noticed over the years is that violent looting, arson, etc. during race or political riots. is rarely treated seriously. Very few people serve serious time for these actions. I believe if a looter or violent rioter (oxymoron?) or civil disrupter is caught by the police. they should be charged and if found guilty, serve top sentences. This won't stop hardened criminals of course, but it will stop the average college kid/Antifa wannabe, the black kid getting caught up in the hysteria, etc. Most kids wear getting busted in a demonstration as a badge of honor because there is little consequence. Make the consequences serious and much of this will stop.
  2. All of this and judges. Don't forget about the judges.
  3. Dear TDS person. If you did, my apologies. I did not read every page of the entire thread. You are clear to go back to Orange Man Bad, now.
  4. Gave you four precedents from the original OP. Any answer?? Got anything other than Orange Man BAD??
  5. Dear TDS person. You don't do history much, do you?? I lived it. I was with the 82nd Airborne (that is a regular Army Division) and went into Detroit in July 1967 for the riots. Was there for a week. We were infantry, NOT MPs. I believe that was LBJ. In early WWII, FDR used the regular Army to round up and imprison hundreds of thousands of Japanese Americans, unconstitutionally, I might add. During the Civil War, Lincoln used the regular Army and the Navy to squash the Draft Riots in NYC. W used the regular Army during Hurricaine Katrina in both an aid and policing scenario in NO, remember? So there is precedent. If Obama had had the same thing happen during his Presidency and had done the same thing as Trump, you would not have said a peep. You know it and I know it. Take your TDS and stick it where the sun don't shine. Liberalism is Leprosy P.S. Trump said IF. Let's see if he follows up.
  6. Yeah, but you still haven't told us what you consider yourself. Are you ashamed of it, don't know what you believe, or trying to cover up? Take your time, we've got nothing but...try to come up with something. I'll help. "I am not a liberal, I consider myself.a ..…"
  7. Meant to ask you. If you don't consider yourself a liberal, what do you consider yourself? I am a conservative, both socially and fiscally and I strongly believe in Federalism.
  8. Grew up in the Oxford Circle area. Originally from So. Philly,6th and Fitzwater but my mom didn't want me to grow up to be a "hoodlum" so when I was 8, we moved. Very nice Jewish neighborhood and most of my playmates were Jewish. Great neighborhood. It is bad what has happened there. Crime, drugs, run down houses. Sad. And you're right, ridenfish, Liberalism destroys everything it touches.
  9. Cute, 60 years ago, I was 10. And how could Rizzo destroy Italian neighborhoods with racism?? You're words not mine. And, right, you're not a liberal. I get it. To you and people like you, liberals are useful idiots. Who said that?? Oh yeah, Niky Lenin.
  10. No, I was describing what it is today. But in the 60s, it was bad news also. Tough, working class neighborhood and they had better know who you are. Fishtown was as bad. Fishtown is now regenerating. BTW, when I work, sometimes I have to pick people up in the K&A area so I am not making stuff up. It is bad. Liberalism destroys these places, not Rizzo (I did not like Rizzo and voted against him twice), though I am sure it gives you a liberal wet dream to blame him. I would point out another liberal poop hole, Manhattan in the 1970s and 1980s and how Rudy cleaned it up. No brag, just facts. BTW, it is not Kensington, it is K&A.
  11. Bob, it was bad when I was a kid, 60 years ago. We never went anywhere near K&A. Drugs everywhere and rats the size of cats and fugly hookers. Place is a nightmare.
  12. I believe that Gami and it is true. I've been watching it for 50-60 years. The Great Society has been devastating to the black community. The left is the rot that ruins everything it touches. It is not just what is said, it is the actions, the giveaways, the taking away of responsibility, the miserable schools, the crime, the drugs, the 75% illegitimacy rates. the glorification of the criminal culture. I can go on but I think you get it. If the USA and us deplorable white folks are so racist, why are Asian Americans doing so well? Indian-Americans? Etc.
  13. Sorry, but anything that happens around K&A is an improvement. One of the worst neighborhoods in the city.
  14. Destroying any sympathy the killing in MN may have garnered. "The USA sucks and I'm a victim, so I'm gonna loot and burn that store!!" Actually, I'm noticing all the white weenie kids out there with their Antifa hoods on. They need to get their skulls busted.
  15. You really think this is Cape??