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  1. They don't. They happily kill babies by the bushel. They have been happily slaughtering people in overwhelming numbers for the past 250 years. To materialists and humanists, inalienable rights are what the government of the day thinks they should be. You a royalist in France 250 years ago, too bad for you. You a white in the USSR in the 1920s, sorry bout that. You a Ukrainian under Stalin in the 1930s, apologies comrade. A Jew in Nazi Germany, a dios untermenchen, etc., etc., etc.
  2. I think one thing nobody is saying, unless I missed it, is that it happened to Smith. He weighs all of 150 lb soaking wet and I am surprised he has not gotten hurt in the past. They don't call him "skinny Batman" for nothing. He is very resilient. But that was a body slam.
  3. No you don't. And the proof of that is that my age is the first thing you used to attack me. I attacked you because you've never been on this subject site until Monday, when you had to come on and cheer, "We're #1, We're #1" Had you been contributing to this subject line before, like some of the NY fans and guys and even some, yuck, Dallas fans, NBD. But you just showed up like a hemorrhoid. As to fags, San Fran is proud of being woke as hell and homo-infatuated. Tell me I'm wrong. The fact that one of the most beautiful and fine cities in the world is turning into a dystopian nightmare because of all the woke BS policies just adds fuel to the fire. BTW, my hometown, Philly, isn't much better.
  4. Ahhhhh, look at the reaction from the little limp wrist. I'm an old guy, which means I've lived a good, successful and happy life and I've got years to go. A loser like you wouldn't know about that. I lost what?? You mean my team lost?? Yeah, but unlike you, I don't say "we" when discussing the teams I root for. Apparently, you're such a loser in life that you must think yourself in a team like the 49ers, to make yourself feel better. "We" won?? "YOU" didn't win anything (unless you bet big $$), the team you follow did. Whooopeeee!! We;re #1, We're #1!!! Loser. Wipe your wet loser behind and go somewhere else. Too funny.
  5. Not grumpy at all. Just having fun with the thin skinned front runners. And that would be you. As I asked before, where have you been all year?? You show up chirping your crap and expect it will pass?? And by your quotes I see that you play professional football. What position would that be??
  6. Gosh, you've got very thin skin for someone talking trash. If you're a big wokester, I'm sorry you're outraged. But if homosexuality is ok, why do you take offense?? As I said, we haven't heard a peep from you all year. Leave it at that.
  7. Devout Catholic and Shack Up don't compute.
  8. Because a lot of Christians and Jews are white. They love anybody who isn't white, no matter what, because if you're not white, you are OPPRESSED. By white people. And besides, Christians believe in God and we can't have that and be devoted to the state at the same time. Being an Oppressed Minority trumps believing in God, because these Oppressed Non-White People are dumb and need non-Oppressive white peoples' help.
  9. Yeah, but back in the 90s, it was lock em all up!! Remember?? Times change and so do attitudes. I don't listen to that garbage so I don't know what they're saying today and didn't know what they were saying back then. I'm more a Beatles, Stones, Zep, Doobies guy myself.
  10. I come on and see a bunch of names I haven't seen before, suddenly here talking crap. Who are you people and where have you been since Sept.?? Now, all of a sudden, we got a bunch of front runners who we've never heard of suddenly chirping like little monkeys. Enjoy it meow meow front runners. Lots of football to go. Looks like the fags from fag city are all enjoying themselves. Iggs got exposed. Offense was mediocre but the D was horrible. How many missed tackles were there? The gauntlet finally caught up with them I think but the D has not played well for at least a month. And I think they could get their asses handed to them again next week in Dallas. We'll see. After that we have four games against mediocre to bad teams, so things may get straightened out. 14 and 3 is not a bad record. Barring key injuries that is what their record should be. To J Adams, Rats427 and Fish Guru, guess you guys are fags from fag city or fag city fans. Just guessing since I've never seen you on here before. You must be used to talking with your mouth's full. moocks, you're a Jets fan. I think awful to not so bad seems to be your mission in life. Rooting for the Giants and the Jets is funny. I know, I know, New Yawk, New Yawk!!!
  11. Please tell me how "they" want to "replace the Constitution" with Trump. And please tell me what he did, while he was POTUS, that was so corrosive to our Representative Republic. I seem to remember the Dem's you voted for wanting to create a Dept. of Truth, or some such, which is pretty anti our system of government, to me. And it was so bad, it never made it out of the starting gate. Quite honestly, I saw no action, while Trump was Pres., that I considered a threat to our system of government. (Here he'll say Jan 6 but I don't count that)
  12. And yet, nothing happened to her, not even a trial. She didn't even get her pinky bruised. And that sir, is because of a left wing bureaucracy which is almost permanent at the Justice Dept. The corruption in Washington DC is Universal but JUSTICE is very, very selective. And don't tell me you don't see it.
  13. You also repeated the erroneous phrase "I can see Russia from my house." attributed to Sarah Palin though she never said it. But keep parroting what the MSM tells you, though it is not a good look, counselor. BTW, do you hate AOC or Talib or Illan Omar as much as you look down on MTG?
  14. Is that because you have none?? See, I'm all for the Reps. being the party of family values. Somebody has to be. If some fall by the wayside, that is to be expected, human frailty being what it is. Better than the party of UMVCGX, Fags and Groomers and Transvestites plus kill every baby you can get your hands on, for whatever reason possible. Your ok with these guys:
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