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  1. Yes, I agree with you. They are oligarcs and billion dollar corps. But there are also privately owned restaurants, hotels, taxis, small businesses, etc. The economy is moving away from the government control model. It is going to take time. The PRC is doing the same thing. And that is also going to take time. And maybe, when enough of this happens, they will also move toward true Republican Democracy. Your "sarcasm" was really a shot at conservatives because you believe conservatives are too dumb to know what Russia is becoming.
  2. Holy Crap, its FrankStar!!!!!
  3. No, I think you're more of a commie than they are. They're Russians and Russia has not been a communist nation for almost 40 years. Putin has not tried to nationalize industry unlike the communists here with man made global warming.. He is an authoritarian, maybe even a dictator but Russia has moved away from much of Marxism. They learned it simply doesn't work. I don't know the relevance of the article because of that source since I am not familiar with the source. You should look on HuffPo or some of the other "liberal" websites to see what the communists have to say. And try and disprove the article, don't just attack the source. I know that is part of your Alynsky but there you are.
  4. I have to disagree with you SD. I am with you as far as I want the government to do as little as possible to infringe on our freedoms. But we all recognize that we don't have the freedom to abuse, seriously hurt or kill our born children. We don't have the freedom to hurt another wantonly. Our freedoms come with red lights and stop signs and speed limits. Every abortion kills a human being. All of us got here the same way and all of us, I think, love being alive. When we abort, we deny that joy of life to someone who we once were at that stage of development. And half the time, we're killing little girls. I would hope that we would have enough morals and intelligence as a society that most abortions wouldn't happen. But selfishness and cowardice is part of the human condition and a part of our society (the liberal/progressive part) revels in it. It is part of our decay.
  5. Well said. I belong to Riverkeepers and have worked to clean both the Delaware and the St. Mary's. I love conservation and I believe in fighting pollution but from what I've read, sometimes the EPA went too far in dumping on small landowners and farmers, etc. Savannah may be my favorite place in all the world. In the Winter.
  6. CF, I don't know about Bristol Bay but I would hope Trump curtailed the power of the EPA a bunch as they were almost dictatorial in both their operations and rule making. Most of the folks that work there are true believers and so you get a lot of fanaticism posing as administration. Where do you live in Georgia? Near or on the coast I hope. I lived in Savannah for a couple of years, used to vacation with my family on St. Simons and now spend our winters on Amelia Island. My son in law works at Kingsbay.
  7. He doesn't scare us like that. After all, he's the "wife" of the gay marriage which gives him cred to you but makes him a catamite girly man to me. What does scare us is the obvious tactics of the left to destroy hated Amerika and replace it with Denmark, which will quickly devolve into Venezuela. BTW, they just started rationing gasoline.
  8. Wrong. Abortion was only legal in some states in certain situations such as rape, incest and LOM. Reagan as Gov. of California, famously passed a bill which allowed abortion in the "hard cases" but was horrified to find that some people actually LIED about the reasons and the number of abortions skyrocketed. RvW allowed all abortions with states able to provide limits sometime after viability. But then Doe vs. Bolton and Casey really, factually made it open season on the unborn.
  9. Very good and thoughtful article on the subject. Give it a read, no matter what side you are on.
  10. You call me a "deluded old man" and then point out that I insulted you??? Leftists are such tender little girls. Hey, fatboy., you're the one threatening violence to me. Don't worry, I won't hang around long enough for you to sit on me. Death by 300 lb. blob is not on my agenda. You will now go on my ignore list so as I won't get into trouble addressing you. But one last thing. How can you "celebrate life" when you are part of the problem which has helped kill 70,000,000 human beings??? Liberalism is so sick, Liberalism is Leprosy Political Correctness is the Sharia of Liberalism
  11. No, sorry Chubby. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, its a duck and you're flying south in the Winter. I've seen enough of your drivel to know what type of person you are. You're just part of the Cult of Death, selfishness and cowardice that is so prevalent in left wing circles. Have a good quack.
  12. Huh??? You're really dense if you don't get it. But if you're for unrestricted abortion on demand, you're really dense. BTW, next time there is a fire in your house, just shut up and get a hose.
  13. Marxists like you. Kill the babies, kill the Ukrainians, kill the Khemer; it is all the same. Left wing death cults.
  14. Worry about living your own life, don't interfere with my desire to kill Jews or own slaves. Oh wait!!!
  15. You're going to the Cape Hatteras area?? Cool. Good luck with the fishing. You won't need it, of course. Catch em up. Are you towing, going by sea or through the Chesapeake??