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  1. Disagree Dan. At times, in extreme circumstances, every society recognizes the necessity of killing. Not nice, wish it didn't happen but there it is. Even Buddhists recognize the right to self defense. LOM is life or life. Rape means that the woman bears no responsibility for the little one within her and the human being's presence could do lasting damage to her mentally. Since she is not responsible, I have much less problem with it. But 95% of abortions are for "convenience" and not for anything serious. End those or reduce them as much as possible, then worry about the rest.
  2. So much of this is not about right or wrong but about bureaucratic careerism. This game is played on both sides but has become more and more egregious, especially under Obama who seems to have weaponized all the major bureaus and departments. This is part of why I became a conservative. Today, we are no better than ancient Rome under the Imperium. Lots of jockeying for power and doing what you have to do to advance and if you are ideologically invested, it becomes even worse.
  3. I think the cover up went much higher than Comey.
  4. Grump, yours is better in my eyes but more difficult because some pregnancies are not detectable as early or the woman is in denial. And either way, abortions will still happen. But the law right now, in many states, has declared Open Season to birth. Mississippi is a good challenge which may overturn RvW and alowl the people of the 50 states to vote for the people who will allow all abortions or put restrictions on the process. BTW, I don't understand. If you don't believe the unborn is a human being until birth, why would you put any restrictions on it. By reason, if I thought the unborn were no more valuable or sentient than a creek chub, I would be for abortion to term. Don't get your first position with your compromise.
  5. Dan, from one old Jackass to another, yes some abortions are permissible IMHO. To save a mother's life or proven rape or possibly, severe fetal deformity (though that last can be elastic and is used as a screen for common abortions.), My feeling on these hard cases is much like the justification of killing the enemy in war or police taking down a dangerous felon. But even here, we would view killing whole populations of innocent civilians or unjust police killing as problematic. Here is my compromise. Ban all abortions after four months except proven LOM. Allow all abortions in the first four months for whatever reason, but require the woman seeking the abortion to see an ultrasound (they are non invasive today) of the "mass of cells" she wishes to get rid of. That gives the fetus (the little one - latin) a good chance of being brought to term while allowing the woman to abort if her circumstance is more "dire" than normal.
  6. Your tired excuses are showing. It is one thing to criticize any POLICY of Israel. That is valid and should be done when they do something you/we think is wrong. No problem. It is quite another to criticize the EXISTENCE OF ISRAEL itself as your friends are doing now. Of course, they won't come out and say exactly that but boycotting anyone who supports Israel, withdrawing money from their businesses, siding with Hamas and Hezzbolah, etc. The far left hates the existence of Israel because they consider it a bastion of white imperialism and would love to see Israel cease to exist. Anti-semitism exists and is virulent on the left.
  7. Respecting my views means nothing. This is not about what lures to use when surf fishing or what barrel length on a shotgun is best for shooting sporting clays. This is about killing human beings for cowardice, selfishness and convenience. We've killed 65,000,000 since 1973 which is sick in itself. Half of these abortions have killed little girls (gender is also determined at the moment of conception) which is a really sick way to respect "women's rights" isn't it?? I do not respect your view because it consider it anti-human and part of the decadence and rot that liberalism has foisted on an increasingly decadent and feeble society. The Nazi's made killing Untermenchen legal before starting the death camps. The Holodomor and the gulags and the show trials were also legal in the USSR; You are in good company..
  8. In 50 or 100 years, we will all be dead.
  9. Yep, a number of things are happening in this country that I don't like. Abortion on demand is one of them. BTW, I do believe abortion for LOM and proven rape are justified though sad. If the horror of RvW is overturned and done away with then the people of the 50 states will vote on the abortion laws they want and that is as it should be. Overturn Roe and let us vote.
  10. Sixers have a huge weakness in their bench. Very weak and while the starters are all all stars, they can't play the entire time. Celts will beat them in a seven game series and I love the Sixers.
  11. No, as I said, I became pro-life when I was agnostic. Late 70s when I heard my son's heartbeat in his mother's womb. At 10 weeks. I've said this before, I was away from any church for 30 or more years. In my 20s I was an atheist. Then, through reading, etc. in my 30s and 40s I became much more of an agnostic. I came back to church for some private reasons but I am still very agnostic about much of Catholicism though it is an excellent vehicle for those who use it to help stay on the straight and narrow. Religion has nothing to do with my arguments. Reason, facts and science do.
  12. It is an argument for anyone child or adult who dies. You have to have a heartbeat and brainwaves in order for them to stop or be stopped. The test holds for 3 months gestation to 95 years old.
  13. What religious views??? Here is the thing Gotcow, you began to exist at the moment your father's sperm got through to your mother's egg. Nobody else. You. That was Gotcow at the moment of conception and YOU began the development of the process of life which continues in you to this day for you are always developing and changing every minute. That is science, not religious. That is common sense, not wishing as you do that it is just a "mass of cells." In reality, none of us are more than a mass of cells no matter what our age and that is also scientific not religious. Every abortion kills a human being. That is science, reason and fact. BTW, accusing me of using "religious views" is much like a liberal shouting racist. It is meant to do nothing but silence debate. I oppose abortion on demand for logical, factual and scientific reasons and I became pro-life when I was agnostic.
  14. Varies with the medical practitioner. THE LAW IS ALSO ALL OVER THE MAP, ISN'T IT??
  15. Well Gotcow, that would make the age of viability about 5 or 6 years old since an infant, baby, young child would starve, freeze, heat or poop themselves to death without adult human care. You are alive from the moment of conception. Even pro-abortion fanatics realize that which is why they argue "personhood" and not life. I am surprised that you hold such a radical anti-human life position. Thought better of you. I guess I will have to rethink my opinion.