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  1. The keep lowering the bar- they really are pathetic.
  2. If this kid, and that's a BIG if, can turn it around this IS the place. 1) Going from the scrubs of the league to one of the elites. 2) Having freekin' Tom Brady throwing him the ball. 3) Being in the atmosphere where he can immerse himself in football. 4) Probably last chance. Still - a BIG if...
  3. Jax played well and had a good game plan. Patriots looked flat and VERY slow everywhere. Patriots offense was very predictable, I guess with the lack of playmakers it is what it is....They'll still go to playoffs, BB & TB = postseason.
  4. Those clowns are just killing themselves on a daily basis, the party of my parents would be unrecognizable to them.
  5. Yes a very good selection.
  6. ^^^^^^^ Beautiful gun, i'm in love.
  7. This is just the kind of thing that will continue the re-awakening of mid- America.
  8. Started shooting trap last year, I use a 1986 Citori O/U 12 ga. Almost time for a new toy either another trap gun or a nice carry .45 Baer or Brown.
  9. Those damned holes on the spool cap were a pia ( who ever did r&d couldn't of gotten wet ) we fixed them with silicone. Cap was later redesigned. Only things ever done to my early gen 2 25 besides normal maintenance were a/r bearing and oversize seals. my black reel is now a cool bronze. This is my fav and go to reel in it's size I just love this reel. Glad they're still around and adapting.
  10. Churches beach, or behind the club - go left for barge and sandy areas or right for easy to negotiate boulder fields up to cove. The pyramids are a 20 min walk but fairly easy fishing. Bring plenty of water and a couple of lights ( never know when you'll need a backup ). Pencils and polaris' at sunrise and sunset, needles and metal lips at night. Skin plugs often produce when others won't.
  11. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What he said.
  12. ABB Filmore Last Waltz Europe '72...I know Jerry & Merl @Keystone George Strait @ Astrodome
  13. Tried a bunch of reader shooting glasses, tried high viz sights, went to eye doc ( he's a sporting clay guy ) and he recommended 1.5 reader strength. Could never quite see both sights and target at 25 or 50 yds as clearly as I wanted. Solution for me was to put reflex red dot sights on my pistols. Vortex are very reasonable and work well.
  14. What he said...
  15. Takes a lot to open a small seasonal business, even tougher if he's on a budget ( reading into the small inventory comments ). Like others have said maybe you caught him on a bad day, we all have them. Our friends Capt. Don, John, and Tim are watching over the shop so lets give him a shot.