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  1. Check out the CZ lineup, most are easy to rack.
  2. Any Iranian action against US ships would be the beginning of the end.....for all of us.
  3. These prog****s are right out of their freekin' minds - some actually think like this. You are dealt your hand in life and you play it as best you can - not apologize for it. auto censor "progress-lib-turds"?
  4. You go 'em. PM sent.
  5. You got it Tony.
  6. 58 usps priority. I only ship priority because of tracking and insurance.
  7. This turned into a tough room :) two or more plugs and get free shipping in the Comm forum from this listing. If you haven't checked out AH in a while do us both a favor.
  8. This turned into a tough room :) two or more plugs and get free shipping in this Comm forum listing. If you haven't checked out AH in a while do us both a favor.
  9. Hi, Guys after a long absence Afterhours and SOL once again team up to bring you the latest AH plugs. Check them out on the Commercial Forum. Some of what's there...
  10. Kyrie - don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out, krybaby diva without any heart doesn't deserve to wear the green.
  11. 7" long and 3oz. Pretty shallow swimmer surface to a couple of feet. Can be tuned to swim a bit deeper.
  12. Hi Guys, Been a while....Hope I can pull this off w/o too much confusion :). There are one of each plug listed here- please be sure you want it when you respond as everything is based off previous posts. As always I combine shipping on as many plugs as you want to buy. USPS Priority shipping is $7.50. 1) Jr Pencil....Pearl....28 SOLD 2) Jr Pencil....Squid....28 3) Jr Pencil....Yellow/White....28 4) Jr Pencil....Orange/Pink/Silver Scale....28 5) Jr Pencil....Chartreuse/Pink/Silver Scale....28 6) Jr Pencil....Lime Green/Pink/Silver Scale....28 7) Sr Dookster….Blue/Pink/Silver Scale....30 8) Sr Dookster….Pearl....30 SOLD 9) Sr Dookster….Pogey...30 SOLD 10) Sr Dookster….Parrot...30 11) Sr Dookster…Chartreuse/Pink/Silver Scale....30 SOLD....30 12) Sr Humpback....Yellow/White....30 13) Sr Humpback....Squid Eye....30 14) Sr Humpback.....Blue/Pink/Silver Scale....30 15) Sr Humpback....Pogey….30 16) Sr Humpback....Chartreuse/Pink/Silver Scale...30 17) Sr Pikie….Charcoal....35 SOLD 18) Sr Pikie….Pink Crackle....35 19) Jr Pikie….Parrot....30 SOLD 20) Jr Pikie….Brown Scale....30 SOLD
  13. Hi Mike.
  14. Somebody's coming back here very soon :). Stayed tuned.
  15. Paul, don't give up on them. They have their advantages- long casting ( start them working with a tight line as soon as they hit the water ),and when a fish hits and misses stop the plug and let it sink, they will come back as they think they've injured it, and you can work them slowly at depth as well,