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  1. Waiting to hear more about this chitbird. What are the odds that he was a known lunatic? My heart goes out to innocents and their families.
  2. Unfortunately i foresee an uptick in these happenings.....God bless all affected.
  3. This is a result off Bidens " war on fossil fuels". This was not thought out at all, kind of wanting to lose 40# and cutting off your right leg to do so. Absolute freekin' morons.
  4. Very well said.
  5. SC what change did you notice when you extended forward?
  6. I think that size and shape of nose loop coming into play is at least partially dependent on whether one attaches with a direct cinched down knot or a loop knot or clip. IMO a loop knot or clip allows the plug to work more freely as opposed to a cinched down knot which acts as a leash and dampens action.
  7. Be well Mike and enjoy your time with your family :).
  8. You've got this, good luck and God bless.
  9. Just picked up a couple of West Marine Inshore auto/manual inflatables at a clearance $. USCG approved type lll & V. Very comfortable.
  10. It's really hard to wrap my head around how they've effed up EVERYTHING they've touched....and the left seems to be fine with it. These people are warped. It's like we're living in bizzarro world.
  11. The war on fossil fuels (and most every American) by this horrendous administration is going along as planned. Combined with every new crisis accompanying this action they're happy. Venezuela here we come. Apparently, WE have to offset Chinas building of new coal burning plants (Chinas developing country status my arse). They've been at it for 5000 yrs.
  12. ?????
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ What he said.
  14. If this is the case then they ALL have to go.
  15. Swivel.