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  1. It does not have a name, made it for my bag. Just looks so good to me.
  2. Sexy...
  3. Got this one.
  4. I actually took him off my ignore for this - back on he goes :).
  5. No, you stated that ALL of these were debunked. Trying to weasel your way out of this I see.
  6. All of these debunked? Show us.
  7. This is (was) a great country that the installed administration has us heading to chitholedom. Border, crisis, relentless spending ( which will weaken the dollar), free everything for everyone, right around the corner energy crisis ( after enjoying energy independence), recession is hanging over our heads like the sword of Damocles, Paris accord? ( please- talk to China about that one), Iran nuke deal ( worlds leading terrorist sponsor) yeah that's a good one. You do know that socialism is a failed experiment.
  8. Make no mistake the left has us on the slide to chitholedom.
  9. Please expand on your statement, sounds like horsechit to me. Any facts?
  10. Matty P., he IS a rocket scientist.
  11. BOHICA, price gouging at almost every level.
  12. I'm confident that our present administration will have the peoples backs......NOT!
  13. GAME FISH NOW. We can have a world class fishery here along the east coast.
  14. Really? Then PP failed big time as she should be in a vial at a stem cell research facility.