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  1. What's their angle?
  2. Can live with right siders but the latest in the thread body is annoying as hell.
  3. Growing up on a river a lot of us kids had 13' Whalers, great safe stable boats and moved well with a 40 or 50 on them. Ride was a little hard in rough water. DAQ has covered the issues well.
  4. I fish and love both, mine are older made in USA models.
  5. Breakaway #50's on most plugs, when bigger ones are needed #80's. The 50's are small and light and do not affect action on most Sb size plugs.
  6. Soon....
  7. VS 7" buy once, after 15 yrs it's cost me like 20 a year and they're still worth over 2 beans, easy.
  8. I'd start with a light colored 2.5-3 oz needle, they hold the water well.
  9. Forgot to ask how far out are the fish? Any idea what they're chasing?
  10. I'm sure it was a hand me down wooden pencil from my uncle Steve in the 70's, Gibbs or Creek Chub i'm guessing.
  11. Bait size, depth, which part of water column you targeting. Wind and strong current usually means heavy stuff.
  12. Maybe we should have a subscription fee and eliminate all the crap? Best of both worlds - no pia crap AND Tim can make a living?
  13. They're gone now, Thanks Tim for kicking butt!
  14. This morning at club pond.