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  1. Totally pathetic, look the other way for the Biden crew but if DT pees in a Pool they're all over him. I think that whole thing exposes the Dems for who they are and will polarize the Trump train.
  2. No water for about 1/2 mile, does look beaverish.
  3. My first guess, but tail looks too short. Maybe immature one?
  4. Not sure what it is, woodchucks don't come out at 2:00 am as far as I know. b2c06628-5182-4780-b3b7-07b53ac8d889.mp4
  5. Peter's run a top notch operation from day one.
  6. Beautiful! Congrats! Please be careful and like others have said take an experienced boater out with you to show you the ropes. That thing's a 50 mph boat I'm thinking.
  7. Fished one of the east bay rivers last night, pretty slow but fish were puking up 2" peanuts by the looks of it. Covered with sea lice.
  8. This should serve as a reminder for us to double check. Sad story a buddy of mine had a CTS with a ZeeBass come off his truck on RT 25 coming home from the canal. Someone alerted him and he pulled over....just in time to watch a pack of cars/trucks run them over.
  9. You can say that again. Presidents' trophy curse strikes once more.
  10. I didn't realize that, what's your source for this info?
  11. Love them Paul, love the vise as well!
  12. That is a good question! This entire administration is like a circus side show.
  13. We cannot afford to have the dems have another term in the WH. If so we'll be so far down the socialist hole we'll NEVER recover. We need someone with balls who is willing to shake up the system in DC, not someone to play ball with socio/greens. I wish DT was more likeable and got some new material, last thing we need is divided rep party. I'm very worried for this country and the direction it's headed in.
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