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  1. How long did it take
  2. That is good or pt lobster
  3. So the Lakewood Cowboys can overrun the waterfront parks in Brick again?
  4. I think they have won multiple bracelets at the World Series of Poker. One had a cameo in movie Rounders
  5. Looking for a 4-5 person pedal boat for kids. One I was about to buy didn't happen.
  6. Trying to find a pedal boat for my kids. 4-5 person. I'm in NJ. THANKS. Jeff
  7. Im not. Been to a few Jewish weddings and they were great. It's not anti semitism. Its pro law. Its pro health. Its pro policemen health. Its pro stop the spread of this thing. Every time someone gets infected its 2 week minimum. They shop in bordering towns. Totally overrun parks in bordering towns. Now they are shut down. Jax, TR, Brick, Howell border Lakewood. Build a Wall but not along Mexico US border. But around their neighborhoods.
  8. They do comprehend it. They dont care. When a Lakewood cop or OC Sheriff gets corona cause of breaking up parties (hopefully they don't) maybe there will be a lawsuit. But the tribe will get out of it some way.
  9. Heard they busted up a funeral yesterday I ocean county amish land
  10. Even to members of the tribe?
  11. Was it the Lakewood folks social distancing at Mantoloking?
  12. So we should say the guy at the bait and tackle shop said it was ok and encouraged.
  13. Shouldn´t the outflow still be warm. I would think that place still has warm water even though it is shut down. Has to take a long time for it to cool down.
  14. Maybe stop the bunker slaughter too. No bait = No fish