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  1. So much better back in the day. Paper plates, plastic utensils. Fried every kind of fish was Excellent. Now tried to get fancy. Get back to the shack days
  2. No jetties.
  3. Love to know whats true of Warren and Gages wife
  4. Sorry. Dr. General Warren or is it General Dr. Warren
  5. Mercer was heroic and probably one guy you never heard of when in school. Joseph Warren is another one. Caused a lot of trouble for brits until he was slaughtered at Bunker Hill
  6. 1-3-1777. Gen. Hugh Mercer, good friend of Washington, was mortally wounded at Princeton. Fought a bunch of men by himself. Brits thought it was Washington.
  7. Cool pic and Nice yard. Thought I was looking at a mini golf course
  8. 2021 not available yet. Check in spring like last year
  9. Got the same email. What is the confusion?
  10. ????? 2020 Bonus closes midnight.
  11. Only time Washington gave up command was to him during the river crossing.
  12. Thought the soldier was unknown who killed him. Anyway-- he had information that he never read. If he did battle wouldn't of been surprise. Alexander Hamilton was a bad dude in that battle
  13. Just reminds me of when people talk about their favorite sports team and say "We"
  14. We?
  15. RU looked good late!!! What the hell was that