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  1. Tanning beds to extra crispy? Thought it was extra Jersey
  2. Love the red highlite on bottom------You need to be prepared for a 625ft wave before heading out on the water. There should be a survival checklist for that situation.
  3. They're not netting blues on head boats. Tough to release with gaff wound
  4. The Rocks at local inlets look like a crime scene when the blues have been heavy past couple of springs. Blood pools everywhere.
  5. very nice---out front or bay/river
  6. Careful with wishing for break waters. They built one in Cancun. Now the current collides causing nutrient loaded water causing baitfish and predator sharks along beach. They had a bunch of attacks since it was put in
  7. That's pretty funny
  8. Its not just tog. In 3 places by me, small fluke, small stripes, small seabass, garbage bags of blues, and every blue claw. So basically everything in the water.
  9. Black surf eel at night worked a few nights ago for me. Got 2 on it paired with white teaser
  10. THis morning monmouth county got about 10 most less than 18inches but did measure one cause I thought it was a bonus tag special but it was 23in. Also got a huge hickory shad and sundial spitting up sand eels
  11. Is that a Red
  12. Yes beach. In between rock pile on sand and out in water. Nice moving water.