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  1. I don't disagree with any of that. I understand components can be manufactured and assembled here, or the other way around. My preference is obviously manufactured/assembled here then goes down to manufactured/assembled elsewhere, with everything in the middle. It's not that complicated to understand the variances there, my only point is that I'm disappointed that at this price point it's still made in China. I also appreciate that the Torque is made here, I just don't need all of that reel and they don't have a 3. Some day I might pick up a 5 just for fun of having but I'm not there yet. All I'm saying is that I'm disappointed in the made in China sticker, none of your points change that. Still a pretty cool looking reel and I hope it performs well.
  2. The only thing I read in to that sticker is that it's made in China. I don't make any assumption of quality/QC or capability. The only assumption that I make is that it's employing people in China and not employing people in the US. I might make assumptions about labor conditions, pay rates, and ethical treatment due to that sticker but it's not consequential for purposes of my disappointment that it's not made here. Edit: and what do you mean by YOU PEOPLE?!?!?!
  3. I thought this was the price point where they could start making them back here in Philly, disappointed at the China sticker.
  4. Anyone put ones of those tiny spyderco knives on their keychain as an EDC for boxes and such? How did it work?
  5. I always called them glass minnows, just what I learned them as. Every tackle shop, and some grocery stores and gas stations, has a bunch of them. Good for blues and spanish. I have used a variety of metal with success but never had much luck with plugs. Bait and beer as the day goes on.
  6. I never heard back, I don't think he's checking these anymore.
  7. Floater week? Help a dumb southerner out, what's that? Rivers thaw and the bodies wash out?
  8. 20 pp shipped for the hooks?
  9. I've put pretied rigs on a clip and it wasn't a problem. Assume you mean pretied bait rigs like the double and triple bottom rigs. Just have to make sure your leader isn't too long. Rig and leader can get long depending on the drop you want.
  10. If anything this is motivation to pick up some of the nonsense I see left behind from other folks. I generally pick up the easy to get stuff that fits in my back pockets. They're reserved for trash anyways. This incident is a good reminder to make sure I take the time to leave the place cleaner then it was when I got there.
  11. I just bought 20 of these from 1oz to 3oz for casting. If you made these in smaller sizes with swivels I would be all over it. The ones I bought didn't have swivels.
  12. Shame, won't be able to make it. I have to move playground equipment and other nonsense this weekend.
  13. Off topic a bit, but if anyone has worked with the really small penn z reels, there is a plastic crosswind block. Pretty much every parts reel is just parts because of that block. Duplicating it with no mods would make a lot of folks happy. I don't know how this software works but I would be willing to take a shot at it.
  14. I will get in line after fishbites to buy lot 1 if you don't trade.