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  1. Good luck fd, Sloan Kettering was a great call. My pop has beat cancer there 4x ..melanoma stage 4 and stage 3, breast cancer and kidney. 20 + years and he's 83. F cancer is right
  2. No biggie. No fish at sandy hook this spring
  3. They count. You've done good kid. Glad you set a goal and hit it! Maybe less about the where and more about the how... but good for you...even if you had to go there to do it.
  4. Try and find a better a warranty then a quality St croix rod. You bought a triumph.... it's their lowest line of rods. Not knowing how old it is, call them and I'm sure they'll make it right if it's under warranty.
  5. Interesting, they draft up and get their OT...Porter Jr. still out their at 32. I hope they don't trade back with the next pick.
  6. Yo JJ rat. Let me know if we got a trade or I'm going to move my ccw on. Thanks bro.
  7. Weird...great shots though..mo fish..mo worms
  8. Plenty of people know what they are doing. Some people are shocked because they have no fn clue. Why not **** until you have a clue?
  9. This is the typical mentality and pretty much everything wrong with social media and this site. You could of emailed NPS probably, called them again, but no.... helpless, buy the pass and think later. Sandy hook isn't meant for weaklings.
  10. He's detained and being walked slowly down the hall til he pulls away. Big mistake. F him..and u too. There's rarely a video that you post that garners any sympathy from people that abide the law...spitter
  11. Lying sack of crap. Spews the same **** everyday because Tim let's him. Wrecks every thread.
  12. Geoff, can you explain this one? Are you mocking her appearance, physical traits, her eye disease or something else?
  13. You beating all the go pro heroes up? That would be nice.
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