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  1. At least they were smart enough to turn on the wipers before high tide.
  2. What's the name of the show, it's pretty transparent. ..
  3. You sour bitches. She caught a beast. I wish I had my PB on video
  4. Wow a whole national park website and you fuktards cant figure out the rules...perfect.
  5. I'm in. Thanks
  6. Nah, stay in your kayak. We don't need you burning spots at SH.
  7. Congrats Joe, there is no more precious gift than your kid and your wife. Kids love fishing too.
  8. Are you eligible for a check Geoff? I know I'm not, nor are my family members who have worked for a living. So, F off with your stupid ass memes.
  9. No just the J2. If you can't do it I understand.. thanks for looking.
  10. I'll throw these out there. Really want to fish a J2. If no interest I'll take it to my own thread.
  11. I have a used white jetty swimmer that is in my everyday bag. The only plugs I'm interested in trading it for are a J2 or JJ2 - used is also fine for me. If you have either you are willing to trade for I can put up a pic.
  12. If you decide to split I'd offer $40 shipped for: the big one, fisherman's winter, the moon pulled up an acre of bass and the longest silence
  13. I love the plug. Just not sure what it's worth? I can see everybody likes the builder but not sure why?
  14. @NJTramcar Tail Flags: 4 white 2 chartreuse/white 2 olive/ white 2 wonderbread 2 black/olive w/ flash Tail Hooks: 8 white w/ flash 4/0 2 black 4/0 4 white/ chartreuse 4/0 1 white/ chartreuse 5/0 1 white/ light blue 4/0 2 white/ light blue 5/0 2 white w/ flash 5/0 2 black/ light blue w/ flash 5/0 2 pink/ white w/ flash 5/0 Thank you.
  15. Anything here interest you? I'm only interested in the 6" glider