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  1. Sometimes I wonder how people get to 13k posts... now I now.
  2. Really bro, why should he stop ranting. The report is nobody was catching because it's a mob mentality up there and the run hasn't gotten started yet. 6-8 guys standing on the corner blocking the tip, smoking and bs'ing, just taking up space...not fishing. The courteous fisherman will sit and wait...but if your waiting for 10 mins and nobody casts..that's enough. If your not fishing for 10 -15 mins step off the line and have your circle jerk on the dunes. With the wind, tide and moon there was an hour of a chance last night. It's about common courtesy.
  3. The Gaines Maverick is a thicker minnow profile, but an excellent casting shallow swimmer and a proven fish catcher.
  4. That's all I'm waiting for...heads that Waldo on the right?
  5. And there you have it - confirm him!
  6. I've been hanging around this site a while and they've always told me there were no fish in RI ??
  7. How long has urban dictionary been a thing?
  8. That's funny but not surprising considering the source.
  9. Yep, not good for mid terms
  10. How so, because his parents had money and he went to private school? He testified he worked multiple jobs, cutting grass and something else, played multiple varsity sports - baaketball, cornerback and receiver and worked out on a regular basis. He went to mass on a weekly basis and worked projects for his school and his church.. studied hard enough to finish top of class, go to an ivy league college and Yale law. Where is the spoiled part? Geez, wtf is wrong with some of you guys??
  11. I don't see it. I can also tell you that if I go back through my yearbook (late 80's) 3/4 of the guys were still virgins when they graduated.
  12. I wonder if Tom Cruise was playing Brett Kavanaugh in Risky Business??
  13. Did he misrepresent? He stated he drank beer, sometimes he drank too much beer, sometimes others drank too much beer. I even think he went further to state he ralphed - it could have been the beer but he also had a sensitive stomach. Did you miss that part? It also got me wondering how many people actually black out from beer alone? I was under 150 lbs in high school and by my senior year I could drink as much beer as would fit in my body...i would feel bloated and ****** before I could black out. Hard liqour was a different story, but he drank beer.