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  1. Wait til dark and snap on a small mambo minnow.
  2. I spoke to somebody there Friday after trying to do an online order and they said there was an ongoing system issue they were aware of. In the process of upgrading. Went back on today and same issue. I sent a message. They are top notch so I'll be patient...for a few more days.
  3. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that works anymore. who the f has time for that?
  4. Call me elf one more time....
  5. LOL, Coming from you this is both hypocritical and extremely comical. Have a nice day!
  6. Simple man by Shinedown
  7. Do the white people have to sit in the back of the shuttle buses? I mean if they are really going to do this, they need to go all out...right?
  8. Equality...yeah right.
  9. She's not the president yet, let her run on that agenda. That along with free healthcare for illegals, medicare for all,reparations, etc.,these libs are so f'n stupid it's almost like they dont want to challenge Trump.
  10. Mental illness. It's become evident that it's run rampant throughout the country and a few on this website. I remember they used to have an asylum a few miles away. They let the crazies out and turned the place into condos ...time to get back to the basics.
  11. It really is becoming par for the course.. a few guys here call Trump a liar everyday. The left has lied for months about the "crisis" on the border, almost everyone of them have walked it back in the last few weeks including every candidate for 2020. They spent all week talking about how Trump was making this a campaign rally/ speech. Literally these are the most hypocritical people that ever lived. No consequences for their comments or actions. Accuse constantly without proof or repercussion. It must be embarrassing being a liberal these days..constantly being lied to by the press.
  12. They have gone too far left. Big mistake. Tax payers dont want to pay for non tax payers and illegals People that have insurance dont want to pay double for people that dont have any insurance and are raping the system. Economy is strong despite how the left talking heads try to twist it. Truthfully the libs have become their own worst enemy. People just want to live their lives, the majority don't get swayed by who is queer, black, brown or purple...nobody cares. Trump should be the easiest candidate in the world to beat but they can't produce anybody better?? I'd be shocked if one of the crop of current candidates can pull it off.
  13. What does "crisper" mean?
  14. Salt? They look like hybrids. Good looking fish though.
  15. Great one piece rod if you can find one in the BST. They seem to pop up now and then. Plenty of backbone too!