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  1. Look for an Asian market. I know the ones in Middlesex county (rt.1) usually have a decent stock in their live tanks. They cost a lot more but I dont think the shops are carrying them yet.
  2. Sorry to hear. Prayers sent.
  3. Congrats bro! Nice 40.
  4. Now that looks like a pig! Nice
  5. Is that the 40 or 45 lb? The story is great but c'mon man...
  6. Because he is the greatest available enemy to lying chitbags like Schiff and the rest of the clowns and at the very least will keep them in check. I won't make it personal between you and me, but we have different opinions on almost everything from what I have read. I'm good with the choice, you're not...and that's ok. Have a great weekend.
  7. Yeah but you have to show your sharpie card to order them.
  8. I could live with that.
  9. Just shows how desperate and pathetic a person you are. Cuomo has stated clearly he's not interested in being the president right now. Yet, you annoint him your savior because your party has failed you yet again. You hate all day, everyday - yet the folks you get your marching orders and information from can't find a better candidate to beat probably the most disliked president ever? What a sad commentary on you and your ilk. Good luck.
  10. Sorry to hear that. How was it stolen? Did your car get broken into?
  11. Is there anything USA about the Black Hole USA, or is it just the distributor? Are any parts or assembly done here?
  12. Anybody who went to a park today is just as big of an idiot as anybody that went to a park today. If you brought your kids with you, they should find them new parents. Everybody here has talked about it for weeks...
  13. Just go out and fish..and ****. Do you need everybody following you, cant you just walk to wherever you need to go? You guys are unbelievable
  14. Lol, there is no explanation. Great kills has been like the wild west lately. No permit enforcement, bon fires at the point, more trash and bottles everyday and shoulder to shoulder.