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  1. I drink gin, usually straight or sometimes with a little tonic if I'm going all day. It burns clean with me for some reason. Rarely a bad hangover and if there usually means the bottle has been emptied. My problems start when I start adding shots in between martinis.
  2. I did the same with a deer carcass at the rip many many moons ago . Worst part was recovering my bomber from inside the well tenderized flesh.
  3. That's BS or at the very least way over exaggerated. No rod, unless custom is sized for a specific reel (still not making much of a difference). Most rods aren't specifically rated for BOTH braid and mono to begin with. So if you take a factory rated rod rated whatever...the spectrum is so broad with the line, again it doesn't add up. Power pro for example has 30 lb test that's equivalent to 8 pound mono in diameter, I think the 50 lb PP is equivalent to 12 lb mono. Casting wise the thinner line will always cast further and that's what matters. If you need heavier line for whatever reason (rocks or structure) and your drag is set correctly the lb test the OP refers to is irrelevant to the rod ratings.
  4. What does the pound test matter if you have the drag on your reel set correctly to the rod rating? What if you are using stronger line because you are fishing a boulder field, or around dock pilings or any other structure that is more abrasive?
  5. I don't give stripers to anybody but me. I keep one a year for a very special dinner at a distant location. I've been asked before by other fishermen and passerby's and by the time the question is finished the fish is gone. I can't think of one good reason to give them away that's better than my reason for releasing them.
  6. That fish is pretty beat up. Looks like some of it's buddies took some swipes at it's tail. Was the hook in it's back? I had some strange hook placements last night, I'm guessing it was the stained water and they weren't getting a visual on the plug.
  7. No other problem here. You nailed it.
  8. Yep, Gami live bait hooks. I prefer the 7/0.
  9. Funny...I give you credit, I would have been sweating like a hostage in my wetsuit indoors. Who is the blonde in the second photo?
  10. When I cant feel the floor mats under my feet I usually dump the sand out. Lately I've been fishing 3,4,5 times a week and it feels like a waste of time to try and clean. I take the wet stuff out to dry in the garage when I get home. Keeps the vehicle smelling ok until the summer heat arrives. Then it's a whole different ball game.
  11. Too many tough guys in this thread for me. I'll keep avoiding people so they don't have to whip out knives to cut my line...
  12. Ok, it's got hooks so I assume it was tossed. I'll offer 30 shipped. I bought them for 40 new at the shows this year. Let me know.
  13. The seahorse is so cool, what do they eat? He looks sad.
  14. Is this 6" and new?
  15. So where you are, depends on what you do. My philosophy is you always go for broke... heavy current with bunker around I fish darters and bottles. Tide slacks and I fish gliders and then Danny's. Nothing better than falling asleep slowly retrieving a Danny and having the rod ripped out of your hand