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  1. Probably status quo if you line up the first round of picks and interview all of them. He's a beast and a pretty complete player. He should be a good pro.
  2. Happy Birthday Tim!
  3. The left is still in denial tonight. Don Lemon's facial expression looks like he just had to swallow a garbage bag full of Trump semen. This might be better than election night.
  4. If that is ultimately the conclusion there are a lot of people that owe this administration an apology. The MSM and the left especially. Unfortunately that will never happen. Credibility has been lost. The real question is do they accept the findings or push forward and continue to attack Mueller and his findings at the peril of destroying the Democratic Party completely?
  5. Report handed over to AG with no further indictments recommended. Listening to the talking heads on the news stating that DOJ rules currently prohibit any damaging or harmful opinions be released against a party wherein they have chosen not to pursue criminal charges against. Makes me believe we should get a simple conclusion to the investigation and probably not much more. Should be quite the circus the next few weeks.
  6. She's a full bred porn star. Riley Reid. She's 27, net worth about 2 mil. If you weren't going to marry her im sure you wouldn't be disappointed. Not sure why I know that
  7. Their stepdad will probably be more all good.
  8. I tried to name my top 5 lures but then I realized the 5 different types of lures is more important. Now 90% of my fishing is after dark to I can take any metal off the list and pencil poppers which I do use the other 10% of the time. Having a quality glider, darter, Danny, minnow and needlefish can be equally important. Knowing what you can throw in the conditions you are going into makes the can only learn that over time. That being said you should always have a mambo minnow, a mag darter and a ss bottle in your bag.
  9. I pretty much go into a bar and dont leave until I'm useless. I typically dont let my drinking interfere with anything that could be considered productive..that way I'm not let down the next day.
  10. Walking it's what Dems do best.
  11. I'm in for the scabelly! Thanks
  12. And of course there is also identity theft and fake identification.
  13. apparently they dont procure them yet in NJ but our Governer is figuring out how to make it happen for a few hundred thousand. There are currently 12 states or so that have a much simpler process for illegals to obtain a license. I suspect they use fraudulent addresses in those other states and there really isn't the resources or the desire to track down the violators. Hell, the police can't even ask them their immigration status anymore.
  14. Dup
  15. It's amazing how the thread goes from AH X to vickie valencort. Good movie, haven't seen it in a while but I'm a sucker for big nipples in a t shirt, which might be her best talent as an actress. She's not hot but definitely something sexy about her.