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  1. I don't guys sound just as bad as I do when you are talking about me. Lol. I have a hard time playing nice on the site lately when people are dragging bass through the sand, taking photos of every fish they catch and posting background spots in photos. My days of taking this place for anything more than entertainment purposes is about done. That being said, I'm still trying to figure out what the correct response is to a guy who comes on the internet and tells everybody he has to sneak out behind his wife's back to go fishing...then uses a resource like 911 because he locks his keys in his car? Eric, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. I'll try to be a better person moving forward or just ignore your threads like this next time. Be well and good luck with all your problems. I am a little upset I missed the toilet photo too.
  2. I'm embarrassed for you bro
  3. You probably dont have to. If he's not floating by now he's in a non extradition country drinking mai tais
  4. Calling 911 because you locked you keys in your car....
  5. No, turn in your man card ASAP. Seriously.
  6. You're a clown. Let's expand on the things you mentioned..his Covid record..he had a's that going? What's changed? What has the executive branch done besides be invisible? Let's hear about Kamala's accomplishments? Mayorkas is kicking ass too, right?
  7. That's a loser answer. Your feelings got hurt? You get what you voted for brother....
  8. So he doesn't? Even if you're here to hate Trump which was understandable a year and a half ago....are you a supporter of Bidens effort so far?
  9. Just don't reel it in straight. All of the above work...a combination on every cast works good too.
  10. Wasted 30 seconds of my life and a download..tavern sucks.
  11. It definitely does. There's a difference between tackle busters ..and the other annoying ones that chafe leaders and chew on plugs.
  12. Is that the sticker next to the Salt Life sticker on your truck?
  13. It turns close enough. I have no idea what happened. Nor will I pretend to . My point is I warn my friends all the time not to go any further. That river is dangerous