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  1. Thoughts and prayers Red.
  2. Who would expect anything less from race baiting CNN? It's not like they check facts...her and Don Lemon, perfect together...err, wait, that doesn't work.
  3. Its 1/10th of 1 percent of the budget and you pillow biters have 10 threads about it. I now know Trump is doing his job
  4. What a **** show 2020 will be.
  5. Yeah, nobody has done **** in about 10 years
  6. What I found pretty disturbing was an interview with the Border Patrol Agent ( I believe his name was Chris Cabrera) last night. Multiple encounters with pregnant mothers who wait until they are ready to give birth and cross the river. Border Patrol finds the mother's on the river banks with the baby still attached to the placenta. They are taken to area hospitals and along with all the other illegal mothers who give birth typically leave the hospital without paying and eventually Medicaid picks up the tabs.
  7. So we all know that Obama, Schumer and even Clinton are on video record indicating at some point that a border wall/barrier is needed because there has been a crisis on the southern border. Now Trump is President and the wall is unnecessary, immoral and of no value..and he cant have it. Yesterday former Obama Border Cheif Mark Morgan goes on record with the WSJ and later Fox news and confirms Trump is correct, we need a wall. He states essentially that while he should despise this administration for removing him from his position, he feels it is the right thing to do for the safety of the citizens of this country. He goes onto state that anybody who does not believe there is a crisis is delusional. What gives?..are you guys still basing your opinions on the words coming out of the mouths of the Acosta, Pelosi, Lemon and Cuomo's of the world?
  8. Says Trump is right we need a wall and you're living in a fantasy world if you don't think there is a crisis on the border. All the Dems and left leaning media continue to repeat Trump is lying. Is this guy a liar too? I'm getting confused.
  9. Their refusal to negotiate should be all you need to's not about the money at all. You keep wanting to know what the money will go's a legitimate question. It doesn't matter to them though, just temper tantrums and arguing points. And never Trump.
  10. Why not start off tonight with a video recap of those comments and then Trump can enter the stage to Rocky music? Maybe even wearing Apolllo Creed's shorts.
  11. Hypocrisy at it's finest! You just cant make this crap up anymore.
  12. The average guy in NJ is illegal too. Would you expect anything less in a sanctuary state?
  13. I usually keep my my shut on SOL but the alcoholism title got my attention. Seems like most of you are ok if you haven't had a drink in a few days, since new years.I feel for those who really struggle. I try to drink enough on the weekends so I even feel like I want a drink during the week. I have a family history..but it hasn't controlled me. I'm 49. So far so good. 4 Bombay martinis tonight.