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  1. I can reread “Reading the Water” every winter. There are many wonderful books about surf/striped bass fishing but this is one of my favorites. Always available on the bay sight at ridiculous prices but every so often will appear for around 35$ or less.
  2. Baxter Memorial Library in Gorham has this book so your local library can get it from them.Just returned it to my library and Baxter should have it back by Monday?
  3. As I get older,find myself using mine more often.Easy on the shoulder. Would call it 1/2 - 2oz rating.Adjustable reel seat is nice.Once you attach the reel you may have to tighten once or twice while fishing the first time and your good to go until you remove the reel.
  4. I'm in,thank you.
  5. I'm in, thank you.
  6. Have a 9'6" Airwave Elite with a Stradic 5000fj and I think it's a good fit. Remember the Stradic 4000fj and 5000fj are the same size.Just the spools are different size.
  7. G Loomis has a couple one piece surf rods that are 8' 10". Think they do this to keep shipping costs down which takes a big jump at 9'.
  8. Have a 1084 1 piece I would sell.
  9. Fished 3-7 this AM with a G Loomis 1064s 8'10" moderate action with a Stradic 5000fj.Rod(24oz total?) seemed a little wimpy at first but didn't run for the pain pills when I got home.Will use this for the rest of the season(6-7 weeks for me)and get a new rod over the winter.Appreciate almost all the posts and feel like you have headed me in the right direction.
  10. What length is the Century Stealth you used?
  11. Getting a lot of good info. Thanks
  12. Thank you Will look into ODM
  13. Had a good early AM(5 fish but nothing large) but my shoulder is starting to hurt more as the season rolls along.Used a 10'6" instead of the usual 9' and some 2oz lures instead of the 1 to 1.5oz.. What 9' to 10' spinning rod do you guys with shoulder problems like(have had my rotator cup repaired)? Lure weight? Something as fun as landing fish can't be the problem,in fact gives you a little break from casting ?
  14. Two different Tiralejo rods.New one came out 2-3 years ago.They are all 2 piece and fixed reel seat.Older style were 1 and 2 piece with adjustable reel seat.