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  1. My 15 year old airflo cold water clear bit the dust in Montauk and looking for something to replace it. Wondering what you guys like these days. Thanks..
  2. You do not need anything fancy. I made this for pennies..Also Gudebrod is the best stuff to purchase. I use the 50lb stuff. You should have just took me up on my offer as I have a 50yard spool which will make about 150 loops...
  3. Search Dan Blanton and you will find it. If you want some made let me know and I will send u some. I have a whole spool of the material.
  4. Make your own double hitch braided loops. Done correctly they will not fail. They will work on everything except clear mono lines.
  5. Eyes were mailed out today.. If you need any other info on tying let me know. Been at it for 20+ years now..
  6. I will take the Jr Parrot Mac and the small blind parrot
  7. Bought these today and now realize after opening the package that they are way to small for what I need. Silver, black pupil, 3/32" waterproof, self stick, 120 pack. can anyone use these?
  8. mmwindber

    wtb flies

  9. mmwindber

    From the album: wtb flies

  10. 2 BIG BOY bags...one yellow, one black. $12 shipped..
  11. Do these prices include shipping? If so I willl take fly rodding the coast for $12
  12. No thanks . Plugs no longer for sale
  13. New in package...$18 shipped..Top, black back, pearl, orange. Bottom, all white..
  14. mmwindber

    From the album: 2, 7" Redfins

  15. mmwindber

    2, 7" Redfins

  16. Problem with a lot of these websites is guys will talk about doing things to help, but in the end they never come through. Most will not attend the public meetings let alone write emails to the people in charge. Nothing will change unless you really get involved .. Last public meeting I attended in NJ in regards to reducing Menhaden netting there were 4 recreational fishermen..4 !! There were about 200 commercial guys and their families. And you wonder why we are where we are as recreational fishermen? No one really cares..
  17. 7" floater..Hard to find color..Black back, white body, orange belly.. New in box. $10 shipped
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