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  1. Hey Dan. My fishing buddy just mentioned selling one of his VSX150’s. He bought two about 2 years ago and principally used the silver one. The one selling would be black. Have the box, wrench and bag. Don’t believe there are any marks on it but will inspect it when I take some pics. Will post pics later this week. Would have to ship from South Jersey. Once I get the pics, I will post them.
  2. Deal at $120
  3. I’ll offer $110 for all 3 shipped to 08221. Save you some money on shipping.
  4. I will take it at asking! Message me to set up meet
  5. I’ll offer $180 local pickup
  6. Where are you in South Jersey. I am interested and in Atlantic County. May be able to arrange local pick up.
  7. What is the line/lure rating?
  8. I’ll go $130 if deal with jhillman falls through
  9. No problem
  10. I have 2 Okinawa Avenger BF 40’s that I used for surf fishing with bait on 9-11 foot rods. Beat up cosmetically, but work fine. Just a little smaller than the 80 series. I would let them go for $55 for the pair.
  11. Sorry, just saw Long Island. I have plenty of stuff you could have, but would probably be cost prohibitive to ship. I’m in south jersey
  12. Hydra, where you located?
  13. One just listed in this forum
  14. Pm sent
  15. I will take a flier on these and offer $55 shipped to 08221