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  1. The answer might be the absence of the food chain along the beach
  2. My sympathies. I've done similar. It's tough these days. Hopefully it will get better. If not, we'll keep plugging until the Spring
  3. https://www.ventusky.com/?p=31.5;-65.7;3&l=wind-10m
  4. Always think your sunrise pics are Biblical
  5. This afternoon in SoMoco. little blues chomping on Gulps. The ocean was interesting between the fog and the sun in late morning/early afternoon. Looked clean and saw bird activity close in before the rain showers. Porpoises were headed south
  6. From Weatherunderground Each month, the Earth experiences two periods that have higher tides than normal, due to the phase of the moon. The highest tides occur during the new moon or full moon, since the pull of the moon aligns with the pull of the sun at those times to make the oceans bulge out farther. The new moon in October occurs on Monday, October 8, and the highest tides of the month will occur within two days of that date. Next week’s tides will also be the very highest tides of the year--the king tides—which happen when Earth is as close to the sun as it gets for the year, when the combined pull of the sun and the moon bring tides to their maximum level. Along the Southeast U.S. coast, water levels were already running high this week, due to persistent onshore winds combined with the wave run-up due to Hurricane Leslie’s swells pounding ashore. At Virginia Key, FL (next to Miami Beach), tides were about 0.4’ above normal on Wednesday morning (Figure 4). If we do get a Tropical Storm Michael next week, it will have the potential to cause much higher storm surge damage than normal, due to it hitting during the king tides.
  7. Mullet run video for a stormy Tuesday
  8. Fished this am in SoMoco. Nothing happening. Water started off dirty and cleared up as high tide approached. Saw a numb nuts swimmer rescued from a rip by a paddle boarder.
  9. Actually, the geological warming period we are currently enjoying is called "The interglacial warming period." The warming began give or take 20,000 years ago, and was interrupted by the Younger Dryas period 12,000 years ago. I suspect we are closer to the next glacial period than most people think. NYC was buried under miles of ice in the last glacial period, and the next glacial period could start in about 5,000 years, assuming they're on a 25,000 year frequency. Don't throw away those winter coats yet.
  10. Amazing. May I ask how you did that? I got blown off the beach in 30 minutes. Wasn't able to see anything in the wash. Although the water was warm and clean
  11. I didn't last too long this afternoon in Somoco. Casted a 2 oz. bucktail as best I could. The NE wind blew the cast line out in a big loop. Water was warm and mixed up like a washing machine. Young surfers were having fun
  12. Looks like the upcoming weather will have NE winds and big surf. Any advice for fishing these conditions? Clams? Bucktails? Metal?
  13. Thankyou Cary, a superlative response
  14. Cary, aside from Albies, what's the best way to retrieve a DD?