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  1. No fishing in this weather.
  2. Now I'm back in rainy Florida. Just want to say I enjoyed my time on the beach with everyone I came across Possum your the man for all your help.Not catching anything was not a issue. Seeing and meeting different people was the bounce of my trip. I don't ever need to caught fish to have a good time. Meeting people on the beach is good enough for me. Don't know right now when I will be back up there fishing. Good wetting the lines to everyone. I will share my pics from down here. If the rain ever stops. God speed to all and enjoy life.
  3. Got the skunk at 23 with finger mullet, sand fleas, fish bites, sand fleas with fish bites, kitchen sink. Will try again tomorrow.
  4. Gill neter set up just south of 23. Right outside the first breaker.
  5. It was a nice moment on the beach
  6. Getting ready to leave the 95 degree temperature in Florida and come fishing with you guys. See you Sunday on the beach.
  7. When I talked to Joy she said she could not get his sons to come up with anything. So as we talked 2pm come up and she asked me to post it. I'm think it's not going to be at 2pm on the dot. We will be on the beach sooner. I just think they will not have it planned out by then.
  8. Just got off the phone with Joy his wife. 2pm is the plan for spreading his ashes on the beach. I have the permit so we don’t have to worry about breaking any rules. The family will be down before that time. The wind forecast isnt the best with NNE@13 I told her we will make it happen. His sons are planning on driving his Jeeps on the beach.
  9. We arrive this coming Sunday. We are staying thru Thursday. Last I talked with them his wife and youngest son will be there on Sunday. His oldest son and myself will be there thru Thursday. We will be on the beach fishing as per his request. I have a red Toyota tundra with Florida tags. Stop by if you are there.
  10. Is the water still a little too cold for the start of the migration? This was May 5.
  11. Today my step daughter and I run a 5k mud run for the Orphans. Great time.
  12. Fishing at Port Canaveral a couple weekends ago. SpaceX first stage rocket came back in. Shark and skate only.
  14. Getting ready to head up for my May 13 trip. Going out here next Sunday to catch what we call whiting down here for bait for Stripers up there. Earl thought they would be good bait for the stripers up there. I just never had the chance to get them to him before he went out in the past. I’m just asking if others think it’s better then bunker?
  15. Big Brother Google earth shows were you fish on AI and why you picked that spot. Not from yesterday and maybe 3 years old.