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  1. Yep.......its already gone Eeeeels.........
  2. Some homeless people are victims and some paved their own way. Either way they are human beings.
  3. It won’t work. Just another feeble attempt at man playing God. Might slow things down a little but in the end mama ocean will win…. Eeeeels……..
  4. I took a dump while the fish was posing, Spot burn—- totally intentional ;-). At least I didn’t gouge it’s eyes out. Eeeeels……
  5. Decent pick last night. Out front 1am till sunup. Slow retrieve on the mustard and black. Got mugged at first light and had a heated exchange. Tired of rolling over and playing dead…….sometime ya just gotta hold your ground. PICS TO PISS JIM K OFF. : - )
  6. Hit the rocks last night in moco for the ebbing tide. I was amazed at how big and strong the swells were. Them things were pushing some water!!! Stacking up like Hawaii pipeline. Stayed with the plug that’s been working and landed one bass around 34” and two small bruefush. I broke the top half of my 9’ ODM DNA while trying to muscle a pretty big bass around the rocks. Outta warranty and I totally over taxed the rod. My bad. Hopefully they will sell me a top half…… But there are some nice fish around…… Eeeeels…….
  7. Last night out front Moco. Bunker did a drive by and bigger bass were with them. I got one about 31” and saw two 43” get caught. Bunker left and took everything with it. I put a shad on right in the zone and got nothing. Went to the SP and got bit right away. Go figure Eeeeels
  8. Totally Insane.
  9. It’s starting. Just got mugged by spear fisherman. Local waters suck.
  10. If it opensIf it opens
  11. As you’re going out be careful cause behind the lighthouse back by the **** and the other island there there’s some very bad shoaling. I don’t know if the Coast card put in the shallow water buoys yet. when you’re headed out(east) stay to the North side of the Inlet it’s the deeper side. And go all the way out to the last monument don’t cut across the white water on the north jetty. Eeeeels
  12. Finally got one i see…. nice fish. Eeeeels……..
  13. And now I know why. Too late man already consumed. One ring to rule them all. Benny season almost here. Too much traffic then……………
  14. Bait and wait…….
  15. You fish there too?