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  1. Oh hell yes !!!!!
  2. Haven’t been able to get out much. Work has me all buckled up. tides look good for tonight where I wanna fish Hopefully I can get to the shop and get some snakes before they close. eeeeels
  3. Fished Saturday afternoon on the falling tied got the skunk fish tonight little north of where I fish in Monmouth County got the skunk two skunks for me
  4. What ya doing tonight Jim ? call me
  5. This is what sets apart report chasers from the guys/gals who just go out and fish. Start in an area and learn it. Wind, tides, bait, moon phase and learn it, learn it learnt it It cant always be blitz on! Get out there and learn and for heaven sakes keep your frigging light off while your casting. Drives me crazy
  6. Last night Out front in Moco just before dark one rat on a paddle tail with this FIRST COLD FRONT and north west wind coming up things should improve dramatically. Hell I might start eel fishing again
  7. Amen my brother no gnashing of teeth today for me!!!!! It was a beautiful night. I was seeing shooting stars and I was just thanking the Lord for allowing me to be out there. Totally in the spirit! And Hegave me a little pat on the back. Praise Him always!
  8. Lmao I did Ham it up a little bit thank you guys
  9. Just got back in caught her on a black bomber with them rusty hooks! dropping tide out front Monmouth county Taped out at 45” and weighed 42lbs
  10. You tell them Jim!!!!! all this wining and bitching and gnashing of teeth.
  11. The return of bunker and beach replenishment is what happened. No need for the cows to come in anymore.
  12. Went back out about 330 this morning and the moon had to come up and I could see the bass swimming around. I picked two. And then called it a night because my back was screaming for mercy Think I’m gonna try the sluggo thing too Been wanting to for a while now. need the right conditions though. Any kinda slack on the line and looks like a birds nest stuck in the guides
  13. moco Just in from a very good session. Picked about a dozen I am a black bomber and smoky Joe redfin
  14. Yes this is true. Eels are big fish bait but Just about any Size fish will eat eels and bass are cavones their eyes are bigger than their stomach this fish I caught years ago had four squid and a tog in its belly and was still hungry enough to take an eels
  15. Casting out and letting the lure swing with the current. I have Had successfully done that many times. Especially with the bucktail on the bottom. Wait till I feel a bumpy bottom like shells or something and then a quick jerk or two and hope for the dooonk makes me wanna leave work and start Bucktailing now