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  1. Found them feeding this morning. Incoming water on the wood. Total 4 bass and a few cocktail blues. (Same fish)
  2. No it’s an Outcast Surfster My buddy was quick with the camera. Thank goodness!
  3. Soaked- big waves surf belt- not gots Rod - threw it away. saw the light - F#%^ YEA Eeeeels
  4. Had a great morning in the white water with big bass on the metal lips…….I’m so addicted to them now……….
  5. Yea man me and my buddy had a bald eagle right over head on the beach……huge…..
  6. Lost two expensive metal lips today. if anybody catches a very large bass with a white metal lip stuck to his face, please let me know, and if anybody catches a gator bluefish, what a chartreuse metal lip stuck to his face. Please let me know. Thank you.
  7. Last night outgoing, out front. Caught bass and Bluefish. Some nice 40” plus fish too….SP and Hydros did the job. Sneaky bass…..cruising the lip. Had to go into stealth mode as the googs were lurking. It’s getting to be Benny season….. Fished the other night and there were two guys up tide of me. We were all catching fish. I liked their style. Old pros for sure. Catching, releasing and changing plugs in the dark. No lights at all. Wanted to get to introduce myself but it didn’t work out that way. Who ever you guys are…..Kudos bro….! Eeeeels……
  8. Hmmmm didnt know female bass menstrate??? Maybe
  9. Yea man we call it an Atom….. or rig it backwards and it’ll be a reverse Atom!
  10. Which one catches fish better than the one on the left or the one on the right??
  11. A couple from yesterday’s outing…… Nothing wrong with a day bite!
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