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  1. I changed the nut, had bridge work done, frets leveled, electronics work. It was never consistent. I used to get so frustrated so I sold it. American made are a different story though if you can afford one. I picked up a used MIM Nashville deluxe tele. My first one. OMG.....With the right amp its killer......
  2. Nice PRS SE in the background.....I sold mine. Could never get it right. Tuning issues and the like........
  3. Yesterday afternoon into dark out front moco....Hard south wind.....Two cocktail bluefish and one striper just shy of 28". Tide change brought in dirty water and cabbage....frigging sucks........Gotta hang in there and keep plugging away...... Eeeeels......
  4. Sometimes surf fisherman are just a little jealous. Although we would never admit it especially in a public forum. We can be greedy because if the large bass are caught from a boat we cant get them. We read that all the time about being mugged..... I have caught big fish from the surf including a 50# on an eel from an inlet jetty. 40's, 30's, 20's, and schoolies and love it. And the same from a boat......I LOVE the whole jetty, surf fishing experience. Although eeling bass from a boat wether at the Shrewsbury rocks or some reefs in Montauk or where ever has always been a fun thing for me because the strike comes to the hand and I in charge so to speak...... Trolling on the other hand...SUCKS......"F" that crap. Never liked it. Fluking, and other bottom fishing from a boat is fun also because the strike comes to my hand and I have to finesse them. I think it comes down to dollars and cents for most of us. Not all of us though. Sometimes I wonder if I could afford a boat, fuel, electronics, rods, reels, slip, and all the work involved....would I ever buy one and abandon my love for the surf fishing.......... Eeeeels.........
  5. Ran into some rats this morning MoCo out front on the rocks. Was looking for bigger fish but decided to adhere to the “never leave fish to find fish” thing. South wind did its job at least where I was. Dirty water and cabbage. Back at it later but moving north....... Eeeeels.......
  6. Hey you got korkers?
  7. Can’t really tell they all look alike. 15 rods 14 chairs..::..
  8. Wish the bass were as thick as the bennies.......... Eeeeels
  9. I hear ya Jim. 70 hrs? Yikes........ Great night the other night. Wanted to go out last night but the woman had me painting and stuff so I never made it. Going tonight maybe. The tide is really late/early
  10. Monmouth County out front Just got back to the car. What a night. The kind of night us Jetty casters and surf fisherman dream about. Foggy misty light south wind with plenty of white water. Lost two very large fish in the rocks. The first one hit a white shad with a 1 ounce head and I couldn’t stop it. Couple of big head shakes. Smoked me and wrapped around rocks. Second one got I got close. Went down to grab it and the line got wrapped around some old fishing line. A couple of waves came in bye-bye second fish. I couldn’t Gaffey because it might’ve killed a way over 38 inch fish. Lost count of how many other fish I caught. All on a white shad with a 1 ounce lead head. Not a soul in site.... New moon, May, dropping tide.....recipe for sucess. I finished my new strykr tonight for the first time and it worked great. I like it. Eeeeels........
  11. Wise ass :-)
  12. Good morning Wash machine
  13. Yea and when the onslaught begins there will be more no parking and areas that are open to public will be closed. They make no sense Trump 2020!!!!!!!
  14. That’s what’s been going on for me also...... Checked our the surf yesterday in MOCO afternoon and about two or three casts out there were birds doing the hover thing And a few dives above some kinda bait, which usually indicates bigger bass feeding. Watched For a little while but with that not east wind There was no way I was even getting close. Checked out back in the river and the flukers were bending rods...... Eeeeels..........
  15. :-/ OMG Eeeeels........