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  1. Totally Insane.
  2. It’s starting. Just got mugged by spear fisherman. Local waters suck.
  3. If it opensIf it opens
  4. As you’re going out be careful cause behind the lighthouse back by the **** and the other island there there’s some very bad shoaling. I don’t know if the Coast card put in the shallow water buoys yet. when you’re headed out(east) stay to the North side of the Inlet it’s the deeper side. And go all the way out to the last monument don’t cut across the white water on the north jetty. Eeeeels
  5. Finally got one i see…. nice fish. Eeeeels……..
  6. And now I know why. Too late man already consumed. One ring to rule them all. Benny season almost here. Too much traffic then……………
  7. Bait and wait…….
  8. You fish there too?
  9. Hey Mike. couldn’t get out for the night shift but the morning shift was good too. Although they got smaller. See y’all tonight Eeeeels……
  10. There was a boatload of bunker getting eaten by whales open the hook this morning Outfront
  11. Last night outgo. A lot of bass from 31 to 43”. I’m tired.
  12. I stole that from some one else. I would have never have thought of that. don’t forget the crazy glue
  13. I hate bluefish
  14. I hate bluefish