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  1. My finger gets cut all the time with out tape. Especially when my hand is wet.
  2. Never tried hockey tape.
  3. I hope this may help somebody. I finally found a waterproof tape for my casting finger. I’ve tried a lot and found that Nexcare Absolute waterproof tape works the best. I used it all last fall and it never failed. It stayed on and didn’t wear out after a session up in the rivers, rain etc..... No more power pro line cut on my casting finger. I’ve tried those other things that slip on but it’s not for me. This tape is great. Just bought enough for like 5 years..... Eeeeels......
  4. I ran away from the crowd too. Those bass are so small they aren’t rats they are mice. Eeeeels
  5. Yea it was you. we did great there first light till the head boats shut them down.
  6. I think I saw you wading in the surf taking a beating by the waves.
  7. Yep. I was shocked to say the least
  8. Out front Moco late afternoon I Had a little micro bass bite going on and then this guy showed up.
  9. I hear ya......
  10. Yea I saw it too. Bloody puddles with dead bluefish. Gaffing them and then throwing them back. Can’t change everyone. Just be an example. eeeeels....
  11. Decide to join the crowds this afternoon with a few Friends. We had a great time pulling on bluefish for hours. Biggest was about 15 pounds. Left them biting. It still amazes me how the world melts away when the fish are biting what a great release from the world Thank you Lord for a beautiful afternoon. Eeeeels......
  12. Not a fishing report. More of an observation. Took the scenic route to work this morning in Moco. and I liked what I saw. Little patches of birds up above the water looking. Looked great. I’m gonna start hitting the local rock piles. Eeeeels.......
  13. Way to go
  14. Yea but the people that are doing it have more rites than you. Can’t say squat to them...and the po po will be branded
  15. Why couldn’t they be there when there weee two guys walking off with garbage bags full of bass....