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  1. Really? Are you in some sort of la la land? Manatee County, on the northern end of this mess, has scooped up 241 TONS of fish in the past few weeks. They aren't even in the center of this event.
  2. saltfisherman, local (Tampa) news this evening showed local governments are handing out nets and buckets to anyone willing to help clean waterways. Large dumpster type bins are being set around for the dead fish deposits. Red tide signs are now posted in Pinellas County. That will affect St Pete Beach as the red tide continues north. Very sad.
  3. Unless you want to drive up to Tampa Bay area I'll agree with the Everglades City/Chokoloskee area and with renting a kayak. There are also a number of charters down there but take bug spray big time. The mosquitoes and noseeums will eat you alive. Best to fish away from vegetation when possible.
  4. Sent you a PM, hope it helps, good luck
  5. Lake Okeechobee is controlled by the Army Corps of Engineers. That's federal. Nelson and Rubio should be screaming their heads off in Washington right now. Are they?
  6. Yep, now goliath groupers are dying. No end in sight and red tide is moving northward. If the Florida economy suffers enough this winter maybe, just maybe, someone will get serious about this.
  7. It usually rains about once a day here but wait an hour and it's often over. Since winds are coming in from the warm Gulf water those rains are the only thing cooling the area. This weekend will be wet but Monday its back to just plain hot. In what part of Tampa are you staying? Based on that I'll recommend a few places you can wade but I'll PM them to you.
  8. For those interested, this is being posted August 10. Sarasota County, Florida issued a statement today they have scooped up 66 tons of dead fish since August 1. That's a whole lot of fish. Really terrible when dead dolphins are being filmed towed in by FWC boats. I stopped by St Pete and Sunset beaches this afternoon. Lots of people on the sand. Red tide hasn't reached those beaches, yet.
  9. A manatee coming up inches from my port side, splashing me with his tail then going back down. Scared the s*** out of me. Naked kayakers on Tampa Bay. Unfortunately they were male. Probably something unconstitutional about only naked males spotted so far.
  10. Latest red tide (salt water) shows samples found someplace in Pinellas County. I knew it was getting very close to the entrance to Tampa Bay by being near Anna Marie Island . Tourism is suffering badly. Lots of beach hotels with rooms. For those wondering about the blue-green algae (that begins in fresh water) that seems mainly in the Lee County area (Ft Myers, Cape Coral, etc) and south. Not sure that particular algae bloom is going much further north. As far as breaking up, no news reports. Seems it takes a cold front to get rid of the red tide. At mid 90's day temps, that's not going to be soon. 8/8/18 7 PM The latest on WFLA news: PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) - A midweek report from the FWC shows the Florida red tide organism K. brevis was found in Pinellas County water. The report, released Wednesday afternoon, says the organism was found at background to low concentrations in two samples collected from Pinellas County. It does not specify where the samples were taken.
  11. So far nothing in Pinellas County
  12. The "fishermans price tag" you refer to is the Federal Excise Tax on all fishing products imposed on the manufacturer or importer of fishing products. That's why you can often find the same product much cheaper if labeled for something other than fishing (i.e. at craft stores, Lowes or HD).
  13. Just for the record, at this time the Red Tide is only up to Sarasota County although "background concentrations" (whatever that means) have been found as far north as Manatee County. You should be fine up in the Big Bend area.
  14. Thousands of dead fish washing up onto Siesta Key. Once the number 1 beach in America. A Siesta Key restaurant owner on tv this evening telling how they offered vicks to customers due to the smell. One would think Governor Scott would want to win his election and get this problem solved. I would bet a loss of millions $$ this winter will get a reaction.
  15. ^ What he said. Walmart is known for forcing manufacturers to cheapen their products so Walmart can sell them for less. Well known for their cheap TV's with fewer features, not sure how they can do the same for sporting equipment but I suppose if they can, they will.