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  1. Hopefully not a scam but since he will not communicate that's unknown at this point. Tkx
  2. Wondering if he asks Paypal for his money back, will they just return it?
  3. Hope this is allowed, if not please delete First, this does NOT relate to buying or selling on SOL but hope someone can help. Asking about Paypal Friends and Family rules if anyone knows. I scanned their site but cannot find an answer so I figured someone here could. I sold a trolling motor to a guy on Facebook marketplace (for a whole lot less than I paid for it). I really didn't want to ship but he said he'd pay the (expensive) freight. To save me from adding any fees he paid using Paypal Friends and Family so off it went for a 1400 mile trip. I see the motor made it to Oklahoma but UPS now shows "Returning". I tried to contact the buyer but he has not answered as to why, nor do I see on Paypal a request for his money back. I can only guess at this point it was buyers remorse. What are the rules about returning this guys money when he used Friends and Family? I'm guessing UPS won't be doing this return for free. TIA
  4. The FWC guys around me have told fishermen if they are in wet sand, they are ok. Dry sand on a closed beach is not ok. Getting to that water can be tricky I guess but you could boat or kayak to a spot, just don't be walking on dry sand.
  5. DeSantis is doing a good job with what he has to work with during this dynamic period. He inherited a number of poorly designed programs. Here is how you can find out what boat and kayak ramps are open or closed: https://atoll.floridamarine.org/dle_gis/javascript/boat_ramp_status/
  6. I have used several motors and one of them was a 46 LB Island Hopper with the Mirage cassette. Its a very powerful motor that fits the Hobie well. They have come down in price since mine was purchased.
  7. Beaches seem to be a matter left to counties and municipalities. For those of you who may have seen what appeared to be a packed Clearwater Beach this week (it made national news), I was sitting on that beach Monday when the local NBC helicopter hovered above us and filmed, followed by one of their newscasters doing ground filming. While there seemed to be lots of people on this very large and wide beach, it was far from over crowded with no groups larger than 10. Every group, large and small were spread out. However, this NBC station first shamed the Clearwater Beach mayor into closing his beach, followed by shaming the county commissioners into closing all beaches within Pinellas County. The virus is real but the press seems to be making it their baby to raise as they see fit.
  8. Most but not all boat launches are open. Boaters (and especially kayakers) are still assessing what is open to them and what will not be. Ft DeSoto, for example, is a closed state park yet the campground and boat ramp are just inside the park entrance and will be accessible. The beaches and fishing pier further into the park are not. Launches not associated with parks seem to all be open. Others well within parks are said not to be.
  9. I've fished on the Kelley Fleet out of Haulover. Nice people with the exception of some regulars who try to hog the stern of whatever boat they go out of. They need to learn not to touch other peoples gear but the crew has always been great.
  10. Glad you corrected that
  11. The only real COVID-19 issues being discussed in Florida, besides the two fatalities in Hillsborough County, are group gatherings and cruise ships, aka petri dishes of the sea. At least one cruise ship is being held off shore for now. Nothing at all about Monroe County.
  12. To answer your bacteria warning, Tampa has a bad habit of dumping sewage into Tampa Bay once in a while. When the alerts are out its not recommended you swim or wade if you have any open cuts. Nothing to do with Red Tide. Glad you got some fishing in. Yes, lots of species to fish for. Sheepshead are hot right now.
  13. Definitely go to the Keys. I'd stay north of Key West but if you are getting a guide there, that's a good move.
  14. Add a couple spoons, both silver and gold.
  15. As written, wading at Cypress Point or cross bridge for kayak rental at Weedon. Nothing about paddling from one to the other. Could be done but that would be a very long paddle. lol