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  1. 67-68 3 Corps, flew a lot between Saigon, Ben Hoa, Xuan Loc and occasionally into Bearcat. Met a lot of door gunners.
  2. I found the regs a bit confusing. I figured if I didn't see something written I'd be safe with the size limits. Its my hope I net a fish I can cut for bait. Without the beachgoers getting freaked out. lol
  3. Cool! Except in PA where 4' the max, I prefer 7 & 8' nets. Larger can get too heavy for me to throw from the sand. PA should go to at least 6. Too much gets away with the 4'.
  4. Off subject, just curious, when and where were you a door gunner over there?
  5. What kind of net do you throw in NJ? I left an 8' 3/8 Barracuda up there for the summer. I'll probably only get to throw it from the sand when I get back to OC on the 23rd.
  6. Thanks! Was reading the regs and saw some freshwater references but not much about salt.
  7. I know there are no cast net size regs for salt in NJ but are there regs on what I can net in the surf then use for bait? I would be doing that out front in OC (between the orange flags else before or after the life guards) if that makes any difference.
  8. For those of you who slam the salmon gulp color best you stock up on your heart meds as the renewed interest in this color has the company producing it once more. According to Tackle Direct it will be in at least a couple sizes. While I have always used white and chartreuse gulp successfully in Jersey and Florida I plan to see how the salmon color produces as well. Not because John Skinner likes it but I like to experiment.
  9. Walking into Bill's Pancake Shop in OC one morning there was a boy setting up a table in front of their condo to sell stuff. Small yard sale type stuff but he had a nice tackle box filled with lead, hooks and other what not. Not many lures but full of typical shore stuff. Since they weren't completely set up and thinking I'll stop after breakfast I ate. Afterwards walking back the car I stopped again. His mother was there this time. No tackle box, Asked about it. They sold it for $10. $10 !! Never again will I not buy when I first see something I might want!
  10. Rinse well with freshwater after each use and a spray with something like Clenzoil Marine and Tackle spray won't hurt.
  11. I guess you have difficulty understanding my comparisons. Let me be more clear. Most of the waters in FL I fish are 2-4 feet in depth. Conversely most of the waters in the NE we drift are 6 to 20+ feet, as are John Skinners). Yes, one can drag thru the sandy patches between the grass on the Florida flats as I often do for trout, snook, ladyfish, reds and a host of other species however drifting and bouncing a bucktail and a teaser in waters (as done in the NE for flounder) where you can often reach the bottom just by bending over, well maybe you don't get it. One could actually gig easier. Thank you for your 'advice'. Lets end this conversation and kindly don't send me any pictures.
  12. Yes I live in Florida, and I fish PA and NJ as well but I think this conversation is over. I stand by my comments, sorry you are unable to comprehend.
  13. A lot of fishing in SE Florida takes place on flats. 2-4 ft of water. Not so much bouncing on the bottom like in the north.
  14. I watch a lot of his youtube videos that he says supports his fluke fishing mastery program but can't recall seeing anything relating to SE fishing.