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  1. Can you give me a price on the third one on left side And tell me the weight
  2. Can you tell me what’s left
  3. Any of the plugs under 3 oz. If so can you tell me the weight and lot #
  4. Is this on Sunday what time
  5. Would you do 40 for the two super strikes
  6. Where r u located
  7. Who ever makes the Polaris line
  8. How are the Gibbs line of plugs maybe compared to super strike or any other brand do they hold up well are they more technical to fish with etc etc
  9. Can you tell me the weight
  10. Check out fenix lights
  11. Sent payment can you let me know when you ship
  12. Can you do the three for 70 shipped
  13. Is the SS darter still available
  14. What are the weight of the needles would you sell the two needles for 50 ss darter 20 not committing to buy until I know weight of needles