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  1. Is the rake still for sale
  2. Is it still for sale
  3. Can you give me information on the fat bike tire size(26or27 in and the tire width what size person is it suited for metal or aluminum frame how many speed
  4. I have really only used it twice. I don’t think it thick. Check out utube also. They have a good warranty
  5. Look at Dryft Wader. I like my jacket
  6. Look at dryft wader
  7. I know there a couple of topics posted about this lately But I was wondering if anyone can show me some pictures or videos on how they set there bikes what accessories they put on there bikes What brands bikes Any information would be great
  8. I guess u can’t ship it to long island
  9. Where you located
  10. The topic was suppose to be dryft wader
  11. Was wondering if anyone has a pair of these waders i had mine for three months and there leaking in the feet (looks like a seam in where they tape by the heel) these are not a pair of 50 dollar waders. I brought these waders because of few people feed back Has anyone had issues with these waders
  12. Anyway for them to make money there going to do it
  13. Check out DRYFT wader
  14. I think during the summer at jones field 6. The lot open till midnight
  15. Do you come to the island at all