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  1. Give me a few days Mark, I will get some pictures of the VS knobs and sizes of them. Probably the 250 would be your best bet.
  2. 704z bud...
  3. Just pictures?
  4. Damn...........
  5. I will post some pictures tomorrow Mark..
  6. looks like he means 2, 6 through 9, total of 5 plugs
  7. Depending on what you call expensive, most knobs, new in the 45 to 65 dollar range, except the gold ones. They dont make them any more, that color, even though I thought I saw a thread where VS was coming back with that color. The Knobs are just solid. The others, which I have a few of, screw together, cheaper material. Good call on the 704 handle on the 710. Longer, little better leverage. I like the Zee bass knobs as well, they look good and are solid as well. I will post a few pictures for you in a little. Always feel free to pm me as well if you need too.
  8. I will take that Mini, flat bottom, thanks
  9. They are an aftermarket obviously, I would put a VanStaal knob on..You will have to drill the old handle out, then just size up the arbor from the knob going in, to a drill bit. You dont want the hole too big, snug actually. If you would like a couple pics sent, let me know, I could show you exactly what you need to do. I think you would be happier with a better built VS knob, to be honest.
  10. Mark, you cant go wrong with any of them, just depends on what size you want. I would shoot for the middle of the pack.
  11. Got ya, more than I want to pay though, thanks for offering..
  12. interested in the grs darter, depending price, thanks
  13. Sent another PM, says you havent read it yet..
  14. Ugh, will send you another pm. Sorry to hear, I have been hurting as well.
  15. pm sent