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    Vintage fishing reel and lure collector. Combat veteran of two wars.
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    Customizing Penn spinning reels and lures, lure and reel collector, Chase women, fishing..
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    Federal Govt.

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  1. Ah, was wondering that myself, thanks SP. The one plug had it when I got it.
  2. Not sure on the builder Dave, is neat though.
  3. Yup, slope head on two, and the others are nonslopehead. Yes, the one with the flap was wired through, like one other. I will look to somehow put flap on the others, i am hoping i can find sometype of swivel for them. They will never be leaving the warm shelf and lure stands they are in..
  4. Couple more Dave, two are rigged for flap tail, one has it. I will be putting flap tails on all...
  5. Yup, Greenpoint, the other is Tony Stetzko, proto it says on tail, cool plug..
  6. pp sent, thanks
  7. Couple more Dave...
  8. offer 65 shipped, pp, thanks
  9. I have a couple cool gas darters, nice plugs.
  10. Cool for sure...
  11. Where did you get those pics Tommy?
  12. Ah, got ya. sad to lose any builders...
  13. Curious to why Mike got done building.
  14. pp sent, thanks
  15. thanks man, I had to see if I had it, I dont, so I will take it for asking, 14, thanks