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  1. so, everything is 5 bucks each?
  2. God keith, I wish you nothing but the best...pray all works out for you man..
  3. they all new?
  4. 5 for 50 shipped as well?
  5. are these available for sale?
  6. what is number 11?
  7. those last two are nice....
  8. pp sent, thanks. let me know you got it, my computer at work is acting up, thanks
  9. hell with it, wont worry about a couple bucks, 87 it is, send me your info, will get you paid, thanks
  10. split it with me, I would be displaying it, so I am going to have to clean it up, the grommets, new hooks, get rid of the corrosion near the tail wrap....Any dings on or chips on it that the pictures don't show?
  11. how about 80 shipped?
  12. offer 75 shipped, pp
  13. Nice stuff man....