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  1. Thats some scary chit. I think I will stick with my Yankee candle and marshmallows, I know I can put that out...
  2. LMFAO, soooooooooooo, what happened to the poor sausage?
  3. That's it?
  4. Sausages, turkey homos, mop closets, yikes............
  5. I cant imagine even having a set up where you are online like that.. I would never go that route, eff that...
  6. Your WIFE has a sausage?
  7. LOL, any of you guys have courses in Crosby lab at all?
  8. package for it?
  9. Now they have another inmate to help run the prison from Cleveland, the gansta receiver they cut...
  10. LOL, the Oronoka got knocked in a few years ago. Geddy's has been gone a long time, I have as well, but I will move back there when I retire....
  11. ah, got ya.....
  12. Shore or boat?
  13. will be interesting to see how it ends....
  14. Thanks man, appreciate it..I find some interesting plugs in my travels..