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  1. Closing selling elsewhere. Not enough interest, thanks SOL
  2. Offers accepted. Make me an offer. Closing this on Saturday and selling elsewhere.
  3. It’s an offshore angler gold cup.
  4. For sale I have the following items (all items are in excellent condition and has no issues. Local pickup Brooklyn) •abu 7000ict mag $150 (narrow spool 7000 ct with mag) •daiwa Lexa HD 300xs-p $165 (8.1 gear ratio ) •daiwa saltiga 10’ surf casting 2-6oz $140 •Custom 12’ surf casting 2-8oz $150 (offshore angler gold cup blank)
  5. You should try the Tranx 200 also. I love Daiwa, but honestly the tranx cast like butter.
  6. It depends on the diameter of the line your using. I use 40lb on my Daiwa 300, 50lb on my Daiwa 400 and the Shimano tranx 200 has 30lb. The Shimano Tranx 200 actually cast light plugs and jigs better than the Daiwa 400. This should be expected being that the tranx 200 spool Is smaller and lighter the Daiwa 400 spool.
  7. For light conventional bait (4 to 1 ounce) I use the following reels Daiwa Lexa 300CC (clicker) Shimano tranx 200 (no clicker) for heavy conventional I use (5 to 8 ounce) Penn Fathom 12 avet jx mc Daiwa Lexa 400cc Heavy Spinning Shimano Baitrunner 8000D Shimano Thunnus CI4 8000 Chunking rods St Croix MOJO 12’ XH Shimano Tiralejo 12’ XH Daiwa Ballistic 13’
  8. I’ll take this shipped.
  9. How much are selling the rod and the reel for separately?
  10. For sale I have a 7000iHSN CT MAG. This reel was built with the following components. •7000iHSN (barrow frame) frame •7000 HSN CT bar kit •7000CT MAG gear and housing •abec 6 bearings •7000 blue yonder power handle price is set at $200.00 shipped I am located in Brooklyn Thanks!
  11. So I’m looking to purchase a kayak catch bag. There are two Styles that I’m contemplating. The flat roll up type or the type that is typically installed on the bow. Based off my research it looks like “reliable fishing product” is the way to go (pretty expensive). I wanted to know what you guys are using and would recommend.
  12. Looking for a kayak cart for my Hobie revolution 16
  13. looking for kayak cart for my Hobie Revolution 16. Thanks
  14. No this is not related to the blocks. The mast furler bearing plate on the cross bar is slightly angled upward as opposed to being parallel with the kayak mast receiver. So when you insert the sail through the two, the friction is too great to furl. I’m going to try and make adjustments to the bearing plate itself.