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  1. So I’m looking to purchase a kayak catch bag. There are two Styles that I’m contemplating. The flat roll up type or the type that is typically installed on the bow. Based off my research it looks like “reliable fishing product” is the way to go (pretty expensive). I wanted to know what you guys are using and would recommend.
  2. Looking for a kayak cart for my Hobie revolution 16
  3. looking for kayak cart for my Hobie Revolution 16. Thanks
  4. No this is not related to the blocks. The mast furler bearing plate on the cross bar is slightly angled upward as opposed to being parallel with the kayak mast receiver. So when you insert the sail through the two, the friction is too great to furl. I’m going to try and make adjustments to the bearing plate itself.
  5. Take pictures of what your working with. The u bolt idea should work, just use a butterfly nut on the outside instead (for adjustments on the fly).
  6. Nice!! That looks sweet. Where is that? Do you have any advice on rigging? I’m still making some minor adjustments. The angle of the sail mast port on the xbar is a little off, so it’s not furling. I’m going to try washers on the rear bolt of the front xbar. If this doesn’t do the job. I’ll work around it.
  7. Absolutely the passport is another option
  8. The latest update rigged for sailing now.
  9. I thought I would share this mod. I converted the faulty v1 standard fin to v2 turbo fins. I did this with a kit and some spare
  10. If your wife enjoys the revo and her only issue is the her back the new revolution comes with the vantage seat (very comfortable and fully adjustable). The compass on the other hand doesn’t have as nice of a seat as the new revo, but you will be seated at a more comfortable position plus the kayak is more stable. If you was to buy either one you will be in a better situation. Honestly no one can tell you how your wife is going to feel. Just have her demo the kayak first.
  11. I recommend you buy “straps” for everything, to include your dry box. Dry box is no good on the bottom of the ocean. Last year I flipped my kayak and lost my phone and car keys. They’re on the bottom of Jamaica Bay in a double ziplock bag right now. So if you use your phone while you’re out kayaking, get a case with a strap.
  12. Well, I would have to say that you don’t really have many options and based off all the research I’ve done. The Bixpy would be your next option down from the torqeedo. I havent heard any negative issues besides being 1hp slower than and also the battery power level meter not as accurate as torqeedo.
  13. Ok we’re starting to fly away into neverever land with this “8mph thing”. I really don’t care if it’s 8,7,or 6. I was simply stating that the kayak is a very fast pedal kayak right out of the box and that you don’t need a 9hp motor to make this setup worth doing. Sorry for saying 8mph. Please let’s move on... Ok so I’ve modified my custom sail to fit the AI furler. The first pic is what I started with. Then I ended up making some changes.
  14. Does this use cast control bushings on the inside
  15. I agree. I was able to attain 5.5 mph on my PA12 using a sail and mirage drive. The PA12 “hull” speed limited me to that speed. For the revolution 16 the mirage drive limits you to approximately 6-7 mph. It wouldn’t surprise me if the hull speed of the revolution 16 is close 25mph (I have no idea). FYI When I was mentioning my fitness level, I’m referring to having the ability to maintain a speed not achieve a speed.