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  1. Happy Birthday Tim!
  2. The prog propaganda weapon -despite their complicity & COLLUSION with the Deep State from the beginning continue with their offensive-defense proclamation- that a free press is necessary and that criticism of their saturation slander, fabrication & speculation is a contribution that you may NOT criticize, point out or call-the ENEMY of the PEOPLE.
  3. YES! There were two versions. Main difference is the lead-one was a synth keyboard that sounds guitar-like. The version that you posted has the accordion. Who ever made the video did a great visual portrayal of betrayal. IMO from experience. Odd fact- Shaun Penn's brother.
  4. It means they actually lost the election to Trump. De nile is not just a river in Egypt. Look at the doubters out there ready to continue searching for ..........anything. Comey was...well comeyish
  5. The date thing again. And everything you have mentioned were prog democrat policies that you credit or blame the side that fought against every one of those policies for over 100 years. I don't have a specific date- for there are many- I was in school before they: fabricated the southern strategy to disguise/deceive and revise the history of the dems. before they removed the Lords prayer. when NOBODY spoke in an unpatriotic way. When the F word wasn't spoken like daily speech. When both sides had debate discussions. There are a few. Was it false- parts of it were. But it was much more civil. I was on the dark side for over 40 years. The democrats I grew up with would consider the modern incarnation of such-traitorous and anti-American. I was an atheist also-but the Lords Prayer starting the day in public school never bothered me. It was part of the moral fabric of the USA. Back then you could be a democrat and a devout Christian. The modern version of that is as ludicrous as being a Patriot and calling yourself a progressive democrat. It's self defeating, contradictory. The date of you rhetorical question would have to be sometime prior to Obama- definitely prior to the last election. That's when the progs exposed themselves. Your question has no "magical" specific date IMO- but many.
  6. Freshwater tidal-when water gets too shallow over a dark bottom it can happen. In Pa they are into the spinner that mimics the yellow perch. Last March I had a few topwater bass on 3/6. They hit all through that month but only in skinny water. That has got to be the key- I have never raised any topwater fish -that early when the water is over 3'. Sure didn't work today at low.
  7. Masters of projection with no sense of irony. It's their thing-MO-SOP they are pro level in that endeavor.
  8. Couple more 12" LMB's in the tidal fresh today in the rain. Went back out & got 3 more -a 16" & 2< 12" Got one 14" on a top water yesterday after work.
  9. I too wish the Trump would control it more than he does- BUT that thought is counteracted by all of the Republicans & conservatives before him acting so servile & spineless by any push back from the MSM. And the over used tactic of using a situation where one cannot-must not-dare question even ask or defend one self because----some one ONCE served, some one died, some identity politic some tragic thing happened is exceptionally UNFAIR. The propaganda can ATTACK & smear you and you cannot respond or they go into the next mode and saturation slander the person for the response (and mums the word on the attack). From memory- I think it was Chris Wallace. Trump gets a far larger turnout in AZ because of his position on immigration. McCain calls his own constituents crazy & insults Trump. Trump replies in an interview to the insult. INTERVIEWER's reponse- the WAR hero? Trump did his capture line---DUE to a TACTIC he is familiar with. Bad idea-very much so. He DID acknowledge that McCain was a hero for serving his country twice-BUT no need to report such a fact. He was baited and fell for it-that is all that needs to be said. Trump is DONE. The progs HATED McCain up until that moment (he was even Hitler a few times).The nutty AZ constituents, he had slandered for immigration, had supported him for running AGAINST O care. Besides being an anti Trump guy-he LIED and made an over the top melodrama out of his betrayal vote. It now comes to an even clearer vision that he was a delighted toady puppet for the deep state. The MSM loves to use their tactic with McCain as the pointed stick. Trump has suffered greatly because of this fake dossier and because of McCain (referred to by somebody last night as the most conservative democrat in the senate) In all fairness: I too wish the Trump would control it more than he does- BUT that thought is counteracted by all of the Republicans & conservatives before him acting so servile & spineless by any push back from the MSM. There is NO man that I know of that would be able to suffer this insulting-false-saturation assault for over 2 years-have mccains name pushed in his face yet again -as a recognized tactic- and not respond.
  10. Visuals sometimes align with the music. Most times I just like watching the composers perform. I don't know how to post it -but Long Way Down-by Michael Penn is an example of the song's content being visualized. Seems like he was a bit disturbed by the betrayal.
  11. It should not have been the media. There is an epitome picture on Rush's site that I can't transfer because of formatting.
  12. Couple more 12" LMB's in the tidal fresh today.
  13. I really enjoyed playing (RI) it and helping my daughters learn some tricks. I could watch them play and I can watch some highlights-but I don't enjoy watching games with people I don;t know.
  14. I'll take it for 17.50 shipped
  15. 3 LMB today. 20-18-12" Spinner in tidal fresh. The larger were fat & healthy.