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  1. The DARK side has been after the other side from the beginning. The Dark side in more recent history is the prog-left-fascist-nazi-socialist-communist-finders keepers-bilderbergs-EU-Eugenicists-UN-the klan or basically the NWO. Just because the elites have not been revealed for their outright desire to crush-the ONLY impediment to the NWO (our Republic 1A,2A and Christianity) until recently -it does not mean the do not exist. The LEGION that mindlessly supports them (an example would be the NON-funded anarchists on TV right now) we weaned onto their HATE of those very things. Their ministry of truth is the most potent weapon of deception indoctrination. ANY support of MOB-rule or violence is really all the evidence that is needed. The more that the saturation of the MSM is that:-this is protest-that it's about racism-that antifa is NOT: funded-organized or terrorist. The more RIDICULE-tactics used by the indoctrinated -whether by ignorance or conditioning-the more confirmation of what the OP questioned is TRUE. Again-the fight is as old as time. Tactics & deceptions may vary but the battle has never ceased.
  2. I will say that seeing anarchy- especially MOB rule & violence -and no consequences makes me feel more biased towards the perps no matter the amount of melanin visible.
  3. There are always flaws and always those that go above and beyond. Apply it to the opposite. If a black guy kills or rapes IS THERE ANY REASON TO JUSTIFY-choosing an area and committing crimes on just any black person-you know-like the dems did for 120 years? ANY REASON? ANY JUSTIFICATION? Does anybody note the condensation of allowing- just ANYBODY- have their SNIT-due to the actions of an individual somewhere? For those that intentionally or mindlessly follow the MOB as directed by PAID professional agitators- what if it was your business-your car-your house? would it make difference? NONE of this could fly without the progs ministry of truth.
  4. As many as break the law. Quick & severe-as determined by our laws. There must be consequences for ones actions. And accurate/standardized reporting of stats. IF blue people with a bad left arm commit the most crimes-blue people with bad left arms should have the greatest number of people in prison. That is the way you get the stats to change. Accurate reporting on PLEA BARGAINING also-the favorite DECEPTION of the lefts propaganda. There is NO person doing time for possessing a joint- there are many that accepted that plea bargain for a greater crime-many times a violent crime-BUT the whine and the drone is the deception the legion uses.
  5. Thanks for the answer. As soon as one is aware of the deception (includes me) the currency that the progs use to terrify-destroy-sway votes-ruin careers of people that disagree with them-deceive ,INFLAME-riot-destroy-etc-is totally devalued and means nothing or doesn't influence that person. I include it when i comment-to make others aware to help devalue it.
  6. Not sure what you mean. I consider it Bullwinkle currency. But the MOB herd goes wild be it real OR (usually) self inflicted or fabricated In LIEU of truth or substance-it's all they have-so even IF it devalues they print it night and day. "Stupid" and "Hater" don't have the same value and it's hard to slander or ruin some one's career without racism. They are about equal as a debate rebuttal though.
  7. Group Hug Participation trophy for ALL participants.
  8. Well it is impossible for a black man to be an over paid TV blatherer rich entertainer,fithy rich woketard politician or president of the USA-so I feel the dog. He mixed some revised kkk history there (of course-forgetting he is one of their waterboys) but----and he may pay a price from the herd for it-decent take on the hillary liberal that he & the other urban plantation folk blindly, BLOCK VOTE for. Racism is their CURRENCY-as long as they control the ministry of truth. This is a funded propaganda SHOW featuring that currency as an means to justify an end. Jones could be considered the minstrel portion of the vaudeville act.
  9. I'll take a parrot Dart.
  10. That is a tough one. IF the citizens step up-there is a good chance that the force will be used against the citizens that are standing up. Even though the progs are BAITING a show of force-to use as a propaganda weapon-here in the USA- the MOB must NOT be permitted rule-or we are done as a country and no one is safe (even the pelosians). The mob is fickle and the prog MOB is fueled by emotion. The gov is supposed to work for the people. One of their main responsibilities is to PROTECT their citizens and enforce the laws that were created legally. ENFORCE the LAW. If they wish to start with a billion rounds of rubber bullets and water cannons-so be it. Deadly force as a last resort. This is anarchy. A small portion of people are upset with the atrocities done to that poor man. The rest is STAGED, INFLAMED & produced by the progs-premeditated & funded. The MOB would have to use a cell phone to tell you the mans name-they are just criminals that follow rahm -pelosi-schumer etc edict of "never le3t a crisis go to waste". So not for racism but free TVs & Liquor & Bling.
  11. As far as military or use of deadly force is concerned you have to look past ALL the emotional propaganda -which is the real reason for PAID agitators-to the simplified overview. IF letting PAID agitators/MSM inflame the MOB assault police, assault (potentially) kill authorities,police other citizens, burn,vandalize,loot,steal while getting fawning 24/7 coverage in PRETENSE of some greater good. Logically-you should be able to use a few as examples for the greater good of the many (the country) This is their GEM. This is their fantasized RACISM crisis. (as opposed to such a lack of actual racism that they fabricate self inflicted hate crimes) (which go unpunished) This has nothing to do with the lefts greatest sensationalized/hysterical CURRENCY-racism. This is organized funded anarchy for a power grab. You have NO law-NO due process- you have NO USA. MESSAGE-IF you can't wait for the law or due process- you pay the consequences for your actions. Assault a cop-you pay the consequences for your actions. Kill a cop/citizen-you pay the consequences for your actions. Vandalize-you pay the consequences for your actions.LOOT/steal-you pay the consequences for your actions. ETC ETC ETC 1 more-Politician tells the cops to stand down-you pay the consequences for your actions. Its a roll of the dice because the progs want a beating or a death. The use such things in LIEU of truth or solutions or platforms. THEY have the ministry of truth to attempt to sway the masses. At this time the MAJORITY of people still want the rule of law. If they let this anarchy get to the point where the people are swayed by the prog MSM- a show of force will-be too late.
  12. So you found out about the storks eating their deliveries too?
  13. Do NOTE that there are PAID/FUNDED professional anarchists agitating in a premeditated fashion. The LEAST reported fact of the Ferguson agenda. That is why BAMN politicians are always ordering retreat & stand down orders. They want a beating they want images to inflame. The ministry of truth wants to fulfill the LIE of what they portray for regime change. That is ALL the progs do. That is all they care about Patience for Due Process in any crime-even for a POTUS (IF it's an R) is the USA way. The progs are ANYTHING but-they are the MOB. They are feelings & emotions vs the Rule of Law.
  14. That is because over 97% of all media & info sources are basically-the ministry of truth. The MSM IS the prog left.
  15. I only eat the ones that open from being cooked. I can generally smell a questionable mussel. And there always seems to be -at least-one bad one in every batch.