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  1. My public school was similar. We were taught that we lived in the greatest country on earth BUTTT it was perfectly fine to examine and note ANY part of any culture or political ideology that had merit. They hadn't begun to revise our history books YET. So the KKK was still democrat history etc. You did NOT tell dems-veterans- like my father that you HATED the USA.
  2. My Science teacher/dem father had me participate in the original Earth day. I believe the scam/propaganda for control theme was the coming ice age. (hard to remember as the fake "existential" Armageddon's vary) We were supposed to be dead -at least-5 different ways by now. Even my father- the devout lefty- would admit that they were ALL hyperbolic fantasies. NO dem I knew hated the USA back then.
  3. Ridicule is a TACTIC that is meant to create division - doubt etc. It is employed every day. It is as old as the father of lies. The people that employ such tactics deny that those tactics are themselves from an indoctrinated faith. They are really not much different than the 24/7x365 efforts from the ministry of truth. Their agenda is identical.
  4. Sorry for your loss. Beautiful pal. Embrace the memories. I'm 7 dogs old now- it never gets easier. Always worth it.
  5. Tim, The younger you are the better & quicker you'll recover. So- this month is better than next month etc. My younger brother got the quad- and went back to a physical job wayyy before he should have (necessity) so you'll be fine. Did not say anything about liking it. It should offer some confidence & reassurance to continue with your love of surf fishing. Love,best wishes, good luck and God bless, GT
  6. I'll take it PP
  7. John Bonham Keith Moon James Brown Levon Helm Jerry Garcia J Geils Muddy Waters James Cotton Bo Diddley Leslie West Zydeco: Stanley Dorel (Buckwheat Zydeco) Beau Jocque Roy Carrier Boozoo Chavis Clifton Chenier
  8. A drail rig has been very effective in one of our fast moving inlets for me. Up to a 3 oz drail with a 3/4-1oz oz buctail. It does helicopter. It does work. It is more effective than a 3-5oz buck and snags much less. The weight is perfect when you're ticking rocks with the drail. I can't imagine using it in the surf.
  9. Happy Birthday Tim S!
  10. It's difficult to conceive because you can't think like them. It's very unique to watch the chinese use their shaming/racist PROJECTION tactics against them. Unfortunately Patriots will have to pay the price because the dark side has the power-at this time.
  11. T.E.N.S. unit a good topical cream- Sombra even CBD and daily intake of anti-inflammatory like turmeric have made a variety of physical activities possible again.
  12. In the summation-they got the emotion part right. Very accurate. If they can just put the effeminate gender designation with something that alludes to the very heavy self righteousness/delusion of superiority aspect the definition would be perfection. This will fit beautifully with the indoctrinated worship the progs have with china.
  13. I haven't had any negatives with 30lb Gold for saltwater or fresh. One noticeable difference between Gold & Blue is sometimes I get some surface "peels" with the Blue when I cinch down hard on knots- hasn't occurred with the Gold.
  14. Prayers sent.
  15. If you crab or know some one who does- it's great crab bait.