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  1. One of their odd-primitive-ethnic-scruples: Taboo to eat animal after you rape it. The other immigrants you mention would be discriminated against-which is not one of their scruples.
  2. Sorry for the dilemma -glad that you are ok
  3. Probably the "wife" part that pines...
  4. Those who control the history or the facts control the message. Equal to the money (tax dollar spoils) is power & control. The progs don't care about the facts,truth,history, constitution, Christianity or the USA as they all stand in the way of their absolute power & control. They readily employ the propaganda & revisionist history techniques of the communists & nazis -as they are far superior to their own devices. ALL far/left prog stuff anyway. The progs DO wish to repeat history. The prog/left has a rich history of embracing: socialism,communism,fascism,genocide,eugenics SLAVERY,abuse of the native Americans that continues-in a different form to this day.Projection is a glaring characteristic that they embrace-that includes their assertion that everyone is stupid enough to believe that their ridiculous fabrication called the Southern Strategy completely reverses hundreds of years of their atrocities, and places the blame,wholly on their enemies. The fabrication came about due to the Patriots-conservative-Republicans efforts in defeating the prog/democrats finally being forced to allow black/AA VOTING. It is not possible without the propaganda weapon that IS the prog/dem party. EVERYTHING, including the Jefferson effort is part of their flip from the Slave Plantation to the Urban Plantation. That is their SOUTHERN STRATEGY -same control and power-different methods. Even the term is projection.
  5. Guilty of not reading the entire thread or knowing the conclusion to L&O. Assumptions from the repetition sometimes blur the flood of info. Such a conclusion is welcome news. Clouded by too many past false accusations, fabrications, victimology, sensationalized biased dramas that back the ideology.
  6. Only read page one this time. Movies-sit-coms and other skits reaffirm the revisionist history, selective editing & reporting & indoctrination of the propaganda weapon that is the true power of the progs. Hollyweird & the like are the media megaphones that add the drama & emotion to the drone of lies. That's what the bobbleheads froth over-feelings over fact. E.g.- Law & Order -has a muslum women being harrassed by MAGA hats-pull off the hijab etc because she reports her rape by them. That re ignites the indoctrination that the legion was sure they knew (by feelings) about the Covington kid, MAGA people being racist against muslims & (false valor) Native Americans, self inflicted hate crimes (MAGA man pulled off my hijab) etc etc.They know how powerful the boob tube is when served with kool aide. They smolleted you- put at least 20 minutes into their clever plan-so you must believe------EVEN when it has been proven completely FALSE-hollywierd & kool aide keep it in there with drama & emotion. See #10 & #11---Perfect example why hollyweird is SO important to the false info people & the indoctrination centers. And the movies that are just as important to be erased are the PATRIOTIC films made by GRATEFUL immigrants to this country. The progs are taught to hate the USA-and they let you know at every opportunity by promoting the lies.
  7. The selective editing, choosing, and "reporting" of the MSM continues to reinforce their "enemy of the people" moniker. The students reaction to that vigil is very telling.
  8. Nice of you to pray for their protection. I wish there was a way that that part of the herd could self-thin it self without hurting an innocent. Ok-maybe not death but a painful-expensive lesson.
  9. The "hitler for anyone we don't agree with people" are of the mind that spying paints the deep state in an unflattering light. Round & round it goes- save your keystrokes-the denial progs refuse to hear you.
  10. When the word-smiths go hysterical, hair on fire against any word- be it "is" or "spying" etc it can with almost, utmost certainty, exactly the definition that their enemies have surmised. Always keep in mind that these are the very same people that use words like: hitler, nazi, facist, treason, traitor and racist with reckless impunity.
  11. The southern border is not the ONLY source. But there is a concentration with the invasion of so many peoples-from a multitude of countries (new & old world) from the south of many infectious diseases & parasites. The propaganda mill deflecting is indicative and should never be dismissed. That would be the same source that lets illegals & citizens alike know that public defecation will NOT be stigmatized (luckily-only in the libtopian areas so far). One could speculate that either they want or do not care if there is pandemic results. Typhus,TB, Measels,Chicken Pox and more There are even cases of leprosy.
  12. The propaganda programs- that it is politically INcorrect to even notice such things. Once you notice then it becomes racist or hate. White man is just another way of projecting the blame and diluting the racist and hateful things that the democrat/progs are guilty of- slavery & the abuse of the native Americans. See above.
  13. This subject keeps recycling- sort of like propaganda & lies told by the progs. Never redacted-no correction-no apology when wrong or misleading- it just fades into the info stream, as if the perps are unaware (don't care) that there are audio/visual records of their deception. Projection runs rampant with the propaganda claims- 43% of FOX, a few radio stations, 1 book company and a few hated periodicals are what the progs shriek about as propaganda. And they shriek that the ONE TV program MUST be destroyed because less than 1/2 half of the total is generally pro Trump. The propaganda weapon- which IS the true power of the progs has: over half of FOX, EVERY other "news" station, volumes of prog talk shows like the view,ellen etc, SIT coms that put prog crap into play-like shorts that portray the prog agenda in emotional episodes, documentaries that are PROMOTED, an Internet & social media that is biased AGAINST Patriots, hollywierd, MOVIES that back the prog agenda, the lyin's share of magazines & periodicals plastered with prog headlines & color photos, more than 90% of the newspapers, almost every book publisher, multitudes of soros and like funded anti-USA companies & organizations, the entire education/indoctrination monopoly saturated with revised history- and all of this shared freely & passionately via social media like facebook, blogs, to even sites like this. THAT WOULD BE PROPAGANDA. The 43% of one TV channel that does not agree with the common unison-directed spin and the smattering of media that is in agreement would be more accurately described as: counter point, truth to power, dissenting opinion, news that the progs won't report. truth and accurate history. Not (the projected) propaganda. PROPAGANDA- calls people Hitler, accuses with projection (Goebbels) , revises history, pushes PC, cries "HATE" & "Racism" at will, wants to IMPEACH any Patriot politician because they are of one SIDE and automatically go to TREASON for the same reason. They demi-god, demagogue revere and gush all over their choice candidates. It is the way of the progs. The MSM is the democrat/prog party. The prog legion is forbidden from even considering anything that disagrees with their spew. As strong as the kool aide is- any & all opposition must be reviled & destroyed. 97% is NOT enough- the progs want 100% propaganda.
  14. Shining example of the indoctrination by the propaganda machine. Would it even make a bit of difference to you if you had been deceived into not only cursing Joe McCarthy all of these years-incorrectly due to tactics by the progs-but chiding some one who spoke the truth? Ridicule is another tactic that is part of the program. I knew about McCarthy when I was still on the dark side- but just brushed off the attacks as progs that were proud of their ignorance. Looking further into such things -it became apparent that their weaponized propaganda -the kool aide-is premeditated, purposeful and devious. It was one of the many examples that eventually led me away from the prog/democrat party. You have been lied to, deceived and indoctrinated- your belief in the lies told about Joe McCarthy are but a tiny fraction of your training. Again check out the Verona papers. Perhaps it will lead you to question some of the other things that you have been trained to believe.
  15. I'm certain that my OP will not sway you-but I'll reply. He is guilty of being a former democrat -among other things. He has been a business man for a long time. He utilized the rules laid down by both sides before him to maximize profit. Time will tell if he changes those actions and/or changes the the systems that allow those venues to be undertaken. Why not on day one? I say he has been...........distracted by an onslaught that would cause most people to curl up into a fetal position-suicide or just give up. He has my admiration for resilience. He has many of the attributes that make me despise ALL politicians--BUT in such a glaring lesser degree than those before him that I wish for him to succeed and do well. In respect to the all out attack-including the establishment alleged R's of his party and the propaganda weapon- I am in admiration of his resolve. IF he continues with the ways in your quote it will come back and aide in his destruction.