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  1. Abbreviated. Progs recruit,entice w tax benefit promises,fund & trans port (to varying degrees) these undocumented democrat voters. 73% illegals go on tax paid benefits. So only a max of 23% can be said to contribute to cheap labor. The others-that do work illegally (& defraud welfare) can afford to make sure no citizen can compete unless they are defrauding welfare also. Fake asylum seekers disqualify themselves by trying to choose a country of refuge. Diseases long eradicated & 3rd world parasites come along with them. People from 123 countries were found in the last batch-incl-people from terrorist watch lists. people within the hoard even complained of criminal behavior. The Mexicans agreed with Trump. Person after person claim financial reasons & benefits when interviewed. The progs don't care about human trafficking (SLAVERY),drugs,disease or crime arriving with them. The propaganda weapon of the progs employs the Alinsky tactic of race sell it. It's so effective for the indoctrinated that even some SOL members parrot the garbage that we want to stop it because they are brown people. Projection anyone?. A PORTION of them commit crimes against citizens-many of the crimes are 3rd world primitive & heinous as well as the usual. A WALL (barrier/fence) most certainly does work for the BULK walk overs. That's what the mexicans were screaming about last time. You know-that big mess of people that could cross over?!! Them. Drones-cameras -digital walls etc would have no effect. Walls work- if not you could just walk in on pelosi and tell her what you think. Her calling it immoral is just part of her lying of self reflection. Not one of those people decided -on their own-to get up out of squalor and walk 1500 miles in the tropical sun. The recruits are coming. It's premeditated & funded. Meanwhile you'll hear story after story about unpaid workers but NARY one from the hundreds of thousands of citizens that are victims of illegal alien crime. The progs control the propaganda and they LIE about the numbers (over 50 million-NOT 11) here, the numbers in jail, the numbers of crimes against citizens, hide the billions it costs us yearly, still swear the don't use benefits or VOTE and how ineffective BARRIERS are and sit back while their obedient tools spread their lies. All of your demagogues have said everything the president is saying now. But-they will let citizens die while they resist-deny & obstruct-just because it's TRUMP.
  2. Divisive is one thing. But the weaponization of the MSM propaganda drone is what makes ANY discussion or compromise impossible. The 24/7x365 assault is what makes possible the -we are against it ONLY because Trump is for it. No other human -POTUS would be able to take even a week of the anti USA BS. Obama especially. The main population never even sees or hears anything other than the biased, fabrications & even lies saturation-where almost 100% of all speaking say the same exact phrase. Some one makes the talking point and EVERYONE else uses that person as a reference. So fifty people say-manufacture or vanity or whatever for any given day. These reporters can't even use a different word?, Example- when our president was going to give his first address from the White House- you get 20 hours of preface that he's going to lie, manufacture,exaggerate etc etc etc. He speaks. Then there is a rebuttal (demanded) that repeat the preface. How do you find any middle ground with that address? Of course they didn't report any opposing views-or any of the volume of facts supporting what he addressed OR most importantly the multitude of progs that said the same exact thing as TRUMP time after time in the past. Divisive is a mild word indicating both sides are culpable compared to this scape goat carnival perpetrated by the progs propaganda weapon.
  3. The only way to stop the BULK illegals is have a BARRIER. Worked in the past all the way up until now. That the progs spoke the very SAME words- CRISIS-ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION-BARRIER-CRIMES against CITIZENS-nearly eradicated DISEASES as well as NO -VOTING-NO WELFARE and NO CITIZENSHIP and now the exact reverse ONLY because it's TRUMP is LUDICROUS. You PARROT the pelosi propaganda words- BUT offer NO solution. She even said she wants a digital wall- 0's & 2's won't do it.Drones won't do it. Sensors won't do it. Since it's so easy to stretch- high tech-lasers,sound pulse, plasma what--- All would be more expensive then a barrier. The majority of people are mostly lazy. It's the money motivated drug & human traffickers that will dig and make other efforts. The others want the easy walk over path. If you believe that word smithing- a medieval solution to a 21st century problem then take the wheels off your car. Got it- you said it clearly in the 1st post- ONLY because it's TRUMP. You hate Trump-ok -but he tries to negotiate. NO to anything-just because it's TRUMP is as childish as it gets (please don't make a list of what he did when he was a liberal) It is as ANTI USA as it gets. Now if only the propaganda mill would go night & day with the hundreds of thousands of crimes from regular to primitive heinous against USA citizens as well as THOUSANDS of DEATHS. It might make an impact. Bottom line- IF the illegals block VOTED REPUBLICAN it would be over in 20 minutes.
  4. The propaganda saying anything else is just scare tactics for the emotion drone. Facts vs Feelings 24/7
  5. NO Just enforce the laws of the USA. The Patriots already did a trade for security that included a promise of enforcing the law starting with the Reagan FLEECE job. Every deception called anything like immigration reform was a lie that meant amnesty. Border security was passed & funded several times and backed by all of these lying progs. They LIE about the numbers here-DACA-ILLEGAL & especially ILLEGAL crime. NO DACA- DACA still allows for the chain immigration- one can equal 30 or more. NO illegal unconstitutional ANCHOR baby immigration that can equal-eventual chain immigration. NO lottery immigration. The progs going all the way back to Kennedy said-NO-citizenship NO welfare NO VOTING and they continue to lie about all 3. Merit based legal immigration- OK-but limited until this gets under control. Remember-we still have refugees, HB1 visa & other over stays, millions of unvetted legal applicants. Progs RECRUITED a lot of this crisis. There are legal methods IF you want to try and change our laws. Meanwhile 40,000 HOMELESS VETS who fought for our laws, security & protection are ignored. The MSM's prog tactics are misinformation & moral outrage.
  6. The entire swamp is the open borders NWO crew. So some work is being done. Our Republic is at stake- so no small thing. And some credit to one man against the entire swamp- traitors, RINO's, the propaganda weapon MSM & all of it's mega phones, the progs and every indoctrinated prog tool back stabbing or putting an anti-USA effort 24/7x365 impede his actions- to your obvious delight. Heck- just speaking non PC is a great-unprecedented surge against the swamp. Other than his supporters what allies does he have? A smattering of Patriots and less than 10% of the media. Posts like this are similar to the saturation coverage of the meltdown prog on inauguration day-at the womans march -"I don't see NO wall! where's the WALL! I thought he was gonna build a WALL! such a liar!" All things considered-he's doing a great job. With a little help- from his peers down to even people not parroting pelosi and spreading it via social media- he could do SO much more.
  7. From #151 Consider what he said in 2011 about China, the bone spurs, the lack of morals, being pro choice, the locker room talk about what liberal women would let a rich guy do etc etc is SOP a majority of liberal progressives. He was a liberal democrat back then and he decided to redeem himself. Liberal actions from a liberal rich celebrity--- who woulda thunk it was possible. Still doesn't mean you can use that as a justification to go prog-wild with the foul language.
  8. Again with the references to Trump using foul language-in the past- to justify saying ANYTHING one wants presently. Most people try to move forward and improve as they age. Consider what he said in 2011 about China, the bone spurs, the lack of morals, being pro choice, the locker room talk about what liberal women would let a rich guy do etc etc is SOP a majority of liberal progressives. Well he was a liberal dem back them and he decided to redeem himself. Liberal actions from a liberal rich celebrity who woulda thunk it was possible. Still doesn't make it ok for a Freshman politician -woman-no less say something with such impunity and so easily accepted & justified by the indoctrinated. Same goes with pelosi & chuck saying the info from his speech was misleading and false (para phrasing) - only possible because of the propaganda weapon of the progs. That type of projection is way over the top. That disrespect is way over also. And you want him to be---nice, something like that? Lose-subvert with panache like romney. He's been attacked & disrespected 24/7x 365 from the moment he announced. He's surrounded by foes,enemies & traitors. He doesn't lose good or resign when you think you got him. No respect for the scrapper? Take some responsibility- if those actions against him are ok & justified by you, then you are part of the reason he was elected.
  9. I'm sure they knew it came with the territory. Probably a lot of support blogs & litany of info to be had on how to survive-most of it left friendly as the lion's share of shutdowns is from the D side. And of course there is a Union for federal Workers-which is basically a donor class-dues-collection agency that funds (donates) to mostly progs that push for-open borders. And even though nobody has missed a paycheck YET-perhaps the* Union might wave the dues until the money comes in.(*that would be as likely as chuck & nancy speaking the truth). I bet that nobody quits.
  10. Over & over-the same impasse. The indoctrinated parrot the propaganda as though it were their own talking points. They project that trait toward the Patriots. There is always a heavy dose of criticism about Trumps decorum & how he speaks- even delusions or wishes that he would be more traditional Republican like-and LOSE with panache, concede with grace, speak with mawbles in his mouth -like the traitor/RINO Romney. Fold at the first furrowed brow of the uni-party (establishment) or criticism-real or fabricated from the MSM. If you care and that is your take-consider that a GREAT deal of effort has been put into the saturation propaganda to make sure the obedient & unaware feel EXACTLY that way. NO REPUBLICAN has fought back against the press like this President. Illegal immigration at the current rate along with merit less immigration,refugees,asylum,DACA,chain,lottery HBI visa type inundation is ruining our country. Most importantly it is a progressive long term plan to overwhelm the USA with democrat voters. The very same two people that stood in that hallway last night will tell you that there is NO plan, that illegals don't VOTE,that illegals don't get WELFARE or HEALTH CARE that they are better than you, that there isn't a DRUG problem and there is NO CRIME problem or a resurgence of horrible DISEASES that are part of Ted Kennedy's progressive plan. For those of you that love chuck & nancy-sorry to break it to you but they are LYING. They act as though they are unaware that gizmos exist that can record audio & video. When they ran for election they spoke the very same words as President Trump. We are on the precipice of the abyss for our great REPUBLIC. If Trumps folds on the border,illegal immigration,DACA,lottery & anchor immigration there will never be another Republican POTUS. IF there ever is another Republican President -maybe the kind who's speech & decorum you might approve of- it will be because of President Trump. The past pendulum balance has been compromised by the exposed propaganda weapon-it's gone. IF chuck,nancy & the progressives win the Republic will quickly fall & the calculated inclusion into the NWO will be realized. Chuck & nancy calling the wall immoral is revealing. To them it is truth as they are IMMORAL and guaranteed they will WALL out all but the filthy rich IF they win.
  11. You are correct- I over looked the most valuable aspect. I'm somewhere between forgetful & succumbing to their purposeful subterfuge that is meant to keep you from an accurate overview. Retired State cop at Cabelas told me he "retired" after the 3rd time he had to rescue the back up he called. He was not permitted to complain. The word smiths love their ambiguous-"Diversity is our strength" when nothing could be further from the truth. To add to the circus of freaks comment : being that it is nothing more than symbolism over substance (or skit like) usually they lean so far left that they have an anti-USA inclination.
  12. Justice on a prog!? High profile-loud & full of himself!? Gotta be a catch. Big pension maybe- job with brennen & clapper-anti NRA spokescoward maybe.
  13. Prog Platform=Obstruction & resistance. Progs worried about spending (sure)----- HRC 6 BILLION unaccounted for as SoS Wordsmiths weren't to good tonight on the dark side.
  14. Some illegals-all told equal over $33k in benefits. So its not something that isn't considered. You don't need a coyote-just follow the plastic trash bags back across. Note-the U.S. has the highest fees in the world to renounce citizenship at $2,350.
  15. Fine speech.