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  1. How about "diverse" and "iconic"?
  2. Mako, that is impressive especially to someone like me who has not one mechanical bone in his body. Great job.
  3. Great Blue Heron....
  4. Lesser Scaup
  5. I was 8 when I started the trombone. Played for 50-some years, rock bands, big band jazz, symphony orchestras, and shows. It was great but now I can't hear crap.
  6. Thanks Kid spinner - OC Inlet
  7. The Ospreys are trying to build their nest but no matter where they go, the Crows won’t leave them alone.
  8. Nikon D500 with a first generation Tamron 150-600 mm
  9. Two weeks ago...
  10. Fishing Dock in West Ocean City, MD
  11. Very nice tom & gary
  12. Looney