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  1. Nice looking Pileated Rick Great Egret vs Eel, round one...
  2. from this weekend's car show - a Chevy, a Henry J (never seen one before), and a Cadillac (1949-50?)
  3. Nice Mike, what lens?
  4. Four inch bird putting a three inch stick into a one inch hole...
  5. from this morning- the last thing a fish might see...
  6. from today - the last thing a fish might see...
  7. Put feeders out last Thursday. Saw the first hummingbird on Saturday but no photos until today when it was in the 40's. (These were shot at 1/2500 sec)
  8. Same here. FWIW these shots were taken at 1/2500 sec, enough to freeze the body but the wings will still blur.
  9. this morning...
  10. This morning...