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  1. That's a wall hanger fiddler!
  2. Thanks Rick. FWIW these Ospreys are in OCMD and in terms of nest building about a month behind those in #3960.
  3. Black-crowned night-heron this morning...
  4. These two were taking shelter from the wind...
  5. Cowbirds on a Pony... Tree Swallow mid-air bathroom break...
  6. "First one of the season for me. Arrived at the feeder just after the sun set behind the tree line." Same time here Doorgunner, from tonight...
  7. I've seen them lock talons many times but never going for the"wing grab" Awesome Rick
  8. This morning...
  9. Hope you have a smooth move...
  10. Great job with the Peregrine Rick. Ospreys finishing their nests...