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  1. I guess it's a little ironic that during this time I would find my marbles....
  2. Thanks again rocco!
  3. Winter Wren, a 4" bird getting a 4" twig through a 1" hole....
  4. i'd say adult female summer tanager Thanks Rocco!
  5. surf and turf yesterday
  6. Thanks Rick I've not seen it before but I think it's a Summer Tanager, maybe a juvenile. Here's another angle. Maybe Rocco can verify...
  7. Backyard this afternoon...
  8. Lots of boaters on the water here because MD has been allowing boating AS LONG AS you are fishing for food (what, no catch and release?) and more than one can be in the boat AS LONG AS the people are related or live at the same address. Odd but at least people are fishing.
  9. (Three panos stitched)