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  1. I talked myself in and out of going while driving around my block several times. I went. I went to the wrong place at the wrong time. Hard skunk.
  2. I love and hate reports like this. I love that you crushed. I hate that I gotta rely on weather reports since I’m in PA and can’t just wake up and do a visual check on the weather.
  3. Someone got a 30lber in LI? Maybe we still have a chance, lol. My buddy had adult bukers in the wash today. Unfortunately, a rotted sill kept me home and Mother Nature is messing with me again by bringing rain and high winds for the start of the weekend.
  4. Herring? Hit the teaser at the beach lip.
  5. I started in about 2012. Some people here would criticize newer guys for complaining they can’t find fish, meanwhile, the stock has been dropping the whole.
  6. Friday night I got three at the same spot as Wednesday. I napoed and went back in early morning. Water looked dirty. Moved and had hits on every single cast but only connected once. The action does with the day light. Later in the afternoon I caught a sundial, herring and bass. Called it a day so I could watch the Birds. I might be done for the year but that herring might make me wait a little bit longer.
  7. Luckily, I caught them.
  8. The first few were caught on a Tsunami sand eel then after that rest were on a black and white teaser. They were also hitting small paddle tails but I never hooked up on it.
  9. I never sacrificed the chicken but perhaps with Joboo it’s the thought that counts! I found 10 or so bass under 20in feeding last night.
  10. I’ve been trying! Since November I’ve only found them at night once our front.
  11. I’m considering sacrificing a chicken to Joboo. He didn’t help Pedro Cerrano hit a curve ball but maybe he’ll help me find the night bite.
  12. Sorry to hear that. My daughter was just at CHoP for meniscus surgery. Being at hospitals sucks but one nice thing about CHoP is their cafeteria is great. I suggest the brisket burrito.
  13. The soccer coach pulled a switcheroo so instead of fishing tonight I fished last night. I couldn’t tell if the water was dirty but the soft structure looked incredible and I was finding live calico crabs and sand eels washing up on the beach but Mr. and Mrs. Striper weren’t buy what I was selling if they were even home. It’s not a strict day bite where I was according to some but I can’t crack the code. I found two rats in the back to break the skunk but even they took work due presumably to lack of current.
  14. 3:30am-5:30am I fished alone and skunked. 5:30-9am I fish worth a couple hundred friends and everyone caught once the sun came out. Finally popped my ava cherry
  15. That’s great to hear. Maybe the night bite will turn on at the spots I hit. I only get a small window of tomorrow’s daylight because the long drive and 12pm youth soccer.... the season that will never end.