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  1. What’s the weight in the darter?
  2. I was thinking this today.
  3. Okay, I changed my mind. I'll take the blind wonderbread junior and the bottom yellow danny. PM me.
  4. $35 shipped for a Danny?
  5. I'm going to pass on the danny. Sorry.
  6. I wouldn't buy a danny today since I'm gonna get a Junior and I committed to buy a danny from someone else but haven't heard back. If you post the danny's I would certainly consider them in the near future. I'll take the blind wonderbread.
  7. Are these new or used?
  8. I don't know what color those middle three are but they are sweet. It kinda like a wnderbread I guess.
  9. Looking for white, yellow, pink or combinations of those. I'm looking to fish it often or at least keep it in the bag for whenever I need a metal lip that runs shallow and casts well. I recently fished a spot where the fish wouldn't hit a metal for three nights and magically on the fourth night that's all they would touch. I had been carrying a Cowboy Jr. but it ran too deep for the spot and I got out fished badly.
  10. WTB Beachmaster Junior
  11. I’ll take the Danny
  12. A curfew a night? Good lord. Like that will help anything.
  13. I don’t know enough to have an opinion from a rod building point of view. All I know is the combo of those guides, the V and 30lb SS isn’t working. I like the rod’s weight, action and how it casts. I want to find what works.
  14. What don’t you like about them?
  15. I know what you mean. For better or worse, no. I’ve been thinking of getting a BG. There is something about 30lb Super Slick that messes with me. I have a Lami XS 10 MHS that I used with 650SSM that had 30 and I had knots. I put on a 704 with old 50lb regular PP and I didn’t get knots.