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  1. I’ll take it.
  2. Saw a spot like you mentioned Friday night... virtually no parking, dudes who don't understand the importance of whispering, etc. Worse yet a not so local BnT FB page had multiple people say go to spot so I can imagine the tomfoolery going on. Nothing like helping a guy who lives two minutes from the water find fish... Oh what a great sportsman you are... I don't blame the homeowners. I won't be surprised to see no parking signs get put up. My report from Friday night into Saturday morning. The fishing sucked. I found sporadic bunker. Water temps and tide not on my side. By a small miracle I caught a short on a yellow darter. The best part of the outing was killing time with buddies in a restaurant and getting a solid two hours of sleep in my car before driving home.
  3. Yet there is enough of us like that that you can still get a “manageable” crowd at some spots even at 3am. That’s just the way it is. Like I mentioned I try to use some of those pages so I know where to avoid.
  4. Case in point, on a well known BnT page a guy tells when to start fishing an area. Granted it's a big area and not a spot burn but it tells a lazy guy and newbies when to start. I once had a guy tell me it's a waste of time to search the internet for info on striped bass migration when he can just go on FB and ask. Steve Campo talks about stuff like that on the Podcast Surfcaster's Journal did with him. I'm all for helping people but I prefer to do it from how then the when. We walk that fine line between helping people and crowding the spots we like to fish.
  5. This is why I hate those fall daytime peanut blitzes. Night comes around and the bass are gone.
  6. There are spots on the River I just avoid. It might really hurt my chances at a 50 but it’s just not as enjoyable.
  7. I’ll say it just to be clear, there aren’t any secret spots and I don’t own any but I am selfish and don’t want to do anything to make any spot more crowded than they already are. Some spots are crazy crowded even when the fish aren’t there since many people don’t know where else to go. I’ll often run the risk of skunking than the crowded sure bet. There are some spots that I am definitely a Johnny Come Lately too but I don’t talk about them and when I do report here I’m pretty vague. I won’t ever post a fake report since some people might not even know it’s an area that can hold fish. Plus, who knows, “fish have tails” and might swim there. I think some areas are seeing more people because word is getting on where to fish early on. I see this all the time: 1. Guy posts a short. 2. Newbs say great job. I hope I catch one soon. 3. Guy who wants to be helpful or and maybe show off his knowledge says you can catch shorts in such and such area. (This guy might also name the spot in the pic even though the OP wouldn’t answer questions on where.) I can’t claim the internet hasn’t helped learn how to fish but it isn’t hard to see how it can also make it harder to fish without crowds. I’ll be staying up late and will be sleeping in my car to survive the ride to work in an effort to fish and avoid crowds.
  8. Not surprised you've seen crowds since certain Facebook pages are giving up spots to people who would have never figured out when and where to fish on their own. I try to use those pages to figure out how to avoid crowds. Then there are the dudes who need to try to boost their self-esteem by acting like they are too cool to fish spot X so they name it.
  9. I'll take this for $175 if the pick is in NJ/PA
  10. Me as well along with the shops that post pics and videos of customers googing it up shake and bake style.
  11. Fished from 5pm until 8pm. I called it early. Usually is gut it out until 1am. Three fishy looking beaches in three different town which typically have been good to me late in the season. For goodness sake do I miss some of those jetties. I thought thought the bay ice might change the fish out front. Maybe I should have used a teaser but no hint hit a 3.5in paddle tail either. Info from a buddy said not to bother moving north. Sometimes I pride myself in being able to end the season on fish but sometimes the true fisherman’s way would be fish until you only skunk and you really know it’s over. Tonight I’m going with the late though I know someone will post fish tomorrow, lol.
  12. My thinking is it’s easier to catch poachers if they are the only ones trying to catch stripers.
  13. I would love to keep fishing for them. I’m 100% catch and release, crushed barbs etc. but I assume the poaching would be worse and all those people who love taking a million pics of bass they dragged over rocks and dry sand would be out and accidentally killing many of our resident bass so maybe we need to give them a break.
  14. I wish they would change the language and be specific. Just say, “no fishing for” or “catch and immediate release”
  15. Maybe what I meant wasn't clear. I can only fish nights for the most part and if peanuts are the main bait I don't see much reason for a night session, However, herring and especially spearing, changes things.