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  1. Hi All - Moved from East Coast and looking to get into some surf fishing. Was big into Tog, Stripers, and some offshore Tuna from NJ to MD. Any recommendations on general areas/beaches to get started? Not looking for spots in particular, just general recommendations on cool places to hit from SD up to Santa Barbara. Thanks! Pony
  2. Went down to OCMD this weekend. Although no bass quite yet, got into some pony drum. Good time... Saw little to no damage in OC. I am thinking about trying to get out in NJ this weekend. Anyone want to meet up with a newb around sh or nomoco? Thanks gents.
  3. Cool if I use a black bucket? Tan if I'm feeling a little crazy ....
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by faithless Did anyone see that big dead buck on the parkway? Who the hell would hack off the head at the side of the road like that? I don't need to see that ****. Hear police will do it sometimes just so randoms don't take the trophy..
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by bunker86 Mostly, what I see, it's done by the white bucket brigade. It aggravates the hell out of me, but if I say anything, I KNOW it will escalate to something ugly. Might be more than a skate laying on the sand. What is the white bucket brigade? Sorry struck my curiosity....
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by crazybellringer Try to make it out tonight. Just by talking to people in the parking lot you will change your whole fall season for the better. Wasn't able to make it, how often does everyone get together. Definitely want to get to the next gathering. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. Pnarrows, Will def take you up. Wide open in November to get out there.
  8. Was debating IBSP or Sandy Hook. What time?
  9. Going to try and make it out tonight. Anyone up for meeting on Saturday?
  10. Nice! Got some of the same you have in your bag, unfortunately paid full price. All good though... Been reading about SH and IBSP. Live in Morris County so the drive is manageable . I might head out this weekend actually. Had plans to head to Eastern shore of MD but storm might screw that up... Good luck!!
  11. Thanks gents, hit the shop today and did some damage. On to the easy part
  12. Hey All, Getting into the sport and want to put a good box together. Any recommendations on plugs/spoons/jigs that are must haves? All suggestions welcome, pics are great too! Pony