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  1. In today's insane world, one firearm type/caliber/cartridge/projectile is far too limiting and does both defense and offense no complete viable service.


    For me and mine ...


    Rifle - any decent AR15 carbine in 5.56N or .223Wylde (not .223Rem) with a red dot or LPVO and BUIS, w/mounted light and sling, at least 6 mags of the highest capacity, reliable and easy to maintain, the modern 21st century musket, ubiquitous and small/lightweight centerfire ammo that allows carrying maximum rounds, good to at least 200yds minute-of-torso plus up to medium sized hunted game.


    Shotgun - 12ga Mossberg pump w/sling, reliable and easy to maintain, ubiquitous ammo, red dot and irons, a variety of shells: buck, bird, slug, mostly CQB plus capable of killing most any type of North American game with 4 legs or 2 wings.


    Handgun - Ruger LCR .22LR revolver, reliable and easy to maintain, ubiquitous and small/light ammo, irons with possible laser added, small, efficient, deadly, always carried in condition 2, extremely low report and recoil that's easy for women and youths to manipulate/shoot, concealed very close quarter fight to get to a long gun.


    Honorable Mention - Ruger 10/22 w/red dot or LPVO, for newbies/women/youths to firearms.









  2. 13 mins ago, PSeggs said:

    Where are you guys getting the clips in this pic? The clip at the top of the rig with the barrel swivel


    Not the breakaway imp clips but the non moving ones?   

    I have some from Amazon but they're a weird named brand from Asia.  I'd like to find a US source to order from. 


    Also.. am I correct that to properly tie this rig the hooks leader needs to be approximately 2x the length of the weight section.


    If you mean this ....




    ... I don't remember where I got 'em from.  There are other, simpler ways to make a "clip down rig" such as using a wire leg off a spider weight ...





    As far as length, most any will work just fine - it's the action of hook/bait disengagement that matters.


  3. 8 hours ago, KarpsnKatz said:

    How long is the leader on your rig? I could be wrong, but I remember hearing that "Helecoptoring" is the result of throwing too long of a leader

    That's what helicoperting is - separate hook leader spinning around the sinker - length of the leader, weight and bulk of the bait, all determines how great the spin can be.  That type of rig is fine for easy short distance tosses, but for serious distance, particularly with big baits, a clip down rig is the only way to go.

  4. Any mono mag should work fine.  The slightly tricky part will be figuring out where to drill the hole in the reel's side plate.  It's doable, take your time, I've magged more Abu reels and their ilk than I can remember.  The 7000's flat side plate is way easier than the 5500/6500 Abu domed side plate reels.


    After surfcastproshop and ninjatackle went OOB I got monomags from The Rocket Reel Company in the UK ...


  5. 5 mins ago, fishinambition said:

    Surprised no one mentioned the FN 5 seven. Now that's a 22 with some teeth if you're really committed to a small caliber 


    No need to, it's not rimfire and a completely different league for EDC CCW.

  6. All new full kit = Gillo GY 24" IFL riser (1100gms) , Gillo Q3 70"/26lb carbon/foam limb set, Shibuya DX plunger, Spig ZT rest, custom Dynaflight bowstring.


    The aluminum forged CNC machined Gillo GY riser is fully anodized and its proprietary limb pocket design allows a -25% to +15% weight adjustment = 20lbs up to 30lbs with the Gillo Q3 26lb limb set (this limb set replaces the Gillo GYL wood/glass that normally comes with this kit).  This kit and components sells for over $600.  A perfect youth/young adult kit for Olympic Recurve or Barebow target events.  Recognized and legal for World Archery tournaments world wide.


    $300 shipped in the USA.





  7. On 1/5/2024 at 12:17 PM, Richard_the_Aughth said:

    I've actually gone to a field and measured. My farthest cast was 90 yards with a century ss1327 and 30lb braid and using a 4L deadly dick(hook removed). I'm not a champion caster but I'm not that bad either.  With 3oz to 4oz metals people might get close to 100 yards but I don't see anyone hitting 300 yards

    There's casting for fish and there's casting for distance - two very different objectives and tools. 


    However, there are happy compromises.

  8. For CCW, a Ruger LCR with laser in .22LR and loaded with 8 Federal Punch rounds. 




    Here's the bottom line to me for all this hubbub about .22LR for SD/EDC/CCW (and *maybe* HD) …


    If you can put holes into the vitals you're aiming at, caliber doesn't matter ... and if you can't, caliber doesn't matter.” - Rhett, Demonstrated Concepts.


    The .22LR to employ for CCW needs to be a double action revolver, and an internal hammer snubby at that - NOT a semi-auto.


    The .22LR snubby revolver - not a gun for range fun, but lots of "serious fun" for SD/EDC/CCW. No? Clearly not for everyone? Maybe so, maybe not, please read on ....


    What matters most, IMHO – Reliability, Accuracy, Speed, Recoil Management, Noise Management.


    Premium .22LR cartridges are a Must for reliability and ballistics.


    A firearm's report matters when there's no hearing protection - worse yet indoors and/or in confined spaces, such as a vehicle.


    Revolver reload speed can matter, too, and speed loaders get the job done fastest.


    For the recoil sensitive, there’s literally no recoil of concern with a .22LR snubby revolver loaded with premium .22LR cartridges.


    Snubby revolvers are typically lighter, smaller and easier a carry than most semi-autos. Revolvers are always carried in “Condition 2”, no safety switches needed. If a round FTFs, keep pulling the trigger, no slide to rack or mag to drop for an FTF or FTE.


    Snubby revolver sights are another issue that can be enhanced by adding a grip laser by Hogue or Crimson Trace, but not a requirement.


    Yes, a D/A only .22LR revolver will have a hefty trigger pull of near or about 15lbs. Won't take too long of dry fire practice to master that trigger pull, and that's it's realistic "safety".


    The cylinder blast from a .22LR revolver is of zero consequence if your weak hand happens to cover the cylinder forcing cone area during firing, and firing positions can be far more radical than with a centerfire.


    Unlike the snubby ejectors for all centerfire cartridges and .22mags, a .22LR snubby ejector will 100% dislodge all cases from the cylinder with the tap of a thumb or palm = surer and faster reloads (of at least 8 rounds and not 5 or 6).


    Premium .22LR cartridges are lots cheaper than cheap centerfire cartridges, and thus more incentive to practice more. Live fire practice at short distances may allow for at-home shooting, offering more opportunities for practice.


    For those persons who don't regularly train with a centerfire handgun, a .22LR will be SO much more likely to consistently achieve multiple aimed POIs than any other type of handgun.


    An eight shot .22LR snubby revolver loaded with proper premium cartridges - Federal Punch, CCI Velocitor, and others - is a CCW weapon not to be ignored - or dissed. These dayze, a .22LR revolver is quite the antidote for the typical SD scenario, but to each their own, and I own or have owned a gaggle of centerfire handguns - 1911 .45acp autos, wheel guns in .357mag/.38spl, and many autos in 9mm. They're all good aggressor deterrents, but the Ruger LCR22 allows me more accuracy and speed, among more than a few other good attributes. YMMV.








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