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  1. Yep, clearing out duplicate and backup tackle. One left is my backup Okuma Cortez 12 reel. Was waiting in the wings, fully spooled, never cast. Now my most used reel off the beach for dunking big baits for big fishies. $100/shipped
  2. Too many rods, time to pare down the herd. Excellent condition like new, 12ft, two equal sections, all carbon, 2-5oz, never fished, Fuji casting guides taped on for two grass casting test sessions only, shrink wrap handle, butt cap, Fuji reel seat and coasters for setting seat location. $200 + shipping (ships in a heavy cardboard tube).
  3. In today's insane world, one firearm type/caliber/cartridge/projectile is far too limiting and does both defense and offense no complete viable service. For me and mine ... Rifle - any decent AR15 carbine in 5.56N or .223Wylde (not .223Rem) with a red dot or LPVO and BUIS, w/mounted light and sling, at least 6 mags of the highest capacity, reliable and easy to maintain, the modern 21st century musket, ubiquitous and small/lightweight centerfire ammo that allows carrying maximum rounds, good to at least 200yds minute-of-torso plus up to medium sized hunted game. Shotgun - 12ga Mossberg pump w/sling, reliable and easy to maintain, ubiquitous ammo, red dot and irons, a variety of shells: buck, bird, slug, mostly CQB plus capable of killing most any type of North American game with 4 legs or 2 wings. Handgun - Ruger LCR .22LR revolver, reliable and easy to maintain, ubiquitous and small/light ammo, irons with possible laser added, small, efficient, deadly, always carried in condition 2, extremely low report and recoil that's easy for women and youths to manipulate/shoot, concealed very close quarter fight to get to a long gun. Honorable Mention - Ruger 10/22 w/red dot or LPVO, for newbies/women/youths to firearms. YMMV.
  4. There is no pressing need for a mono mag, but it does offer a measure of immediate on-the-fly adjust ability when fishing to care for changes in payload and wind that brake blocks can't offer.
  5. That's also why I like the Breakaway - it's separately clipped to the main line shock leader.
  6. I use the Breakaway most often, it's pretty foolproof ...
  7. If you mean this .... ... I don't remember where I got 'em from. There are other, simpler ways to make a "clip down rig" such as using a wire leg off a spider weight ... As far as length, most any will work just fine - it's the action of hook/bait disengagement that matters.
  8. Yep brake blocks are static and mono mags are dynamic.
  9. That's what helicoperting is - separate hook leader spinning around the sinker - length of the leader, weight and bulk of the bait, all determines how great the spin can be. That type of rig is fine for easy short distance tosses, but for serious distance, particularly with big baits, a clip down rig is the only way to go.
  10. Big Danny bombs out a clip down rig ...
  11. Drop down rig is a great way to go for distance ...
  12. Brandy new, never fished, never mounted, 6.3:1 ratio, 12.3ozs, 15lb drag, mono mag, ceramic bearings, a superb casting machine for fishing or distance or both - Ryan Lambert used it last year to set a national record of 867 feet with a 150gm weight. $150 shipped.
  13. Any mono mag should work fine. The slightly tricky part will be figuring out where to drill the hole in the reel's side plate. It's doable, take your time, I've magged more Abu reels and their ilk than I can remember. The 7000's flat side plate is way easier than the 5500/6500 Abu domed side plate reels. After surfcastproshop and ninjatackle went OOB I got monomags from The Rocket Reel Company in the UK ...
  14. You WANT the spool to be aluminum. It's the creation of magnetic eddy currents that will slow down an aluminum spool.
  15. No need to, it's not rimfire and a completely different league for EDC CCW.
  16. All new full kit = Gillo GY 24" IFL riser (1100gms) , Gillo Q3 70"/26lb carbon/foam limb set, Shibuya DX plunger, Spig ZT rest, custom Dynaflight bowstring. The aluminum forged CNC machined Gillo GY riser is fully anodized and its proprietary limb pocket design allows a -25% to +15% weight adjustment = 20lbs up to 30lbs with the Gillo Q3 26lb limb set (this limb set replaces the Gillo GYL wood/glass that normally comes with this kit). This kit and components sells for over $600. A perfect youth/young adult kit for Olympic Recurve or Barebow target events. Recognized and legal for World Archery tournaments world wide. $300 shipped in the USA.
  17. There is nothing like the bad juju a .45ACP bullet of any weight can impart on a perp.
  18. I love 1911s and would never be without one ... they are, IMHO, just classic workhorses.
  19. Love the TX22, one of the most cost effective and Reliable rimfire semi-autos around these dayze - I have one, too. However, I'd still rather carry a .22LR revolver for CCW for all the reasons I've already posted.
  20. I have zero interest in .22 rimfire expansion for CCW. I want DEEP penetration. 10" penetration is not as deep as 14"+ with Fed Punch, as seen in the vid a few posts above.
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