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  1. Next thing ya know, one of the dicks will call this thread "feely touchy" and spout the "man up" BS. Jerks and Losers.
  2. Never expect to get full understanding and support via SOL - too many dicks will judge and condemn rather than just let it be for what it is.
  3. To err is human. I practice my humanity almost daily.
  4. So, how do you cast a KP reel? Ah, just saw the video - what kinda distance can it achieve?
  5. Aren't those KP reels like the ones turned sideways for casting, like a fixed spool?
  6. I like using Fuji plate reel seats coastered on blanks with heat shrink tubing on the butt section. Plate seats allow easy on/for for reels. Lowered reel seats allow a longer drop off the rod tip and a fuller flex of the rod.
  7. You really are not a nice person. You must be a saint who's gone thru life so far without doing something stupid. Wonderful for you.
  8. I get that, but no matter whether the addition to the rod has a spigot end to keep the OD of rod addition the relatively same flowing diameter, or if the addition has a tapered end going into the rod's butt end and the entire addition is of a smaller diameter than the rod butt's diameter, both of these rod additions will extend the length of the rod. I have a reducer on a 13'3" Zziplex M4 HiFlex Match rod that adds a bit over a foot of smaller diameter butt end to the length of the rod. That said, yer spot on Don, and I do get the need for the type of rod addition terminology, reducer or extension.
  9. I feel yer pain, brutha. Been there and done that. About four decades ago I had the usual weekly meeting in Boston, drove to LaGuardia with just enuf time to catch the shuttle as I ran into the terminal. Meeting over early, shuttle back to LaGuardia, walk out to the parking lot and realize I can't find the key to the new Subaru. Then I realized it was in the ignition ... and the engine was running. For seven hours. Called the wife at her Manhattan job and 2 hours later we were driving back to Jersey in rush hour traffic. Yep, life happens.
  10. Oopsie.
  11. Yes, the Euro style of the reel way down low and addressed with the left hand (for a righty) is quite popular. And they fish that way too, usually by adding a "reducer" to the butt (an odd name because it's really about a 12" or so rod extension). This style increases the rod length and allows for a longer payload drop off the rod tip. Not all Euros use the reel down style, and not all Yankees use the reel up style. There is no correct style. Use whatever works best for ya.
  12. I *love* lever guns, have had many, but they're not fun to keep clean when burning the holy black, and maybe why lots of the real ones from the 19th century died young.
  13. It's in the first post.
  14. Yessir, the Henry is one sweet little handy dandy carbine-like rifle, as is the ol' Rem roller. I took the ol' holy roller out Wednesday and it was too easy to get it sighted in at 25, 50, and 190 yards. PPB cartridges were built with 70 grains of black into Starline brass and a Fed 210 primer, .060 LDPE wad, 416 grain slick wrapped in SC 7# paper. Fouling control during shooting was by wiping - 2 Moose Milk wet patches and 1 dry. All fired brass went into a jug of water with a squirt of Dawn. After shooting rifle cleanup took exactly 3 minutes - a few Ballistol wet patches, that's it. The beauty of PPBs is no leading. There were only 15 brass cases so instead of going ultra-sonic I just got it washed, dried, stuck in a vibratory for 30min - done and ready to load, no prep work or press needed. I will post a video of the Henry in action, firing PPBs loaded with the holy black, as I take her out on her shake down baptism cruise next week.
  15. Umm, you mean BPCR? Black Powder Cartridge Rifle. Or, PPB? Paper Patched Bullet.