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  1. FYI, this is my third Henry S/S, been there and done that with the trigger and recall issues. FWIW, this gun will get a number of different loads, starting with a few Acme 405 hi-teks under AA5744 (easy trap door loads) because it's too damn cold to be messing with black powder and bore gophers. Eventually it'll be working up load with Accurate 404 grain PPB slicks under a felt wad stack of Swiss 1-1/2F black powder, the easy load I used winning my first 200 yard match years ago. I won't do my normal 12-1/2lb Sharps rifle load of my 1:16 cast 528 grain PPBs under 81.5 grains of Swiss 1-1/2F, I ain't that dumb with the 7-1/4lb Henry, and my 75 year old shoulder would tell me so. Now you know a little about me and the venerable .45-70 Gov't.
  2. Do you have any clue what yer even talking about? Clearly you don't because you don't know me and what I can do with a .45-70. Next time ask, bunky.
  3. Just a simple, honest, plain jane single shot break-open w/iron sights. The Henry H015 in .45-70 just arrived, very pleased with it statically, the dynamic tests will depend on the weather, maybe next week. As opposed to the other two Henrys I had (and sold) the trigger on this one 4lbs and smooth, soon to get smoother yet. Love the American walnut wood, the tight quality build and finishing tolerances, too. In the process of upgrading the iron with a Skinner peep rear and a Lyman globe front.
  4. Decide on the rod first - this is based on the targeted fishies, bait, lures, etc etc etc. Know what payload(s) work best with that rod - the rod knows best, not you. The reel and line come next - at least somewhat subjective, and always personal. All of this is prefaced by your good casting techniques, or lack thereof.
  5. Yep, casting technique is numero uno, no matter what the tackle.
  6. Already gone to a bud, sorry. Great little pocket gun, though. They're going for near list price these dayze, as are all guns it seems. Sign of the times.
  7. IMHO, it's reely ALL about THE ROD. Then the payload it likes best. Then the reel and line. All prefaced by the operator's casting technique, or lack thereof.
  8. Yet another reason to bail Jersey ASAP.
  9. I hear ya, don't like the external. I'm just gonna let the snubby go.
  10. I will NEVER go back to iron pistol sights. Red dots and pistols for me are that good. Period. As to the Glock crew dissing dovetail mounts, I hate Glocks and my 9mm Ruger RAPc has pounded the Vortex Venom at least a thousand times already with no consequences other the me killing paper perps on a very regular basis. 'Nuff said.
  11. Yep, Bergen County.
  12. I had ordered this TNW ASR 9mm semi-auto this past September and it finally arrived early last month. It is communist state approved with no threaded barrel and pinned stock (but can be unpinned). Barrel unscrews for easy take down and cleaning. I had the skeleton hand guard added by TNW, and the original short hand guard is included. The red dot is a Sig Sauer MSR and I also added co-witness BUIS by Ozark. Takes Glock mags, four 10 rounders included. A great companion to a 9mm pistol. Brand new and never fired. Original cost was over $1k $700 from a non-FFL to your FFL. Ships in its original shipping box.
  13. For me, it's W231 for .45acp, .357mag, 9mm, and .38spl.
  14. Loved mine but it was just too heavy ... ... and sold it for a TNW ASR 9mm carbine ...
  15. I resisted red dots on pistols for too long and once I found a dovetail mount for the Ruger RAPc, I took the plunge. Wow, what difference. Immediately added one for the TX-22 as well. If I could only get one on my S&W 642 snubby ... hah!