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  1. ultralight carbon grip , check platjp
  2. still got it?
  3. som spool going to an 08 8k stella
  4. hey scoob, are u talking about the bodyframe of the 15 tp vs 20 tp on the underline sentence? the frame of the 15tp and xdtp came from 14stella, now the 20tp is just similar to stradic FL framewise. shimano charge premium because of that stella frame. a frame that has the handle connecting up to the clutch base. on a side note: the stella 20 sw change their frame to this type of frame (5k and below) which is a clutch base not a clutch housing, 08 and 13 stellas have built in frame clutch housing , it is a turn off on why did they do that route. thankfully i saw *****AH* website dismantle a 14k and cancel my order right away eventhough its 15% off. TWINPOWER XD
  5. how about the nano? 50/50?
  6. i know a guy who did the same way, this is on point
  7. kil, is the sizuki 96 50/50?
  8. update: they finally answered on email. TD - thumbs up
  9. is it normal for them to charge your card without any confirmation of shipping? paid $xxx for a reel last MONTH, and was charged right away. now comes mid july with no update whatsoever.
  10. scoob, what are the changes of avid st croix? only thing is noticeable is the color.
  11. is this the one lifting 3gal of water? do u have color white?
  12. do you know if the top section exceeds 80inches? do u also know what is the weight of the blank only on 11ft?
  13. what is the weight of the 11ft 2-8, is 50/50 split?
  14. do u go to ensenada mx?