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  1. do u go to ensenada mx?
  2. parallel no more.
  3. thats great, i like the traditional one. but watching them side by side on a japan fishing show video they look the same as the previous one.
  4. pls delete
  5. pls delete
  6. update: it is still parallel foot. looks decieving from the photos.
  7. new knob
  8. * use chrome
  9. yup it looks like its parallel. hope its not from the body of the previous one.
  10. shimano.jp
  11. it does not look parallel. “you can draw big tits powerfully more than ever”
  12. i never fishd the ballistic LT but if scoob says its a good reel i will believe that. but upon researching the new daiwas there is one that beats the ballistic by far, the Blast LT. 6000 size key comparison *weight is 370 vs 405 grams *retrieve is 40in vs 32in *super metal body vs zaion *tough digi gear vs digigear *price is about the same, 195$ shipped fr jpn digit aka 6000LT= is 330yds of 30lb test = 300mtrs of 30lb test i just hope tough digi gear is not a typo.
  13. u can buy saros spool for cheap
  14. over period of time, check back here after you tested it.
  15. ok let me explain it clearly... the reel's gear dont mesh smoothly that is why for some reason, it knocks the sidelate causing the screw to loosen then fall out over period of time. btw, these are two different owners,I tried the 4000 and it was really grindy. he said it was like that when he got it new. the guy has a replacement screw put on. it was philips head different from the original screws.