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  1. Thanx bud! Picked one up today
  2. She's holding it for the equity until settlement
  3. Actually can you make it the olive top and the blue top please.
  4. I'll take that one and the last one from the previous pic please.
  5. can you take a another picture of the second one so I can see the belly? But I like that one and the last one.
  6. I'm looking at the 11 foot Penn prevail matched with a spinfisher 6500. Also a 10-foot that's a little beefier for jigging and a Penn Battle 2 6000.
  7. Do they make a yellow mackerel?
  8. Payment sent thank you.
  9. Sounds good send me your info. Still looking for a few more colors if anybody out there has some
  10. Looking for a nice a lot of soft body paddle Tails preferably Al gags style or generic. On a tight budget but fair.
  11. Would you happen to have any more to kind of make it a package. I like that color though. If not I'm also looking for some soft body paddle tails similar to al haha Style
  12. Plastic will suit me just fine.
  13. Looking for any new or used North bar bottle darters preferably in Bunker, herring, all white, yellow and white.
  14. Hey guys. I'm having to start all over with building my Arsenal for the canal. I usually have only used higher-end Shimano reels and century rods. Never had a problem with anything that was not user error. Going through a pretty bad divorce ex wife is keeping all of my fishing equipment not allowing me to have access to it. Looking for some suggestions on both plugging and jigging rods and reels that won't break the bank yet will hold up fairly well if taken care of. Let's open the discussion and hopefully point me in the right direction on what is worked for you.
  15. Hey guys and gals. I've been dealing with a very troubling divorce. Long story short my wife has all of my fishing equipment and there's no way I can get it back anytime soon. Very low on funds looking for a good condition versatile Canal set up that I can jig and do topwater with. I'm in a very bad spot and any help would be appreciated. Please let me know what you can do and I can schedule a meet up. Located South Shore work in Boston. Could use some jigs plugs and swimmers as well.