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  1. Now that Queen Anne's county shut down the piers and beaches from dusk to dawn, due to overcrowding and trash. Where is the next place you think will be effected?
  2. This is interesting. Hopefully it ends well and they get someone who actually puts money back into the pier instead of yoga studios
  3. Got into a few of these guys on the kayak yesterday. Fishing southern eastern shore. Phone fell into the water so this is the only picture that was saved
  4. I had one of these built a little over a year ago. No complaints at all so far. *
  5. Hit a tidal river in the northern bay yesterday. Got into a decent amount of schoolies using a jighead 4" soft plastic.
  6. Hoopers Island
  7. I know its still early but has anyone seen blues yet? Had my fly bit off and something tore up my swim bait this weekend.
  8. Got a handful of schoolies near Hoopers throwing jig heads. Big WP on the ultralight while getting skunked going after snakeheads. Hopefully this weekend will be better
  9. I went down blackwater/hoopers island. Got a couple schoolies throwing some plastic by the bridge. Snakes, big white perch and couple more schoolies and rats up in Blackwater. Probably going to be doing the same thing Saturday
  10. Anyone have any luck?
  11. Haha yeah. I was thinking warm thoughts but after walking outside those plans went out the window. They were hitting pretty good last weekend.
  12. Headed down to Blackwater Saturday. Might try and hit OC on Sunday if the wind lays down some
  13. Thank you for the input. I put a deposit on a Sportsman 120 yesterday but after reading this the 132 sounds like it would be a lot better for what it would be used for. I see you're in York I'm right off of 83 in MD. Once the kayak comes in lets fish sometime.
  14. Been getting them on small 2" swim baits and those 2 1/2" gulp minnows in the rivers. In the main bay was just getting them on bloodworms
  15. Can't decide which one to get and nowhere to demo one. Was pretty much sold on the 120 but now I've been second guessing since I need to pull the trigger this week. Does anyone have experience with both of them? Most of the fishing will be upper/middle Chesapeake bay and the tidal rivers around it, back bays of OC and Hatteras Island. If the conditions are right would love to be able to put out into the ocean. I hear the Bigwater (Predator) is quicker and better for long distance but the 120 is way more stable.