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  1. I don’t think Fenwick made ribbed blanks like that.
  2. How long is it?
  3. I’ll take the 706z for $130 shipped
  4. Its still not a Harnell LOL and not a Varmac seat. It would be marked if it were Varmac. And.... Im still guessing Montague True Temper or a Montgomery Ward, Sears type rod.
  5. I believe they were only made on 1979-80. The 1981 penn catalog does not list them. I have two, both made in 1979 and both have 4 to 1 ratio printed on the box. i have both the 130 and 130H. The 130H is an early one, using a standard 130 box with nothing more than a sticker placed over the gear ratio to show the higher ratio. I have the whole first series but missing the box for the 12W. If anyone has a box please let me know
  6. Is that all original? Stripper guide looks like the newer style with straight braces
  7. Too early to be a Penn. maybe True Temper or Montgomery Wards or something
  8. Yeah ok pal whatever i stated publicly he wanted them and that I was sending you his info. Why did you delete it? That’s not selling through PM
  9. Why was my post deleted? I told you a friend of mine would take these. Then I sent you his contact info and waited for you to send me yours
  10. In the last pic what rod is that in the green canvas sock with red rubber butt showing?
  11. How to we define “greatest”? I mean I will take my Daiwa Saltist BG30 over a Squidder (and most other reels) any day of the week. The Squidder is a tried and true classic but is outperformed by modern technology IMHO.
  12. Looks good i built something similar last year out of wood
  13. FYI to anyone wanting this you legally need to be CFC certified to buy it.
  14. Is that the original spool?
  15. Oh my. That’s embarrassing. I was really interested in this until I saw that.