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  1. South River Rods
  2. Are you advertising something for sale here?
  3. I never use braid as a shock leader.
  4. LOL you went back in time to 1989?
  5. Great deal guys!
  6. Thats cool. Why is the label under the grip like that?
  7. This is an important question for perspective buyers and not meant as a slam. Is this a newer model that was made after the recall and buy back? It was initiated due to the lawsuit that revealed that they hid defects from the public and the government. I had two of these that Eotech bought back from me at full MSRP. If it is an older model you would be better to submit it for the buyback.
  8. Is it a 512.a65? What model?
  9. II’ll take it at $160 shipped if you can send me a PayPal money rquest. I will send you my info
  10. Would you consider any trades?
  11. I don’t think Fenwick made ribbed blanks like that.
  12. How long is it?
  13. I’ll take the 706z for $130 shipped
  14. Its still not a Harnell LOL and not a Varmac seat. It would be marked if it were Varmac. And.... Im still guessing Montague True Temper or a Montgomery Ward, Sears type rod.