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  1. First generation build style Penn 16/0 1939-40 one of four known
  2. And nothing will change...
  3. I will take them. Pm coming with info
  4. I would like to offer $40 shipped on the 710
  5. No further comment from you is needed in my thread thank you.
  6. There is nothing respectable about that offer.
  7. Very nice 525 Mag reel. Super clean with box and all accessories. Located in Gaithersburg Maryland $180 plus shipping
  8. We are all entitled to our opinions. I happen to disagree with yours. I have the entire set of 600 series from the 603 3/0 to the 616 16/0. They are very nice reels. The 600 series were much better engineered than the Penn Senators. They cost much more than the Senators and I think that’s why ultimately they only lasted about 10 years in the late 40s to late 50s. The later True Temper version of the 600 series is not desireble at all. I see see you edited your post up top. If your 6/0 were in very clean shape it would be worth close to or a little over $100. If it’s dirty, corroded, and nameplate is worn you will get $30. Look at eBay. A very clean 16/0 616 just sold this week for $2600
  9. Its exactly what it says on the side plate. A ocean City german silver freespool reel. Its not a prototype. It had no name. They made a gazillion of them. I have one. I think everyone has one. Inductors are nice, but common and inexpensive. I have two NOS 250 models in boxes. By far the most valuable and desired Ocean City reels are the big game reels. The Orlando, Panema, Balboa, the 600 series, and the 800 series cradle reels.
  10. If you put all braid on a spool it may slip under tension. Backing gives braid something to bite into
  11. R.R. Bridge Fisher, that Johnson spinner is unique looking and very cool!!
  12. I don’t know man, thats a pretty one and collectors go bonkers fir nice Crack reels in the box. I have a Crack 300 in the box and a couple of the Luxor 3b predecessors
  13. Im in Gaithersburg where are you?
  14. A pair of beauties!