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  1. Thats an awesome find!
  2. Account suicide is always fun to watch
  3. Old school
  4. Here is my dads. It is an Olympic not a Daiwa.
  5. I believe its a Daiwa. I have one exactly like it that my dad fished in the early 80s.
  6. Did anyone bother to look up the patent number?
  7. Double post
  8. It was also refreshing to see something other than a frickin yard sale plug posted in this section LOL
  9. I would be happy to clean them up for you best I can since they were your great grandpa’s. You just pay shipping both directions
  10. Based on the logo style, the tailplate scene, and the fact it has no part numbers I would say it’s a mid to late 40s reel. Check the backside of the handle blade to see if there’s a part number on it. If there is the handle could be a replacement. If not I would guess that the reel is closer to the late 40s . The leather thumb drag was never made by Penn. It was sold as an accessory most likely by Pflueger. That is a nice reel to clean up and hang onto. You could soak the metal parts in white vinegar to remove the green corrosion and stop it from continuing. Then you could shine them up with your choice of metal polish. I would not put the side plates in any type of degreaser because that tends to dull them. If you do, don’t soak them for a long time. You could just gently rub them with WD-40 to get any grease off. Then after getting the WD-40 off, you could use a product called “Miracle Cloth” which is a polishing cloth impregnated with coconut oil. I used it on my reel restorations and it really shines up the side plates. Rub the cloth on the plate with a little force and then wipe the residue with a clean paper towel. Sort of like waxing a car.
  11. How does this compare in size to the 302 or Penn 700/704?
  12. Post some pictures when you can and i will try to tell you about them and when they were made
  13. just post the link to the whole article instead of copy pasting.
  14. Frankly I don’t care if you agree or not. My point being that the article headline would give the impression that what these divers collected looked like a New Jersey landfill when in fact it appears to be mostly fishing sinkers and misc gear related to normal fishing pier operations. They did not collect 1600 pounds of plastic six pack rings and Wal Mart bags.
  15. Looks to me like it’s just a bunch of stuff people got hung up on the pier and broke their line. Yes trash in our oceans is a problem however, they seem to be sensationalizing a particular non-issue. Would be nice to have a link or cite where that writing came from Jennettes pier in Nags Head NC has divers remove all that stuff about every two years. Two divers to do the whole 1000 foot pier.