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  1. I love the front cover photo. Zane Grey on the right. His boat Captain LD Mitchell center kneeling. i actually have four paychecks made by Zane Grey to Captain Mitchell. Each check is signed and endorsed by both IGFA Hall of Famers
  2. You mean the “plug ID” section LOL Thats all anybody posts in it.
  3. What does the other side look like?
  4. Can you post more pictures of it
  5. I turn around an point my rod 180* away from the lure. Line passes over my right shoulder.
  6. None of my Battles do this.
  7. Yes both are 1936 first year Senators. One has the original box and contents. The other has no box.
  8. I use the Delorean for that
  9. Its hard to pick a favorite
  10. Guys im far from an expert. Its hard to date them to a specific year without original box with catalog. I can only give you a date range based on a combination of features. That being said I am guessing late 50s to mid 60s. If you want the experts to look at them go over to Alan Tani
  11. Bennie, did you mean Coronado?
  12. Dont you think you are missing a crucial piece of information....
  13. LOL Bennie