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  1. Had this message sent to me by a friend - guess I wont be smallie fishing on the Delaware for a few more days. First the snakeheads moving upriver and now high bacteria levels - WTH !
  2. The water temps at Callicoon were approximately 78 degrees when that snakehead was caught.
  3. A friend of mine sent me this - Northern Snakehead caught in the Upper Delaware.
  4. Saw this on News 12. “ Two state parks will close indefinitely next week so staff there can help other nearby parks that have experienced more visitors this summer, officials said. Fort Mott State Park in Salem County and Voorhees State Park in Hunterdon County will close on Monday Aug. 10, the New Jersey State Park Service announced Friday. No reopening dates were given for either park as the park service said both would be shuttered for all use including passive recreation “until further notice.” Fort Mott State Park visitors were encouraged to visit Parvin State Park in Pittsgrove Township where guests can swim and camp or Tall Pines State Preserve in Gloucester County. People who frequent Voorhees State Park were asked to visit Spruce Run Recreation Areain Union Township and Clinton Township for camping or Round Valley Recreation Area. “
  5. Summer and early fall smallie fishing is one of my most favorite forms of fishing - generally you have willing hard fighting fish, good numbers of fish, top water action and I’m wet wading and enjoying the day.
  6. Fished my favorite lake last night since the Delaware River is blown out after the tropical,storm. Fished well into dark and got 10 about this size to eat a whopper plopper along the weed lines.
  7. They’re Creek Chub Pikies 3000 - bodies are 6 inches long - 8 inches from tip of metal lip to tail hook.
  8. I love that Gelato and save the containers for all sorts of stuff. Saturdays trip was a bit rough but I knew what i was getting into by going there so a weekend - I had to take the shot. I’ve been floating different spots in the Gap area for a few weeks with great results - i was due for a let down. The other reason I ‘ NEEDED “ to fish that day was this Tropical Storm is going to make the river unsafe / un-fishable for about a week - needed my fix. You said you had 2 bite offs - muskies ? I’ve encountered a few up there. Champlain in 26 days. !!!
  9. Thanks for shipping them so quickly - I have big plans for the pikies I got from you. I swam that one last night for LMB’s and had a really nice fish blow up on it right next to the kayak - went for the hook set a bit too quick. The other ones you sent me will be swimming in Lake Champlain early September for pike.
  10. Was itching to fish yesterday since the weather today looked unpredictable and the pending tropical storm is going to blow the Delaware out for about a week. I hate to fish the weekends it had no choice - the river was packed with people - there were 2 drownings in the area i fished - 1 person passed away and the other was pulled from the water not breathing - not sure if the were able to revive him. Fishing was pretty tough - I’m assuming the throngs of canoes, kayaks, swimmers, and tubers put the fish off. ‘Hooked 9 fish - only managed to land one scrappy little guy. The upside is the evening hours were nice and quiet and I did get a smallie to blow up on a jointed Creek Chub Pikie.
  11. I need to catch a hybrid. Regarding floating for smallies on the Delaware the River is predicted to be BLOWN OUT after the pending tropical storm. NOAA predicts the river will reach ~ 23,000 CFS. It will take about a week for the river to come back to a safe floatable level.
  12. Obviously you’ve seen my posts - you know what lures to bring. LOL
  13. Hit the river again today for some smallies. In the past few days a few of the fish I caught got the rear treble hook from the whopper plopper stuck pretty bad in their side - on one fish it put a pretty good tear in his side. My buddy commented that all the fish we caught on the plopper have all “ eaten the front hook and not a single fish touched the rear” So I decided to remove the rear treble - the lure swims fine and I easily landed over 2 dozen fish today. For the evening bite I fished some big slow back eddies and decided to switch up to a KVD wake bait - this fish crushed it. The first pic - this little guy deserved to have his pic taken because as I was reeling him in he jumped clean over the kayak at about my eye level. Note no rear hook on the plopper. Last pic - a nice easy launch - back up and slide her right off the roof racks into the river.
  14. Ill PM you once my schedule is firmed up for nest week. Also, have to keep on eye on the weather - tropical storm potential next week.. Weekdays are BEST - weekends to many trashy people out there. FYI - I usually peddle upstream and float back down - some riffles we need to pull the boats through. Do you have a pedal kayak ? It would make the trip easier.
  15. Maybe I over stated the degree of difficulty - but life is so much easier easier with shorts on. LOL hopefully none of us will have to actually self rescue.