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  1. Quick session before work yielded this thick shouldered spawned out northern looking to put some weight back on - that daytime blue gill waking bite never gets old.
  2. Started the day out pretty good with a nice top water smallie, then barely dodged a severe thunder and lightning storm and then the winds shifted and all that smoke from the Canadian brush fires came so I called it a wrap but top water smallies on a waking gill are pretty epic. Got a few dinky agressive guys as well.
  3. Got in on a mid day wake bait bite under brite sunny skies - nothing big but the bites were vicious
  4. My new tin boat - 2023 Grizzly tracker 1648 SC with a 40 merc, 24 V 80 # Terrova with a a single 24 v 50Ah lithium a simple mod I made to keep my rod tips from banging against the boat IMG_3714.mov IMG_4323.mov
  5. No drop in power as the voltage dropped that was apparent to me. With 2 people on board the boat came into the dock at 3.8 MPH in a strong head wind.
  6. I ran my grizzly tracker 1648 with a 40 HP mercury on the back on an electric only lake - 2 adults on board in a stiff wind for 12 hours and made it back to the ramp no problem. the app showed that I had 2% left - it only took 5 hours to recharge. my trolling motor is a minn Kota Terrova 24v 80# so I’m def happy with Enduro Power brand.
  7. 24 pounds. There’s a few reasons I went with EnduroPower - I needed a battery that was easily removable so I could charge it - theres no power where I store my boat - every other major manufacturer of single cell 24V lithiums was out of stock and when I called and left a message I received no response - when I called EnduroPower I left a message and as soon as they opened for business I received a call back - discussed my needs, situation and intended use the person on the phone recommended the 24V 50Ah with the appropriate charger. During, our phone conversation I found out he was the owner of the company so if the owner takes the time to answer the phone and discuss his products with me that’s a company I want to do business with. - friends of mine use their batteries in their boats and kayaks and all had positive feedback. Having the app so I can monitor battery usage through out the day ( on multi day out of town trips ) is very useful to me. https://www.enduropowerbatteries.com/collections/baja-proconnect-series/products/enduro-power-24v-50ah-lithium-lifepo4-battery-proconnect-series
  8. I have a 2023 grizzly Tracker with a 40 HP merc and a Terrova 24V 80# thrust motor and wanted a single battery solution for simplicity. after talking to friends I went with the EnduroPower 24V 50Ah ProConnect and couldn’t be happier. I fished Monday and Tuesday in very light winds and was on the TM all day and only used 34% in 2 days. Battery charges quickly, has an app so I can monitor temps, percentage of power etc. I used it on a day with 20 to 30 MPH wind and gusts and it only used 44%
  9. Appreciate it - a knew board is on my list actually I just have to get to it.
  10. Spent all my “ monies : on the boat and new truck. Lol bump board not in the budget at this point.
  11. Struggled today a bit - found some tiny guys that were bullies and def eager - then I found a decent one. all the fish were caught under brite sun with a 6” waking gill - the lake was loaded with gills.
  12. Def reach out to Brendan at bc.bait.co on instagram and mention my name he knows me well Jim137a on instagram also, MGC fishing in Hanover MA will be carrying his baits very soon.
  13. 95% of my bass fishing is in north Jersey - all those fish with the exception of one in the pictures are from North jersey I honestly believe that the bigger baits dry out the bigger fish, and generally weed out the little guys
  14. 2020 Hobie Outback $2500 Kayak is located in Landing NJ right near Lake Hopatcong State Park - exit 28 off route 80 W. Some scratching on the hull but they are surface scratches from many hours of fun use. The rudder lines do need to adjusted. Cables for the pedal drive could use some adjustment as well - The kayak as it sits is full functional and ready to fish. Comes with everything shown in the photos. Pedal drive Seat Paddle Crate with 6 rod holders All of the original documentation and spare parts kit 2 carts - the original Hobie cart as well a “ cradle “ type cart Tie downs Pads for roof rack Hobie flag with night light - not shown in the pics.
  15. It’s a 6” 2.5 wake called the Jinxd Wake made by a company called Bc.bait.co of instagram over the years it’s put some great fish on the boat and bank for me - all were caught in broad daylight, blue bird skies - it has a subtle wake that just triggers the bass
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