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  1. Had a few minutes to fish tonight and this bass just wanted all of my Mischief Rat. The take was so violent.
  2. Just one lil fella today.
  3. Finally throwing swimbaits on public water paid off for tonight. 21” at 5.7 #’s.
  4. It’s DRT Tiny Klash DRT - Division Rebel Tackle
  5. Just couldn’t find the fish today......this little fella saved me from the skunk - so sad.
  6. Got a few pickerel on a glide bait - hooked a decent bass but played him poorly……………
  7. Got a few more tossing a rat around tonight - still looking for a Jersey Giant..........
  8. Threw my Mischief Rat again this evening - got 4 VICIOUS bites but dropped the 2 better fish............waking a rat in the dark is so much fun.
  9. Had a decent morning session throwing swimbaits - got some vicious bites from pickerel and a chunky little bass. Took the yak out this evening looking for bigger fish and this one absolutely choked the Mischief Rat from @sac_pig on Instagram.
  10. Fished the prime hours of 9 AM to 1 PM - lol - any got a few small ones on a swimbait. I was glad to catch them since the timing and post front conditions weren’t optimal.
  11. A lot of my friends catch more than I do with “ conventional bass baits “ and I’m ok with it because i really enjoy glide baits etc and making them swim so fish eat them.
  12. Go for it !!! I personally enjoy the heck out of it.
  13. Finally had a chance to fish in conditions I like - nice and windy - wish it was a bit more cloudy. I just love throwing the swimbaits and it finally paid off a bit. The pond I was fishing has absolutely zero trout.
  14. Exactly- how do u not notice the bow of the yak being crooked while looking through the windshield- oh they were looking down at their phone and texting.
  15. Had a pretty decent bite on swimbaits today - just no big ones - eventually I believe I’ll find a good one.