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  1. It will be interesting for sure - opening day generally brings out the worst behavior in some people. IMHO Darwin is going to be working OT tomorrow.
  2. Looks like its open tomorrow
  3. I did a quick google search and this is the only info I can find - it does look like trout season opens tomorrow and is catch and release only. I checked the State site and there’s no info there so proceed with caution. I’d say its probably on tomorrow.
  4. Definitely a nice array of fish there but look at the belly on that catfish - looks like a 12 pack.
  5. Went to a new pond and didn’t see any signs of life at all. Fished my normal stuff - Rapala Jerkbaits, Kietechs and Zoom Flukes - nothing. I figured I’d switch it up and try a chatter bait but I must have grabbed the wrong bag and I only had buzz baits with me. Decided to try it out because nothing else was working - pitched it out by some timber and fished it real slow and wound up with a decent fish. I texted the pics to a few of my buddies and they’re all laughing at me “ who the hell fished buzz baits deep and slow “ BTW this is the first year that I’ve targeted LMB’s as I don’t wanna travel down the shore and Striper fish and its too early to hit the upper Delaware for trout. With this virus I’m really staying close to home and fishing local isolated ponds.
  6. Very nice. 11 fish makes for a nice morning.
  7. Winner - that’s definitely it - heres a link to website.|Lures By Type|Saltwater Lures#start=1&cgid=rapala-luresByType-saltwater
  8. It does look like an X Rap but every X Rap I have has black hooks and tail feathers - did you happen to change the hooks out ? I looked on the Rapala website and didn’t see that color scheme. this is an X Rap XR 10
  9. Even though it was pretty much a soaker rain wise up by me I figured I’d go out and explore some new ponds. I couldn’t see myself sitting home all day watching the news - its not healthy. got lucky and found a willing LMB.
  10. At least you got out and bent the rod.
  11. Put 3 little guys on the bank - I’m struggling size wise here.
  12. Seeing some nice fish posted today. I feel terrible posting these little guys but it was the best I could do. Got some new jerkbaits at Dick’s - your Oder online and they send you an email or text confirming you order is ready. Once you get the email you pull up curbside call them tell them your there and they run the order out to you. The girl came right out once I called and tossed the bag in my car. Also, Dicks is having a sale on Rapala’s - buy 3 get 1 free.
  13. Made it out again today, hit a few ponds while fighting a still ENE wind, some rain and feel like temps in the mid 30’s. I threw jerkbaits all day because I enjoy it - managed 1 small bass and 2 pickerel - hoping for more productive conditions tomorrow. I swear I caught this bass 3 days in a row - pretty much the same exact spot and roughly the same time of day - she’s my new steady. LOL
  14. Just ran across this article Shad are starting to come back in the Paulins Kill and Mustconetcong rivers in NJ.
  15. ‘Small world as I happen to know Shiah through Spey fishing - I’ve been known to swing a fly or 2 with a 2 handed rod. ‘’It’s good to know the Shad are moving.