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  1. 35 MPH Gusts had them tight to the rocks - pitched my 7” glide out there and let the wind and current bring it right too them.
  2. Great thread. Any of the esox fish are loads of fun - I definitely enjoy targeting pike and Muskie.
  3. Definitely a cool catch - LMB on a metal lip - I luv it !!!!!
  4. Absolutely couldn’t find the bass today - I threw swimbaits all day and saw 1 bass up shallow. My buddy fished conventional and only managed 1 14” bass on a chatter bait. However, the muskies were very active - I managed to raise 6 fish on a 7” perch glide bait. Three took the bait but only managed to land one - it was intense close quarters combat in standing timber so the 2 that slipped me ran me into stumps and threw the hooks
  5. Yes they do. They work well for me - I tried the rubber band thing and it was a bit of a pain - the safety caps pop on and off fairly easy - when I change lures I simply put the unused caps in my pocket or plano box I’ll DM you a link of the ones I bought.
  6. @Captain Ahab go on Amazon and search “ hook safety caps “. Keeps the baits from tangling and also keeps the hooks out of you fingers.
  7. Found a few willing mediumish bass that were willing to eat a 9” trout glide.
  8. Tough conditions today with NW 20 MPH winds and gusts to almost 40. I focused on wind swept rock points and found a few on a 7” glide bait worked tight to the rocks. This was the best of 3 today.
  9. @Newport Striper forgot to attach this pic. ‘’BGC makes a variety of baits, 7” glides and crank baits as well as the 9” trout. The 9” is amazing - swings 8’ left to right so again the drawing power is amazing.
  10. Switched it up,today and threw a megabass Kanata 7” jerkbait - the results weren’t so stellar LOL
  11. It’s a Big Game Customs aka BGC - he’s on Instagram and Facebook on IG he’s @559basshunter its 7” weights 2.6 ounces and is a slow sinking - it’s def one of the better glides out there it will swim in a nice slow S pattern and it’s arc left to right is about 6’ so it really draws the fish in. if u swim it faster it will have a smaller arc for tight cover but when u pause it it will do a 180 and look right back at the fish - drives them nuts. BGC does not paint so I sent it to @bna_custom_lures on instagram for the perch paint. it’s put some quality fish up for me in NJ
  12. Commited to throwing bigger baits today to try and find some quality bass - that plan didn’t work out too well for but the pickerel were all over the Klash 9.
  13. I enjoy the swimbait game - its 99% of what I throw for bass and esox. I do fish MS slammers at dusk and night when I want a softer presentation landing. As you know slammers are wood and wood lands a lot softer than resin baits do. I’ve has some epic bites with them. A slow retrieve with pauses at prime ambush points and cover seems to be the ticket. thanks for the kind words and glad you enjoy the posts.
  14. Agree with 90 % of what you stated but sometimes bright sun, blue bird skies and gin clear water are preferred - the fish can spot the giant baits from a long distance and if in the mood will track that bait down and sometimes they crush it and sometimes they just swim away from it. All of the baits are 10” to 12’ long and weigh 6 ounces and as u can see blue skies, clear and mostly calm water. First 2 pics of are my buddy who guides out of western NC - last pic is me.