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  1. Funny that you mention it - I’ve had zero cell reception and the internet service has been down for a few days. A neighbor is letting me use her wireless data hotspot.
  2. Storm coming across the valley.
  3. Cutthroat today fishing up on the Mesa. Just about swallowed the spin-bait and bled a ton so home for dinner.
  4. One on the board for the 6 y/o.
  5. It’s very cool. My folks did the reverse snow bird thing about 10 years ago and moved from FL to the Western Slope of CO in the Grand Mesa’s. There’s a spring fed pond by their place that’s loaded with brook trout(stocked long, long ago and they propagated….we fish it on float tubes) as well a stream that holds natives. Lots of wild life….their place is super remote - it’s eerie walking through the woods and knowing you’re not at the top of the food chain! We’re going to work our way through the brush up to a reservoir that’s probably untouched for years….the views from every direction are absolutely surreal.
  6. It’s fun, man. The scenery is ,of course, incredible. Fish were pretty willing today. All in all, good time.
  7. Interesting thing - it’s illegal to wade in the CO rivers except for select spots. Abutting properties own the river bed….just not the water flowing over it.
  8. Trout on the Roaring Fork, CO. Look I’m not 80 y/o!
  9. Or just paint the stairs with textured stair paint.
  10. Thanks! and for what it’s worth - that picture (from 7 or 8 years ago) makes it look in better shape than it was in. The seat back and adhesive seat cushion were a little chewed up and the sides were scratched thoroughly as if it was tied to a dock for a few years. The crack is just beneath that black mount above the foot well….I found it when I took the mount off.
  11. Thank you, guys. Good ideas here.
  12. I hate cowardly kayak thieves!
  13. See! And Tim said he though I was a cranky old person from the CnR mold!
  14. Actually, those two are quite nice it seems to me. Plenty more out there too although sometimes it’s easy to miss after the callous that develops from dealing with the difficult ones.