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  1. I was wondering more why his arm is up at that extreme angle? Strong arming those teeth??? What is he eating that takes that kind of effort to brush off?????
  2. Yep, kinda lame. Was concerned for the fellow.
  3. He should change his name to Richard Peter Johnson.
  4. What gets whacked?
  5. With the illness I guess you’d better celebrate them when you can.
  6. Now I get the HBD thing
  7. Too bad he’s gone, that’s all.
  8. Wrong. He’s already got like four crates of Lamisil AT in the mail.
  9. Are you calling Chumfish a creeper?!???
  10. Just tell them you had Covid and monkey pox of the dick. They’ll let it slide.
  11. Never touched it, but when I asked my mom to buy me my own container of TB she got pissed when she understood why I wanted it.
  12. I middle school kids would bring it in and encourage everyone to rub it on their lips….seriously!
  13. Dunno, but it’s great for chapped lips!
  14. Oh ok, I’ve got a few as most do as they reach middle age…what specifically are you looking for?
  15. Nope, nothing remotely like your ordeal. Lol