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  1. I can only assume so.
  2. Cocks
  3. Yes, it would be unforgivable if someone were to stumble across the words “penis lawnmower” on his computer.
  4. Fishers have a bushy tail as compared to other weasely beasts. We let our maine coon out although not at night - I’d think twice about it if she wasn’t bigger than most of the fishers and foxes I’ve seen in our area.
  5. Blue Jay tacos would probably taste better.
  6. I’m guessing 20” after you spiked it head first into the rocks.
  7. ^ ^ puts the ‘moron’ in oxymoron.
  8. Religion of peace is an oxymoron.
  9. Phase 2 is installing a 5 gallon bucket?
  10. I’ll bet anyone who captured a Sasquatch would examine his ass carefully.
  11. Perfect day for it......I can smell the BO from a window in the Prudential center.
  12. Three, primer included.
  13. No so much.
  14. And he will be if he listens to the nimrods