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  1. Best wishes, Red.
  2. Sharks need to eat too, jump in the bowl and you are the soup! Embrace it and season yourself accordingly.
  3. I LpE’d a few weeks ago but had to come back to show my support for the weathertec mats. They are great. Get them used off of eBay if you can and save yourself the dough though. They are indestructible.
  4. With a XL black stallion,no doubt.
  5. Developmentally impaired is the politically correct description.
  6. I made that for him like 5 years ago...he got tired of if I guess?
  7. Hope all is well, Jim.
  8. Ask JDeadman on the Truth About Tijuana Donkey Shows Dear JDeadman66: I've heard that the Tijuana donkey show featuring a female whore is not real other than the fact that they do bring out a donkey and do some simulation for people who are drunk. Down-Low Loco Dear Gabacho: You're wrong. I can confirm the full history of donkey shows, the borderlands specialty in which I have sex with donkeys before a live paying audience. Not only are they a thing in Tijuana (or Juárez or Acapulco or anywhere in Mexico frequented by tourists), they're actually a wholesale gabacho invention that says more about how America projects its fevered perversions onto Mexicans and Mexico than anything about Mexicans themselves. the Tijuana Bibles, the infamous X-rated comics of the Great Depression that showed all sorts of depredations, make any mention of such shows south of the border (the excellent 1997 anthology, Tijuana Bibles: Art and Wit in America's Forbidden Funnies, 1930s-1950s, even points out that the foul funnies got their name not because they were made in Mexico but "as a gleefully sacrilegious pre-NAFTA slur against Mexicans"). The earliest published account even mentioning donkey sex shows in Mexico doesn't pop up until 1975, in the book Binding with Briars: Sex and Sin in the Catholic Church. Before that, mentions of "donkey shows" in newspapers, books, or magazines were exactly that: donkeys on display at county fairs, and nothing else.
  9. Take him up on it, Terry! Normally it costs $8 to get in to the donkey show!
  10. Nah, I’d overpower you in seconds and you’d feast on a chunky monkey.