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  1. J Adams dances round the Milky Way He brought his ferry out to play His swollen moon was penetrated And greasy black hole, inundated
  2. J Adams loves to tickle the rings around Uranus!
  3. Jay Adams should take a ferry there....soon and without an oxygen tank.
  4. Keep looking and get your ducks in a row...this is probably a good time to score a deal and ,as a bonus, rates are incredibly low.
  5. So???
  6. Ahhh.....Red! She looks just like prebuzz- cut Red!
  7. Hey Bern, I bet J Adams will ass blast you into orbit for a first hand account,
  8. He’s in Maine so the bearded man was most likely a woman....whole thing makes more sense now.
  9. Just get a large strumpet instead.
  10. After what you did to this chicken’s ass, I think you at least owe it some alimony.
  11. MA has 3 times the mosquitos of FL somehow.
  12. Yoorine!!!!
  13. So, how was the sparkling water? If Tim knew you spoke the language he’d pay you overtime to clean up the Maine Forum.
  14. Says the Don Lemmon of SOL.....