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  1. Fortunately the only thing you’ve reproduced is worms in your digestive tract and awful posts.
  2. In all fairness both have had more gerbils stuffed in them than a Super PetSmart and Richard Gere combined.
  3. I’ve never heard of that dish but it sounds delicious. How do you prepare the dog?
  4. You guys have it all wrong….those are his TITS!
  5. I know I missed the party but a couple more thoughts here: …have you considered polka dots? I think that would be a stylish solution ( no matter what method you use to achieve.) Flex-Seal should do the trick. If that fellow can make a paper mache boat water tight it should work for your plug bag. If all else fails, there’s little I’ve seen that roasting over an open flame won’t darken up.
  6. You are certainly a master of nothing at any rate. Your softness harkens back to MarkG and his soft serve nambla overtones with a dash of Jane Goodall putting diapers on an ape(you’re the ape). So what I’m getting at is - why don’t you master choking on a banana or two?
  7. I’ll bet that thing casts like a champ.
  8. When did you get indoor plumbing?!?
  9. Maybe some lazy daytime fishing this spring.
  10. Did the string break or something?
  11. Or these. I’d take someone apart on the wrong day.
  12. Me too….don’t stand between a guy and his macaroni.
  13. They must have been confused when they found all that goat DNA in there.
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