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  1. Anyone have a pair of Vaporfly 6% in 13? I’ll take ‘em.
  2. You may be the first to mix ass play with the submarine sandwich service.
  3. Get your wife to contact Apple and notify them that the devise was stolen. There’s a “Find My IPad” utility that might lead you to Jim, I mean the invaders.
  4. Has anyone checked the shower?
  5. Where?
  6. I’m surprised you are not a fan....he loved the gays!!!
  7. I’ll bet there are several presents in your diaper.
  8. The Christmas Story in July.......4 STARS!!!
  9. The truth is the truth... believing it or not has no bearing on the fact ,assuming it IS one. That said, I’d believe anything for 10 virgins!
  10. Windknot would be insulted....
  11. I read that as Raider wanting to “stab” dudes when he listens to certain types of music. This should come as no surprise to anyone here.
  12. Stand out on the second bar on the incoming tide and pour a bottle of bleach in the water. Guaranteed at least two keeper fluke and a trophy bass....the trick is catching them as they’re flopping around on the surface.