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  1. Twas probably all those pork chops and Cape Codders.
  2. Yes, I have. A giant glowing orb that slowly rose and burned brighter and brighter(like the sun) for about 90 seconds before going dark and completely disappearing.
  3. The police would look in with a flashlight and think someone was smuggling a black market manatee.
  4. Shhhh.....reverse physiology.
  5. No clue what you’re yammering about, but, carry on.
  6. Hey CnR! I’m in the market for a carbon fiber bike to cross train on - any suggestions?
  7. I’ve a few loaded jigsmiths if I remember correctly and a few AH spooks. Seems like they are all solid colors though, some new and some used. Would you like pictures?
  8. Hello - I’ve got a an 11ft Vapor Trail 1-3 in great condition I’d be willing to sell. It was custom made by Rich. I’d probably be looking for $400.
  9. Hey Red, without reading 40 pgs, where in FL did you go? I grew up there but oddly enough wasn’t really into fishing until I moved to the NE.
  10. I’ve had to a few times. Celiac with a side of IBS is my guess.
  11. My blueberry patch has been a bit of a disappointment. Finicky but delicious things.
  12. Hangin’ in ! Hope all is well with you and yours, Tom.
  13. Nice of you to remind him, Dick.