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  1. This is my exact approach....I wish I would have added to my post above because taking a bite size chunk is really the only way to learn a beach or bay location. Once several beaches and bay locations are learned consistency increases. One must also re-learn after storms etc.
  2. I'm in agreement here. Something "not quite right" is probably spot on way to put it. Of course there are exceptions but I'd bet a sand eel acts very differently at night. Could be the inconsistent "action" (or lack of) of the needle better mimics a sand eels movements at night.
  3. This is profound because my step-father was that guy too.....everyone liked him and at the same time he was an expert outdoorsman. So is "nice old guy" the nature of some guys or is it their forethought to pass along respect for the resource before it's too late? I guess that a may just be a rhetorical question...
  4. Yes and have had luck with it. Can't remember tail color but never owned black one....def want one though. I always start with black needles at night but I will cycle through the bag if no action. I've been in enough situations where ava produced then action stopped at dusk only to start again with a blk needle or swimmer. That said I try to keep in mind rules must be broken....and rewards can come in doing so. I'd bet money there was, is, or will betimes when ONLY ava will produce at night.
  5. Not Lami but I fish a 4500 on a 8.5 rod. I walk miles so try to keep light but I can still land beast stripers in heavy seas. Using 20 braid helps me get over the bar which is rarely required. I'd need to have someone show me what balanced gear is prob not. That said, if it's important to someone than it's important. I prob have 210 yds on the 4500. Any more than that risk wind knots.
  6. Internet can help with techniques but my advice is forget about online for location and/or bite info as most is useless and not helpful to your skillset. Instead below is high-level list that will increase chances of catching fish. Items 2 & 3 can vary a bit while 4 thru 7 are location related which can change after even a mild storm. I learned something in the surf a couple weeks ago that blew me away. Being plugged in to your surroundings and determination go a long way. Also a "sleep is overrated" mindset is a must lol. I should add that the below requires "puttin time in" as they say. That said, you can imagine why fisherman get mad and crusty when they learn ANYTHING is posted online. 1. Learn how to read water which finds locations (a must before step 4) 2. Learn target specifies nature...feeding habits etc 3. Learn bait fish movements and nature 4. Fish locations during different times of year 5. Fish locations all times of day/night 6. Fish locations in all weather conditions 7. Fish locations with different lures/methods 8. For goodness sakes KEEP A LOG!
  7. That so great that you're willing to help because fluke can be so difficult. You're welcome
  8. Sounds like my kind of guy. "Super precision mindset" lol my family gets very annoyed with me because of that. I'm no machinist but I measure 4 times an analyze everything like crazy.....I know I do it but can't stop. Upside is things were right around your house....and all the money he saved hiring people.
  9. Yeah agreed. They live in a world of tolerances most can't wonder everything else comes so easy to those guys. My step-father did carpentry, stone work, plumbing, electrical etc. He worked at a tool and die shop and as an auto mechanic part-time at his friends garage. Unfortunately I wasn't around him long enough to absorb all those skills, but I learned most going through life....exception being the tool and die skills, which as you guys highlighted is a whole other level. I think the main thing I learned from my step-father was NEVER believe you can't do something.....the Marine Corp taught him that some transferred to me. I also picked up his love for the surf fishing.
  10. I wear tech fabrics.....a base layer and a breathable running pants. When its really cold I add UA compression as a 3rd layer. This works well but after I walk a couple miles the layers start to bunch up. I'm looking to cut back on the 3 layers if possible.
  11. I can see why. I really wish they fit me.
  12. Merino base layer is probably the direction I'll go. I was reading reviews on the top brands and many complain about holes developing in the garment and how fragile they are. Have you had any issues like that?
  13. Looks like no one so I'll share.... went into the Orvis store near me and tried them. They are of superior quality materials and solid build. Pretty sure they would have solved my issue wearing just them under my waders. I'm 6' 186 lbs so I grabbed a Med and Lg and proceeded the fitting room. Unfortunately, the Med fit too tight on the waist and the Lg fit to M was a 32 waist and the L was 38. I'm now considering a mid-weight merino wool base layer of some sort.... but for now back to 3 layers and the dreaded bunching.
  14. Thanks Cary all the best to you....I'm also one that enjoys reading your posts and comments very much. Also thanks for reminding me to thank those that run this site....been meaning to do that. I don't have lots of posts but I've enjoyed this site for 8 or so years. SOL leaves enough room for many points of view but it's not left to become a free-4-all for keyboard tough guys that enjoying stir crap.
  15. Depending on conditions the soft baits can be tough as can top water and swimming. I having said that, I have plenty of options like bucktails and the tins you have mentioned. I never tried this but years ago I saw a guy take off his tin and attach large lead sinker in it's place with a rubber sand eel above on a dropper.....extreme and strange but maybe not so much as he was fishing a teaser essentially. I believe Frank Daignault wrote about doing this somewhere.