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  1. Me three on keeping the log....highly valuable indeed. From a safety perspective, my dumbest is taking someone inexperienced out on a jetty with me in rough conditions at night. He was lucky. I was lucky really because the situation almost ended badly and it would have been on me.
  2. The black SS sinking worked in the dark again last night on IBSP.....I'm starting to gain confidence in it. The Boone was my go to so I was leary about sinking, but I just needed to learn how to fish it. As stated above there's many ways....last night dragging off the bar into the trough med-slow using rod tip to place a bit under the surface got strikes. IMO the SS sinking is more versatile, but it can't do what the Boone can. I have a blk Boone but it's hammered......would prob blow apart if fished so it's "vintage" man cave decor. I need to find nice floater....recommendations?
  3. I tend to over engineer, but followed KISS on my racks. ¾ gas pipe with PVC sleeves as rollers. This works very well. For heaver boats the studs can be sistered to add strength. My storage room is 11x17. BTW my boats won’t fit through the door however and friend loaned my his C-Tug which allows me wheel them out on their sides.
  4. Thx. I *think* agree 100% regarding the ocean. Now I don't know what I don't know, but currently I don't aspire to fish the ocean. At some point I may gain the confidence and I feel I've mitigated a lot of the risk, but it seems quite risky to me.
  5. That # doesn't work but I looked them up and left George a voicemail. Thanks man!
  6. I see video of bait boards, speakers, storage, electronics, rod holders etc. I know squat about self-rescue in cold water, or any of this for that matter, but I want clear paths back in.
  7. I hear ya. Bone spur in my toe (25 yrs of running) swells up and I stick it in a bucket of ice water.....initially excruciating pain then no feeling at all. Can't imagine entire body.
  8. Yikes that's pretty scary man. I prob would have let the yak go. Glad you made it home!
  9. Great points. I was testing the C-Tug loader today and had to push back the "young buck " inside my head....he kept saying..."go out now there's no wind...just stay near the launch you'll be fine."
  10. Thank you and esp for taking the time great advice and the leads on training.
  11. You're not far off but I am going to wait until spring.
  12. Thanks. I am searching for a pool. I like the idea of getting the re-entry basics down and then going out in cold water and doing it.
  13. Thanks much appreciated.....lotta greats tips here.
  14. Thanks Bill. Yeah surf guy for 40+ years along with boating. The risks I took in my younger days gave me a tremendous amount of respect for the ocean/bay. I should have mentioned spring is when I want to begin. At any rate your advice is solid and I thank you for it.