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  1. Here's the only rough spots I can find. Nothing catches cotton
  2. Mojo has deal pending. Tica still available at $50 from PP Beach to IBSP. Can also do local to the 08690 area code.
  3. I'll do 120. I'll pm you to sort out location.
  4. Thanks for the offer but the 5500 is a bit too big for me.
  5. Sorry about the delay. Just catching up.... been on the beach almost 24/7....not much to show for it either.
  6. I never get up that way. Best I could do in that direction is Princeton.
  7. Thanks but I'd birds nest a conventional in 2 seconds lol.
  8. No problem I get it....same drive etc for me. It's a great bunker slinger....I'll find a it good home.
  9. I fish 90% sandy surf and never had a stocking foot wader where the boots didn't fill with sand. I WAS using $300 Orvis boot well, but after a couple uses leaked. Orvis replaced them three times....then offered to give me a full refund or move me over to their Clearwater stocking foot with the boots. It was no additional cost to me, and I needed waders, so I decided to do it. The waders and boots look impressive....nice gravel guards, lace hooks etc. However, the first time I used them I remembered why I don't use stocking foot waders. Like with all the other brands of stocking foots, sand builds up under my toes....this becomes extremely uncomfortable when walking. Then there's the PRODUCTION of putting them on/off. To me the term "Gravel Guards" says it all.....gravel yes, sand no. Now I'm back searching for a boot foot wader that doesn't fit me like a hot air balloon, but that's another story...
  10. Rod is in excellent condition - $160. They make two 9ft models. This is their - Med Power, Moderate's the one you want if you plug. Local pickup from IBSP to Manasquan areas. Also 08690 zip. NOTE: if you have a Penn Slammer III 4500 we can talk about a trade deal.
  11. Price lowered - I'll go $60 or best
  12. They're correct!!! My log entry from 11/22/1997: water temp 56 degrees. Today 11/22/2021: water temp