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  1. In search of a Bassoline and Tog color pattern Mikes Commander. Offering $285 each if there NIP. Thanks
  2. Looking for a NIP Z glide. Let me know your price. Thanks !
  3. Bassoline, black, tog. Thanks
  4. Pm sent
  5. I will take it, thanks.
  6. WTT for a commander possible cash on my end as well. Thanks
  7. Looking for a few commanders. Pictures and price if you’re interested in selling one. Thanks !
  8. Looking for mikes commanders only
  9. 10' nex 1 1-5 all black with blue accents. in NJ
  10. Very clean ZX25 ( 2019 ) with 40lb suffix, power knob and original knob, box, bag, stickers. asking $975 shipped obo. Thanks ! IMG_2547.HEIC IMG_2548.HEIC IMG_2549.HEIC IMG_2550.HEIC IMG_2551.HEIC IMG_2552.HEIC
  11. I’ll give you $50.50. I’ll take it now. Please send me message
  12. Wtb odm back bay
  13. Condition good/new
  14. sorry @Huy i just placed an order for my own yesterday ! let me tell a buddy.