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  1. Have any kids you helped put through college? Time to get a pittance back.
  2. All these dead to defeat a popular dictator.
  3. Thanks, gents. Time to try the FG with 15 -20 # PP mainline. For years I've tied 3 - 5 oz + bait directly to 30# PP since 75 yards has been my normal actual distance. I've not had a snap-off in years and very few wind knots. Use straight overhead cast at distance from other people. Use old school surgical tape on release finger.
  4. HI Cam, What mono test and what knot to the PP? Regards, GE
  5. Covid closed a lotta schools. Not a "real" championship? Go Big Green.
  6. Will the current bunker die-off will yield a bumper crab crop?
  7. How about some of us old guys who no longer can handle lures? 8'n bait plus chair allows us to enjoy the sand. We fossils promise to save a prime spot for you.
  8. Before trying any removal / cleaning , consider applying the foam to a piece of scrap siding or to a hidden area then try the differing methods.
  9. Hi Tim, I had two cardio stents inserted via a groin incision in 2005. They continue to fully function. My 52 year old, non-smoker, daily work out, son had two inserted via micro wrist incision in early 2021 and he's 100% healthy. By happenstance the surgeon, surgical team and hospital was the same . . . Penn Health system. These blood vessels never repair themselves. Reluctance to have surgery is understandable but a more favorable outcome would suggest having this life-affirming action done asap. Regards, GE
  10. Had a AAA endoprosthesis, a big Y pipe, installed in 2016 via tiny incision in groin. It's still saving my sorry butt! My daily activities have not changed in any way and there are no restrictions or cautions.
  11. How about pliers made from depleted uranium?
  12. Any suggestions best book and web site for identifying fish? In particular for species found in the northeast?
  13. Hi Little, Though we disagree I try to be civil and respect your opinions. Can you reciprocate? GE
  14. In that 60 Minutes press interview Dr. Fauci statements were based on the best data available at that time. When more data became available in early April 2020 President Trump endorsed the CDC recommendation for masking of the general population. That recommendation has not been rescinded by the CDC or NIH as well as international health entities but some politicians have.