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  1. Makes superb lasagna without adding any fat.
  2. Anybody eat the wings from large spiny tail or cownose rays? They are large enough to easily fillet and feed the neighborhood.
  3. Casr iron for heat retention. Coat when very hot with vegetable oil. Clean after cooking. When replacing the grate, buy cast iron and simply lay it on top of the existing grate. Use more than one laid side-by-side to fill the the total surface area. My2C.
  4. Anybody try eating the wings from the 3' to 6' cow nose rays? Prep suggestions?
  5. When all else fails consider throwing a fresh chunk of bunker. For fresh bunker try Julian's B&T, Rt 36, Atlantic Highlands. You might find "outback" to be more productive than the surf but not as exciting.
  6. If you're lucky someday they'll have a grandchild or two who are way more fun than thier parents.
  7. The breath of his knowledge, mental agility and speed of recall as he glides across catagories is mind boggling. It will be interesting to see if he also has depth of knowledge in a future Tournament of Champions.
  8. Considering the replacement cost of a truck you may want to invest in getting the job done professionally. Unfortunately brush application cannot reach the key areas that will rust through. Asphaltic undercoating and soundproofong will not prevent rust and in fact can promote it. If the floor pan is rusted through the hollow sections (interior welded and/or roll-formed seams, rocker panels, cab corners, etc) are probably also gone. After replacing all the rusted out sections, consider finding a Ziebart franchise that does "inner panel rustproofing." To coat the interior of these sections as well as the interior and exterior of the floor pans, they use specialized spray tools and employ specialized skills and a true rustproofing coating. Back-in-the-day I owned a automotive rustproofing company and personally did over 1000 cars and trucks with not one rust out failure.
  9. Put a motion activated Cd or cassette deck player loaded with Wagner. Mice can't stand the it.
  10. Anybody a minnow reproductin expert? Are the Jumbos the breeders?
  11. You guys have me salivating.
  12. Puns rule!
  13. Too much of a healthy distance for us old guys lugging gear. When open, Parking Lot A rules.
  14. Hi Phil, Is there an address for those who would like to donate by mailing a check? Regards, GE