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  1. If you are considering a retirement activity that requires physical action please do it asap. Robust health is a limited duration asset. Assume time is short. Go for it. Have fun. You've earned it.
  2. Prayers continuing for Mary, you and your family.
  3. MW, Thank you for sharing with us. Mary is surely a special person. Prayers coming.
  4. To save about 10 - 15 % off the price offered by a franchise new and used vehicle dealer, consider buying a used vehicle from a current owner if you can say "Yes" to five conditions: The lender quoting 1.9% will allow this to be spent on a used vehicle from a private / retail seller. You are comfortable in dealing with a retail seller. You can evaluate the quality of the vehicle via physical inspection and receipts for maintenance and repair history. You have plenty of time to search for your ideal vehicle which may be 200-300 miles distant and over a six month or greater period. Are willing to learn what the fine print means on the vehicle's title since there are numerous terms describing re-built wrecks and other sketchy replacement titles.
  5. Do you plan to pay cash or do you need to finance?
  6. Which hospital and which surgeon has done the most of this exact same operation within the past three years? This is the one I'd ask for an opinion. Geography is moot. Assuming your prognosis is stable, consider scheduling the operation after a COVID-19 vaccine has been used widely for at least a year. Like fishing . . . with more experience the probability of a better result increases. You're a smart guy. You'll be fine. Regards, GE
  7. Their quality, service and value is legend throughout the automotive aftermarket. Phone their Anniston, AL headquarters for any "odor" observation 256-236-1118. I guess it's from their manufacturing process which requires melting the carpet's polyolefin backing between male/ female molds. While still-warm it was packaged before airing out. Just unpack and lay flat overnight or suspend from a clothesline. I have no financial interest in their business. They simply have earned a kudo.
  8. Sorry to have a differing experience from StripersBR with Zeibart rustproofing. If the vehicle is new, that is the metal is rust-free before being properly coated, it will not rust. Just make sure its Ziebart brand compound applied by a legit Zierbart franchise. Please note that the interior of all hollow sections should also be coated. However, if ferrous metal in not coated, that area area will rust and that rust can creep under an adjacent coated area. Workmanship as with any job is the key to success. If the tech applying the compound does not coat the total area, inside, edges as well as the obvious exterior there can be rust out. In fact, there are many thousands of cars and trucks coated with zero rust problems. It is a common error to call any undercoating including black asphaltic compounds that will fail to be called "ziebarted." I will assure you that the chemistry of the Ziebart compound per se is 100% successful.
  9. Try adding "REWARD" at the top of your ads / flyers. Less than a week after first putting out the about 500 flyers a person phoned to state he had "found your dog two miles up the road but didn't know who to contact." Zeus was collared but no tag. We did not discuss the reward. My son and I made the exchange at a well populated place, ie., WaWa. Upon delivery I gave the person $75 to "cover your costs", thanked him and departed. Zeus was quaking but recovered within 48 hours. I hope your ending is as good as ours.
  10. Next time you see someone walking on an all rock jetty or similar structure, consider taking the time to warn him / her that the soft stuff they are approaching is incredibly slippery. They will invariably thank you.
  11. Find a Ziebart franchise. Have them rustproof your new vehicle. They will use specialized spray tools to apply a thin film of their long-proven coating to the bottom exterior of your vehicle AND the hollow interior of its frame rails, doors, door frame, rocker panels, tail gate and the other hollow sections. They access these hollows by drilling small holes which, after spraying, are plugged with plastic caps. Consider having this work done asap after taking delivery of your new vehicle. I was a competitor, now long retired, who personally rustproofed over a thousand vehicles. It's well worth your time and cost to have them do a professional job. I have no financial interest in their business either directly or indirectly. Regards, GE
  12. A quality headlamp with red as well as white lights so as not to impair your night vision.
  13. If you have skin sensitive to "chemicals" consider SPF 50, breathable: full head and neck gaiter, long sleeve shirt, stretch gloves, ankle-covering long pants cinched with rubber bands and old sneakers. For any remaining exposed skin a light application of any high % DEET bug aerosol. Scary looking but effective. Lots of soap & water when home.
  14. Makes superb lasagna without adding any fat.
  15. Anybody eat the wings from large spiny tail or cownose rays? They are large enough to easily fillet and feed the neighborhood.