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  1. OK, I am willing to take the hit for this: Why, oh why, do folks have to lay these things down on the deck of their boat - even a carpeted one, for Pete's sake - to get a photo? I realize photos lend credibility to reports for some folks, but at what point does one have enough photos of the bass, bluefish, bonito, albies, or whatever they catch? Let me have it.
  2. Is it just me, or have Hab's Sr. prices bottomed out?
  3. Interesting. Never seen a BM with recessed grommets; can't really tell since it is hard to see, but the tail wrap looks off as well. Just saying. Dave
  4. I can see where folks would encourage you to fish them due to their condition, but I have always been of the mind that old, used plugs have that kind of "soul" that nothing new can match. It is so cool to see examples of Bobby's earliest work, especially in two designs that he doesn't make all the time.
  5. Hey Steve - Really good to hear you are once again getting after it on the Cape. If I know anyone who is going to be back at what he loves after such an ordeal, you're the man. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Dave
  6. Hi Jay - Hope you are well and that the New Year is good to you Just wondering if the middle plug above (no eyes or hooks) is a Beachmaster? It looks just like the one I lent Steve to use in helping to make his incredible double jointed swimmers - which you obviously have two of! Dave
  7. Ha! That's a good one! Actually, I am afraid to know what is in there, if there is anything.
  8. Actually, given the match up in size to the Lil Guys, it is most likely a Spin Atom. Also, one belly hook, as opposed to Jrs which have two.
  9. Thanks for the bit of history, cbchurch. I remember that catalog well; like the original SWS, it was a reminder that surfcasters rule!
  10. Would enjoy seeing the reel you have. Never knew The Surfcaster was behind the original VS design. Interesting that some of the features that they highlighted apparently were issues in the original, based on what I read from folks who used them and which led to changes/improvements over the years.
  11. Hi. Dave ,   Great job on the 7 Stripes podcast.  

  12. Sorry, Dave, I was not the Falmouth ramp yesterday.
  13. Hey JettyLings - Thanks for the help; I will check them out. Dave
  14. Thanks East Coaster for the help, but as you suggested, it's not the model I have. Still interesting to read.
  15. Hey Pat - I recall reading about the Rabbit plug back in the day in Salt Water Sportsman; I miss the days when that magazine was my entry into the world of fishing, especially for a kid who was limited to walking beaches and dreaming about the outer Cape of Woolner, Laine, and the rest of the legends of the backside beaches.