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  1. If firstling doesn't take the wooden needle, I will take it for asking. Thanks for making it available. Dave
  2. The information below comes directly from the Massachusetts Division Of Marine Fisheries Advisory published recently. You still have time to have your voice heard on this matter. I'm not going to express opinions on what needs to be done, but simply encourage folks to get involved in this matter. IT'S IMPORTANT! Striped Bass. The 2019 commercial striped bass fishery opened on June 24th with just two open fishing days per week (Mondays and Thursdays), a 15-fish trip limit for vessel-based fishermen and a 2-fish trip limit for all other fishermen, and a 34 inch minimum size. Through last week, approximately 215,000 pounds of striped bass have been landed and sold, accounting for approximately 24% of the available 869,813 pound quota. Currently, average daily landings are about 18,000 pounds. This daily landing rate is lower than at this time last year. If this trend continues, it is likely that landings will only approach 50% of the quota by Labor Day, and historical trends suggest fall landings will be even less based on declining participation and inclement weather that affects this small-boat fishery. Accordingly, DMF is proposing to allow commercial fishing four-days per week (Mondays – Thursdays) beginning Monday, August 19, 2019 or Tuesday, September 3, 2019. Labor Day will remain a closed fishing day and the bag and size limits will remain status quo. By increasing the number of open fishing days per week beginning in September, commercial fishermen will have more flexibility to access the resource on optimal weather days. Public Process Written public comment will be accepted until 5PM on Wednesday, August 14, 2019. Please address all written comments to Director Pierce and submit to DMF by e-mail atmarine.fish@state.ma.us or by post to 251 Causeway Street, Suite 400, Boston, MA 02114. DMF will review this written public comment and provide the Marine Fisheries Advisory Commission with a final recommendation for their review and approval at their August 15, 2019 business meeting. If adjustments to the commercial striped bass and fluke fishing limits are approved by the Commission, they will be announced following that meeting via DMF’s e-mail list serve and willbe published on DMF’s website.
  3. Hi Paul - Thanks for the offer; it's very generous of you, but I will just go ahead and do the PayPal. Aaron - Money is on its way. Dave
  4. Any chance you would take a USPS Money Order? I have to deal with PayPal, but I understand if that is the only payment form you accept. In either case, I will take these for asking. Thanks in advance for any consideration. Dave
  5. Hey Ryan - I want to work with you on this, so please PM your PP info and I'll get the money out to you. Dave
  6. I'll take the yellow for asking, please, assuming you will accept a USPS Money Order. Thanks in advance for any consideration. Dave
  7. Looking for any color. I have been collecting John, Sr., plugs for a long time (and using them, as well!), but I have never come up with the Cow Killer or a Jointed Danny. I'd like to see what is out there in terms of unusual colors in the Tally family. I was re-reading On The Run and in the chapter on Rhode Island the author has a quote from John concerning a charter captain up on the Cape who loves his squid plugs (at least I remember it that way; I should have looked it up to quote verbatim, but I'm lazy!). I am said charter captain (although I like to think of myself as more of a guide) and I spoke with John directly and he was good enough to provide me with an ample supply of his squid plugs. My nephew called up a 40+-inch fish in Woods Hole with one of the Scrappers at slack tide in Woods Hole; they were worth their weight in gold - at least to me. Well, enough babbling; let me see what you have and thanks for any consideration in advance. Dave
  8. I'll take for asking, Justin. Is USPS MO okay? If so, it will go out tomorrow. Dave
  9. FishLava2MTK and Skinny Water - You're killing me! Every time I want to stop, something amazing shows up. Seriously, very nice plugs. Bobby's scale work is second to none. Dave
  10. Thanks for the positive comments guys, but I hate to admit that these are the just the ones I added recently to the roughly 800 to 1000 already in my collection. I am reading an interesting book called "The Feather Thief" about the obsession among fly tiers, especially those that tie salmon flies, for rare and very expensive feathers, to the point where one of them broke into a museum in England that housed the largest collection of rare birds and feathers in the world. He sold them to tiers, including on eBay, but was eventually apprehended. So I am beginning to worry about what I have gotten myself into!
  11. Obviously I have too much time on my hands given these "displays", but I did them on the Fourth and I thought they kind of looked like fireworks. These are all the Beachmaster's I have picked up over the last several months. So now you know what an obsession looks like!
  12. #1 - Threads with lists. #2 - Threads with lists. #3 - Threads with lists. #4 - Threads with lists. #5 - Threads with lists - especially this one.
  13. I will take junior Lordship for asking, please, if a USPS Money Order is acceptable. Thanks in advance for any consideration. Dave
  14. Thanks, Pete. Very interesting and very nice, as with all BM plugs. Dave
  15. Excuse my question, but these look a little Pikie like. Am I in the ballpark or they are a variation on Torpedos or Rattlers with a little curve to the slope? Dave