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  1. I don't care what kind of water it is and what is in it - that's a right proper spook dance!
  2. Hi Paul! Is there some of your magic involved?
  3. Latest addition to the collection, courtesy of Larry Wentworth of Bigfish Bait Co. Great work as always.
  4. It sure is; looks kind of Parmly like or perhaps a New Jersey builder familiar with his work and decided to try his hand at something similar. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I do have one and it is never going anywhere! I have been searching for one of your Bernie Myers for a while; I was in the hunt for one of eBay, but it got away. Sort of my like my fishing experience!
  6. Bobby is going all out on his spooks/faptails! Those drilled out bodies are really something. Am I imagining something or are the heads on those two just a bit different than the jointed and the one with the flap attached? Thanks, as always, for sharing.
  7. I should have known; nobody does hardware like you! How in the world did you manage to shape brass like that for the flaps?
  8. Hi KurtGett - Some great Russo's there! Did you make the reproductions? Fantastic work, no matter who did them, I especially like the brass flaps, that look original, perhaps for some other plugs that might have seen better days. Dave
  9. Nice, 7 Rivers. I believe one is a GreenPoint/Sharpeye, but what about the other? I really can't make out the name. The GreenPoint I have have a flap made out of wood and I have been looking for one with a metal flap as well.
  10. I would say you are hooked on Hab's, for sure!
  11. I so appreciate everyone's contributions to this thread; makes me realize how flaptails are such a productive and impressive plug design. Those plugs Slaptail shared are just incredible; such history and such difficult pieces to find. I hope folks keep them coming. I have a new one I plan on sharing once I get to my camera!
  12. I'm trying to place the original Adam; Masterlure perhaps? Great work no matter what. Thanks for sharing. Dave
  13. Thanks for sharing your input, Ladyfish. Since I am the "instigator" of all this discussion, my original point concerned whether the making a connection between fly names and the potential for sexual violence wasn't taking things a bit too far and that's why I especially appreciate these words of yours: "Back to the original question; I understand the names and the bawdy humor. And as long as that's all it is, OK, call it what you want. I'll have my own nick-names for them. But, if it takes a different direction and real people get hurt, that is a different story." I guess the question that has to be ultimately answered is what does "hurt" constitute such that it needs to be addressed as a dire matter worthy of such indignant condemnation and gnashing of one's teeth.
  14. Very nice, Wharf Rat! I've always thought it was interesting how so many great builders like Gary experimented with flaptails. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Hi Adam - I was wondering where all the Rhode Island flaptails were; now I know. Great All-Arounds and even better paperwork, if that's possible. Thanks for sharing. Dave