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  1. What kind of rods are you having trouble with the reels fitting? Never had the issue myself.
  2. I know you want cheap, but even when it comes to cutting up bait a quality knife is worth it in the long run. Been using the same kabar bowie for years to not only cut bait fish, but also to clean fish, act as a spliting wedge, chop small logs, etc... I just touch up the blade here and there and go at it some more.
  3. I was wondering the same thing when he pointed out the cost of those knives
  4. His question was loaded as heck, wasn't it?
  5. I don't get it, people like being packed and stacked in a city that ignores the constitution to ensure that the individuals has no rights.
  6. It all started with Kissinger and Nixon.
  7. Do people still live in NYC? I never could.
  8. And people eat it up like as if they were quarter pounders being offered for free at McD's. They are "Loving it".
  9. Old curmudgeons would be the powers pulling the strings in any generation for their own profits at others expenses and to achieve their own aims through manipulation of the masses, the greedy power hungry individuals you speak of. We are speaking the same language. China's dominance, I feel, was planned.
  10. Gottcha.
  11. I am fond of Ontario Knife Company's knives, though I do not know if they fit into your price point. Find something from them on Amazon.
  12. Twisted and confused.
  13. Technically, it is old curmudgeons who where the ones who sold the US industries out to China. Also, we must not forget who raised the majority of the current young population either; the media and entertainment industry which was built by curmudgeons. I can't speak for all or even most young folk, but there is still a good portion of us whom are still doing our best to grind out an honest living, raise families the right way, all in a pretty twisted and confused world.
  14. The rod's total length as it stands is 10ft 1in. Now I just have to figure out guide spacing.
  15. I went the direction of a split grip to save myself from having to find a way to cover up a seam if I covered the whole butt in EVA and because it helped me keep the butt more uniform in appearance. I made the butt 25in in total length. I set up the blank first using the butt cap, a 10in section of EVA and a 4in section of EVA that would mesh flush with the 8ft rod section and reel seat. Another 7in was coated with epoxy and inserted into the 8ft blank once the EVA pieces were in position. Since I used the exact same blank to make the butt as the 8ft top section the fit was snug and secure. The reel seat was mounted at the absolute edge of the 8ft section flush with the 4in piece of EVA that was mounted on the butt, which gives the rod handle a nice uniform look through the butt I feel. It is simular to what you recommended TJ, just modified slightly. I am curious to see how this design holds up once I start hitting the water, but I do feel good about it as of now. These xxxh e-glass blanks have walls that are about 3/16in thick at the areas where I joined the butt with the end of the 8ft section. This is my first build, it definitely has been a learning experiance.