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  1. UFO

    Well, if you are as powerful as the US is, you can keep most things secret. After that any information leaks can quickly be brushed aside with plausible deniability and labeled as conspiracy theories.
  2. UFO

    Area 51 is only one base of hundreds. This slow roll out of confirmation that extraterrestrials exist (world governments have known this for decades) is a work up towards a controlled disclosure.
  3. Exceed the "mask requirements"? Is that like wearing a plastic bag over your head and zip tying it around your neck to create and air tight seal?
  4. From what I have seen (not seen might be a better phrase), the annual flu is extinct.
  5. Being infected by C-19 does prevent you from catching C-19 again. Only in very rare cases does an individual still remain suspectable to C-19. Same goes with the "vaccines" which at best only provide protection in 95% of people. Anti-bodies are what the body uses to help fight viruses. The body stops producing anti-bodies when a virus is defeated. A body maintains its immunity over time through the use of T-cells and B-cells which keep memory of viruses and produce anti-bodies again when the virus is detected at a future date. Interesting research was done on people who had been infected with SARS Covid 1 back in 2001-2003 (this virus was a much deadlier variant of C-19). Those individuals have complete immunity to C-19 nearly 20yrs post infection. That study is very promising as far as I am concerned.
  6. My wife and a friend of hers bought half a cow from a local farm and split it. The meat came to $2.50 a pound. Buying local can pay off. My wife also bought half a pig from the same farmer. Cow + pig = burger with bacon. My wife is awesome.
  7. Is it just me or is "Nicky da Fish" come off as anti-semitic????? This is the same guy who claims he is a proponent for civil rights of black people, homosexuals, transexuals, and who knows what other groups, yet he has no problem wishing death on Jewish people (a people that have been down trodden, persecuted, and killed because of their race for centuries). Is this irony?
  8. It is sicking that fools can twist a comment regarding someone being irresponsible into something about race. I am glad you spoke up as another voice of reason. I don't understand, as a parent myself, how you could either get your wife pregnant or allow yourself to get pregnant immediately after such a traumatic pregnancy. It was irresponsible of her.
  9. You are a smart man. This should be common sense.
  10. The fact you assume race was my concern was racist of you. You have not a damn clue, you just paint everybody the same under your presumptions pompous backwards as hell ideology. I took one look at her age and said this is a stupid irresponsible college kid. What do college kids do? They party. You are the one who assumed race. You say that she was married, that is actually worse. It means that her husband was not looking out for his wife who had just gone through a serious complication with her pregnancy. He got her pregnant knowing they had a very sick child and that his wife had some medical issues that needed addressed by an OB. Where was her husband when she nearly miscarried in both instances? I can tell you where I was when my wife miscarried the first time and the second time. Right by her side supporting her. I can also tell you we did not take the process of her getting pregnant lightly. You also then inferred that Catholic white women are better people then black women. Now that is racist. You make me sick.
  11. Weird how that works, isn't it?
  12. He already approves of criminals killing thousands of black women and children every year here in the US. He also approves of abortion as a means of eugenics to be used in exterminating hundreds of thousands of babies every year in the US. And you think 3 is enough for him?
  13. It is only a roman candle until it slinks through the iron dome and levels a city block.
  14. Lol! Sounds like a great way to burn some cash. I like all the wild flowers growing up in my yard. It attracts the deer who fertilize my yard.