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  1. History has demonstrated this time and time again. An evil ruler trying to accomplish evil deeds can accomplish nothing unless your average every day person is willing to act in his behalf. The greatest threat to any man's freedom is not a ruler, but his fellow man who has bought the lies of a ruler.
  2. This is sad. Especially when you consider that most forms of rap are designed to bring black people down through glamorizing the murdering of black people and promoting loose life styles that lead to out of wedlock child births. By the way, did any of you guys see that UC Berkeley students are enforcing "Jewish Free Zones"? That is hard core racism.
  3. I have always taken rods on planes with no issue. Carry it in your hand as a carry on item and put it in the over head bin. I do 2-piece rods only. 50/50 split up to 10ft is not an issue. Heck, I have even done 8ft rods butted into the handle. Most over head bins are big enough to fit a grown adult. I do prefer Southwest.
  4. More like carve up the US like pie and share amoungst themselves.
  5. Interesting choice of words.
  6. This is to true.
  7. I was actually, though I shouldn't have been surprised. Came across the recording the other day.
  8. When you look over this thread it is amazing how many conservatives and liberals have joined hands and boarded the war wagon together. Anymore I can't tell the difference between Nessmunk and Brian when I do bother reading their posts on occasion. Weird.
  9. I believe Condelleza Rice made threats quite some time ago. Maybe even during the Bush era.
  10. And that is why there will be no peace negotiations. The Nordstream pipeline was taken out to force Western Europe's hand and deny the potential for peace.
  11. Right. Definitely not a form of censorship. Using the ignore button on anyone is pathetically weak anyway. If you don't want to waste you time, just don't read the other guys posts. I almost never read Brian's (amoung others) comments, though I know he is constantly saying stuff to me in replies to my comments. His time wasted, not mine. That is the beauty of not censoring people, you as an individual are able to retain the right to read what you want or not read what you want.
  12. It really is that simple.
  13. Sadly, regardless of how idiotic her words might be, many people latch on to them and cheer.
  14. That is what happens when you trust liars. Everyone knows all politicians are liars, but they insist on trusting them. It is the definition of insanity, or maybe it is just called being a "sheep".
  15. It is easier to control the desperate then the strong.