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  1. Tackle Industries makes 2-piece 9ft Musky rods with a 50/50 split. The powers range from MH 1oz-4oz on up to XXH 4oz-16oz. I have used the XXH for sharks paired with an Okuma Andros 5ii. The MH paired with a Komodo 471 makes a good rod for casting lures or for bottom fishing smaller fish like snapper and blackfish. The rods break down and fits nicely into overhead bins on planes, but they hold up without issue for smallfish or big fish. Could be just what you are looking for.
  2. I don't live vacariously through the success or lack there of of my favorite pro teams. It is funny that you are so defensive. I would rather talk baseball with a Yankees fan then a Red Sox fan, lets not get into hockey. You get the point yet?
  3. Did the constant youtube videos of goliaths being caught create issues?
  4. How bad does a guy gave to suck when competing against other men that he feels the need to compete against women?
  5. Wonder what they will say when their daughters get passed up for female sports scholarships.
  6. How much longer will female sports last before males identifying as females run females identifying as females out? Where are the feminists to protect female sports? I can't imagine what Olympic beach volley will be like in another decade, kind of scary.
  7. I didn't believe it, researched it though, and you were not kidding. Considering how teachers are being fired for being biologically correct, I am thinking home schooling for my kids might be necessary. That case in VA is not the only case were a teacher lost their job over being scientifically accurate. Makes me wonder what anatomy and physiology class will be like in a few years.
  8. Laws do not force anything and laws are not always the "right" thing either, especially when they violate the Constitution. Laws require the people to adhere to them and that is it. Laws can also be changed if found to be unconstitutional should the person or persons who broke the law decide to take a stand in the court of law.
  9. I like that "chomp" feeling myself. Last night though I could not get past the buffalo as they were slamming my stick baits before the walleye could. Unfortunately, because buffalo have such small mouths it is incredibly difficult to keep hooked up as the hooks have to catch just right on their lips. The one fish that stayed pinned on sky rocketed out of the water about 3ft twice in a row right after the hook up. I don't know why, but in cold water buffalo become very aggressive and predatory. I couldn't get them to hit the jig though, just the stick bait.
  10. Seriously? You are kidding, right? Where are the feminist's outcries about men infringing on women's turf?
  11. McCarthy, Norv Turner, Marty Schottenheimer, John Harbaugh, Mike McCoy, Sean Payton, Mike Holmgren. That is just for starters. They all have had QB's and teams with superior talent compared to what the Steeler's have had. Big Ben is just as much a liability as he is a benefit to his team, he is grossly overrated.
  12. It might be true if it my statement was only applicable to Pats fans, it applies to sports fans from that region across the board.
  13. The colors on that bass are actually really beautiful, they seem bolder and darker then usual. Good catch.
  14. That is some awesome by catch! Tip for next time, keep a musky rod with you for those times where a walleye bite should be hot, but turns out dead. They are usually hiding from something much bigger. I caught my PB ski that way. Eyes were hot then the bite died abruptly, I picked up my musky rod that had a sucker crankbait on it then wham on the next cast.
  15. That is good to hear, I will have to get a bag and try it out. The other option was to start looking into custom soft plastics as they are much softer.