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  1. When I really think about it, the Penn Fathom 12 or 15 nonlevelwind is the best big cat reel you can get for the money. I can't think of another reel that has more for the same or less then one of those Fathoms. The Komodo is nice and every bit as tough, but is still much more expensive.
  2. Fish from shore so no need to buy gas for the boat, buy Penn Fathoms so no need to upgrade drags, catch your own bait so no need to buy bait. Life is good for the shore bound hardcore catter.
  3. Don't know anything about that rod. Sorry.
  4. Sounds like he is a good guy. Where I live blue cats were wiped out in the beginning of the 20th century and have yet to make a come back. The PAFBC does not seem to care that a native species was wiped out and no longer exists in its once native waters; all while they spend millions to stock and protect non-native/unnatural species of fish in every body of water they can find. People assume big catfish will always be there and can not be wiped out so you end up with a lot of people who keep every cat, including the big ones, like the catfish grow like weeds. It is always good to see people who appreciate those big cats as a gamefish and release the big ones. Again, good on your buddy CJ! I would love to fish with him.
  5. Awesome cat! Those blue cats are beasts!
  7. A 12ft Tica Dolphin XH. The rod barely loads with 8oz. It is a good match for that size of reel.
  8. Scoob does have some good points about fish handling. When you enjoy your fishing you want to protect what makes fishing enjoyable. When you see people doing things that needlessly harm what actually makes fishing worth while it pisses you off. It is why bowfishing, especially for trophy catfish and big carp, burns me up so much inside. These fish are being killed and wasted. Senselessly killing a 30yr old plus flathead or carp does not make you a man. Back on topic, I handle big flatheads better then most of you guys handle your trout and bass.
  9. That reminds me I need to crush the barbs on the hooks I use for trophy flathead catfish like I did in the past, just have gotten lazy and forgot.
  10. The Penn 5000 sized reels are closer to the Shimano 8000's. That Penn 8500 you have will hold around 700yds of 50lb braid. If you are you going fishing for sharks that reel would be a winner.
  11. He mentioned that he thoroughly checked his guides in the manner you described on the first page.
  12. Ok, once you try the 30lb BG mono get back to us. I am 100% sure it is your Vanish. The second you mentioned Vanish on the first page I thought to myself, "Bingo!". If it was a guide causing the issue you would be tearing up your braided line. It is not your leader length or your leader knot that is the issue either. I have used an FG to attach a long 30lb mono leader, that is wound on to my reel, to my 20lb braid mainline when casting 2oz to 4oz weight or lures for years without issue. You should be able to snap cast with 30lb mono as a leader without issue on any weight 3oz and under.
  13. They already have a Lexa 400 with a clicker. Only down side is that it does not have mag brakes or the stainless steal gears.
  14. So you managed to break 30lb BG mono on the cast too?