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  1. The 471SS and Lexa 400 are the same physical size for the most part, the Lexa has a longer frame while the Komodo is slightly wider. Boh reels also have the same size main gears. The differance is that the Komodo 471SS can hold 300yds of 65lb braid vs just under 300yds of 50lb braid for the Lexa 400
  2. Yeap, the Komodo has a non-disengaging levelwind Only down side of the non-disengaging levelwind is that if you reel all the line onto the spool you need to resync the line lay with the levelwind when rethreading the levelwind.
  3. Easy, Okuma Komodo 471SS.
  4. Yes.
  5. Like I said, you just can't trust what the line package says. I sent Aqua a lot of those sufix line samples and it was interesting to see how much the line companies fudged their measurements.
  6. So long as you know what those rods are like.
  7. Have you ever held or seen a 13ft Okuma Tundra in person?
  8. Don't believe everything you read. 30lb Sufix 832 is said to have the diameter of 8lb mono, yet you can barely get 300yds on an Abu 6500 when spooled on tight enough to crush the spool. The Abu Garcia 6500 is rated as having a capacity of 320yds of 12lb mono. Notice the discrepancies? I don't estimate or guesstimate the amount of line I get on my reels.
  9. I understand that braid needs to be wound tightly. I would not recommend any diameter of braid for a beginner as you are recommending. I am making a point about what kind of braid is better to use on these kind of round reels, something with a breaking strength of around 70lbs makes no sense on a reel such as these 6000 sized round reels that neither have the frame strength or drag strength to make use of such lines. Maybe the benefit would be in rocky areas where thinner lines could get cut? Regarding the drags on these reels, your 6000 sized baitcasters come with carbon drags already (Akios or Abu) there is nothing to upgrade. Even then, the frame of these reels is not designed to handle higher drag numbers then what they are originally rated for; so what good does 50lb braid do for you on one of these 6000 sized round reels? I use 30lb braid, never had digging issues either. An Abu 6500 will hold exactly 300yds of 30lb Sufix 832 which maximizes line capacity, improves casting distance, and the reel even at its max drag setting will never come close to breaking 30lb braid. Knowing this, why bother spooling up with line as heavy as 50lb braid? Line capacity is limited and the reel can not take full advantage of the incredible breaking strength of 50lb Sufix performance braid. I could understand 50lb braid if these reels had a drag output of 20lbs - 30lbs, but these reels are best when not used above 10lbs. Maybe there is a quantifiable difference in casting distance between thinner and thicker braided lines, maybe there isn't, but from experience I get better distance on the cast with thinner braided lines. Regardless, the OP/beginner is smart for making the decision to spool up with 20lb mono, 17lb mono would work just as well.
  10. Your Abu style 6000 sized baitcaster does not hold very much 50lb braid. Maybe 175yds if you spool the line extra extra tight, we haven't even taken into account a shock leader. At the same time, these reels can only manage 10lbs of functional drag before the drag starts getting dodgy with how smooth it operates. Why spool up the reel with such a strong line that will cost you line capacity on a reel with a limited amount of usable drag? The 6000 sized round reels will hold 300yds of 30lb Sufix braid, more then enough strength to take full advantage of these reel's drag power while ensuring excellent casting distance at the same time.
  11. Lexa 400HD, spool with 50lb braid. The Komodo 471 is a better big fish reel (sharks included), but the Lexa has the mag brakes you want and it can still take care of itself.
  12. Can illegal immigrants pay taxes? I don't know, but I also can not see how they could pay taxes.
  13. So, rather then provide assistance to the tax paying citizens who might be having trouble taking care of their medical bills and buying their medications, CA decides to take care of those who neither pay taxes or are here legally????? It IS a slap in the face to those citizens who are making an honest effort to get by.
  14. Why did you even bother paying PETA's comments attention?????