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  1. Those people at Dicks screwed you royally if you were within that 60day window with a receipt. Was the reel called the Stratus by chance?
  2. If I was why would I make the point that I go to Shimano and Penn for spinners? Okuma makes great conventional reels, the strongest big low pro IMO, and great rods.
  3. 60 day return policy, why wouldn't Dicks except the return then?
  4. Like I said, your story doesn't jive as Dick's as never had a problem excepting returns within their 60 day return time period so long as you have a receipt. Regardless, I learned long ago it is better to just stay away from any reel in plastic bubble packaging regardless of the brand.
  5. Actually, depending on what class of reels you are looking at, they already have.
  6. Danai G. didn't need a butt double. Makes life so much easier.
  7. I guess Maine anglers will need to adjust by going from rod and reel to using wooden spears. The wooden fishing spears will preserve fisheries and fish species by ensuring that no fish swallows a non biodegradable lure.
  8. Understandably, my first legitimate experience with Okuma was a Komodo 364P, so beyond the release date of that specific reel my experience ends there, but the experience was extremely positive with that reel. I still only use their conventionals and their Komodo, never did get into their spinning reels though. The only spinner from them that I fished up till now has been the Azores, a solid reel, but not enough to trump the Shimano and Penn spinner offerings. Still, when I lost a number of parts to an Azores through my own fault, Okuma had those parts on my door step for no cost that same week. I know Okuma left a bad taste in some people's mouths, but I appreciate the fact they realized they can be so much more and they are taking active aggressive steps in that direction. I can't judge Okuma based on the distant past, but I can vouch for their service since I first started using their products.
  9. That zero bearing idea by 13 fishing seems to have a big benefit. And the ARB held up just fine too?
  10. Drips yes, but drips are much easier for a reel to handle vs splashes, sprays, and dunks. I would like to see the inside of that Tranx 400 myself, it would be interesting. Speaking of which, I wonder if scoob has done any maintenance on those low pros he has been playing with, maybe he will skip the maintenance on them for a year, then crack them open and show us what they look like.
  11. I don't think his use of the Tranx exposes it to nearly the amount of salt spray and splashes as it would be exposed to if you took the same reel out in your kayaks. The low pros seem fine from boats, jetties, inlets, piers, and calm beaches from my experience, but things change quickly when the reel spends its time just inches above the ocean.
  12. Okuma started out as a purely oem fishing equipment producer which they still do produce oem gear which they then sell to stores for those stores to sell. I am not sure why Okuma leaves their name on the container and reel though. Regardless, the story Sudsy is telling sounds like total BS to me. Dicks has a very liberal return policy up to 60 days after purchase; receipt is all that is needed and you get your money back or get an exchange. I can see Okuma not supporting a store exclusive oem reel though, most of those Okuma reels you see in Dicks are not even on Okuma's website. (Note: I could also see Okuma not honoring a warranty if there is no receipt or proof of purchase, but that would be something any company would require).
  13. Same here. Unfortunately, because Okuma is also an OEM reel producer many people have not figured out that there is a big difference between reels Okuma makes for others and reels Okuma makes for themselves. Okuma will always back their own gear.
  14. What reels? And how long ago? Something tells me that they were the Okuma oem reels made for Dicks stores only. Dicks sells a number of oem Okuma reels that Okuma does not even list on their own website.