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  4. Thank you all for the replies. Ill definetly be going before 7am. Aiming for around 5:30-6:00. Maybe ill save a few bucks. Ill probably try the fishing beach first, then work my way up. Looking forward to leaving Staten Island. As far as equipment goes, I have a med-light 9' spinning rig. Is this enough or should I be looking to bring something longer and heavier? I only plan on plugs/tins/jigs. Thanks again.
  5. I've never been to Sandy Hook, and am hoping to get out there some time this week. Are there any areas that are designated as fishing only and are there areas that are just for sunbathers and swimmers? Interested in mainly fishing the ocean side. Also, what time does the park open this time of year? Thanks.
  6. I have also wondered about fishing clubs. Does one have to live in NJ to join a club? I currently live in Staten Island. What does the club experience have to offer a member? Just like the OP, I have a passion for the surf and I mostly fish alone. I would like to make some friends and get involved with marine conservation and such.
  7. I would say get the 250gb for the reasons mentioned by RBstriper. Saving the game to the HDD helps prolong the life of the console, since its not spinning constantly. Also, certain games may require an HDD to be played in co-op mode, such as Halo:Reach. Some games release expansion packs and add ons that take up space. If its a really good game, trust me youll want to download the add ons. Having only 4gb just wont cut it. Its good to have the extra storage space. You never know when you may need it. I bought a 4gb, and quickly regretted it. Since I had already opened and used it, i couldnt return it. Buying the HDD separate cost me $130 and the headset cost another $20. Basically I ended up spending $50 more, than I had just bought the 250gb bundle.
  8. I see them quite often at the South Shore Country Club GC. I also see them at the golf driving range off of Arthur Kill rd. One time, around 7 or 8 of them came out from the back of the driving range. They were just roaming about. One of them was huge compared to the rest. It was a nice sight to see them.
  9. fished the area yesterday. water was very calm and little wind. not bites but I saw about 4 dead blues washed up on shore. they were pretty big also. wonder what that was about.
  10. thanks for the replies guys. its a nice looking place. hope to try it soon.
  11. Do you guys have any opinions on quality inflatable yaks? I would love to own a kayak, but storage space is an issue.
  12. Hey guys, How far down from both sides of the Pavillion can I fish? It looks like I can walk a couple of miles in either direction but was wondering if certain spots are off limits (i.e. private property???). Thanks, jr ps can this area be fished at night, or is it strictly a daytime thing.
  13. hey guys, What would you say is the high end lure weight for the 3/4-4oz Mojo? Im looking for a versatile rod, and from what I have read on this board, the Mojo could be it. I basically want a rod that can throw lighter stuff (yozuri, etc..), tins up to 2-3oz., and a live eel if need be. Am I asking to much of this rod?