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  1. We did ! If the rod doesn’t sell, and I happen to head south, I’ll revive this thread and hopefully work something out. Thank you again !
  2. Any chance you ever travel towards Massachusetts ? I like the Kennedy.
  3. I’ll take a Christmas special plug. Thank you
  4. I’m on the Cape, I can pick it up whenever it’s convenient for you
  5. I’ll take It regardless of what guides it has. The 9’ Legend.
  6. How would you rate condition on the Legend, 10 being perfect. Thank you
  7. Edit.. retract for now
  8. Thank you ! Not often you can’t access an instant answer on the internet, however this was one of them. Appreciate the info
  9. Would anyone happen to know what the “H” designation signifies in Varmac reel seats ? RS6 vs RS6H. If anyone has a line on a RS6H, I’d be interested in it. Thank you.
  10. Didn’t realize M&D’s made this, I’ll take it at $40 if still available. Thank you
  11. Ok, thank you... I’ll take it and we can work out the arrangements through PM’s if that works for you.
  12. Interested in the black with yellow trim, any chance you ever travel into CT, hoping to shave a little travel time off of my end, coming from Cape Cod.
  13. I’ll take these please
  14. I’ll take it
  15. Closing this down, thank you. Found one (actually two).
  16. Want to buy Van Staal VS 400 Offshore, needs to be close to excellent condition. $3000 cash, face to face, PayPal fee and shipping covered by me if shipping is required due to location. I’m in MA Thanks in advance
  17. Yes, I’ll take them, thank you.
  18. Looking for RM Smith Halloween plugs, and hand carved editions. I was able to get my hands on this years version (2019) already, interested in all previous offerings. Thanks in advance
  19. Yep... I’ll take it
  20. I’ll take them, pm your payment info and I’ll get the funds right over. Thank you !
  21. Bazel, let me know what you’d be looking for $ on your RM’s . I’m sure we can make something happen. Thank you
  22. Telecronista, I’ll take it, Thank you
  23. Shutting this down. Thank you
  24. Looking for the newly released RM Smith Jelly Bean in Perch. I have a striped bass, black light, or shark as trade items. Thank you
  25. Shutting this down, thank you.