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  1. Sounds good... I’ll take it
  2. $3500 ?
  3. Eel skins on Dacron in the canal, collecting live squid off the beach’s after driven ashore by stripers.... and no crowds
  4. $350 picked up, somewhere within 30 minutes of the CC Canal ? Thanks for considering
  5. Funds sent, thank you
  6. I’ll take it
  7. I'll take this, thank you
  8. I have both 8’s and 12’s new in the box, let me dig them out and I’ll come up with a price
  9. I'll take this
  10. Yes ! Interested
  11. Looking to purchase a couple of Lordship new in package, not really concerned about style or color.
  12. Could you do $675.00 on the VS200G ? Thanks for considering.
  13. Definitely need to be careful with DC current/batteries although usually low voltage, most are high amperage ie car batteries, rechargeable tool batteries etc. direct short can cause instant ignition of nearby light combustibles... I placed a 6V battery from a Surefire flashlight in my cup holder of my truck, came in contact with a dime and started a fire right in front of me ....
  14. I’ll take this... thank you