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  1. Edit - Site rules - No commercial links please ~ Sudsy The topic is getting the snot beat out of it here:
  2. sorry for the double pic, I screwed something up
  3. If you don't want to spend a lot check out the shimano blue wave, its a great bag for the $. Think they are around $50 & $70 there are 2 sizes depending on how much you like to lug around.There is room for plugs, tins, bucktails and 2 outside pockets for other stuff. I have had 2 for the last 5 years. The only problem I have had with them was the plastic clasps that attach the shoulder strap to the bag. They broke after a few years(but replaced them with new metal ones for like a buck)
  4. Not sure if they are out business but they were not making the 6" anymore from what I heard, I know its MC55 go to lure so traded him a pack for a plug he didnt use any more,(sucks not having your go to) I fish RI mostly so thought maybe one of my friends up there might have some visions still in there bag that they would be willing to part with for MC55 since most of them are in love with tins. As far as I know your out of luck buying any
  5. Save a few Visions for fall MC, Had no luck trying to scrape up a few more for you from my friends in RI so far but always keep my eye out. Nice healthy little guy and great sunrise pic! Great Job!
  6. That sucks, Got a severe rip warning on my phone yesterday afternoon. Was thinking of going down to fish since that usually is great for fishing (at least for me) People don't realize the power of the water. Hope all turns out well, but not sounding good
  7. Great Pic! I have a similar one from last year, think it was a blue that made this spot pay, must have snagged it, wasn't using it for bait ( think it was a spot, wasn't much left)
  8. Nice job MC55, (kind of like matching the hatch when fly fishing for trout) Very smart!
  9. Nice job MC55, maybe I sent you some good luck also, I'll see if I can snag you a couple more from the tin throwers in RI this weekend
  10. SH was loaded with sea robins 2 weeks ago, seemed like every other cast on anything I tossed. I kept switching to try and find something they wouldn't hit. But if that's what your looking for more power to you
  11. Take note! I don't know this Rod n a real guy or his cuz, but have lots of respect for these young guys from there posts! They put in there time and know to move, not set up camp if nothing is happening! Great job Rod N Real N Cuz!
  12. I have a few unopened Packs of 6". Ill part with 1 and trade you for a plug or something you don't use much if you are interested, I know its your go to. Have no idea how to private message someone on here to get your address with out you posting it to the world. Tried adding you as a friend in hopes that I could message you that way but didn't see how to. Let me know if your interested and let me know your address, Ill send out the Visions and when you get them you return the favor and send me something cool you don't use much. You seem to be an honest guy
  13. Hey I know that house in the pic behind your Cuz, How dare you post a pic like that! lol, Just busting on some prior posts on here. Hats off to you and your cuz, Great job! You guys put in your time at night and are hooking up, that's what its all about. A bunch of complainers on here fish noon to 3 and and cry there are no stripers? I dont fish NJ that often, maybe 12 times a year and if someone is in my hole I move on. Keep the lines tight Rod N Real! Great Job! If your ever in the RI area put up a post ill point you to some great spots, Im not greedy
  14. Read Chapter 8 of David DiBenedetto's book "On the Run" Its an interesting read on skishing, actually the whole book is good and its an easy read